Damage Control

Happy belated birthday!!! Glad to hear the specialist was able to help you. I hope the pads in your shoes help relieve the pain.

It was a busy week. I was on-call, still am through Sunday at midnight. There a just some extra duties that come with being on-call. I did a 30 min ride on Monday, Tuesday I had a dr. appt, I wasn't feeling well on Wed. Today will be RWH BSB and abs, tomorrow will be legs.

The girls have been keeping me busy, basically taxi service for them. They are on spring break now. We had a big snow storm come through, up to 3ft. in some locations. Lucky for us we only got about 6 inches and it has already melted for us.

Oh, my washing machine died and someone came to look at it on Thursday. Over 2K to fix, so we are just getting a new one. It won't be delivered/installed until Monday. There is so much laundry to do. The girls probably have 3 loads just for them. Trying to decide if its worth it to go to the laundromat today or not.

Hope you have a great weekend!
This week is flying by. I did a total body weight and two indoor bike rides over the weekend. The pool has been closed for repairs and I really miss it.

I'm going over to see my PT guy today. I have to pay out of pocket but it will be worth it if he can help me.

Other than that I'm just working and doing the usual.

Next time I'm injured, please remind me ASAP to just go straight to PT. My SI joint was out and after an adjustment and some exercises I am already feeling 80% better. The PT said that my foot hurts from walking on it while compensating for my back issue. Once I get that straightened out (again) I should be fine. He is the only provider that looked at both feet, watched me stand and go on tip toes, walk, and felt my feet. Believe it or not, my core is super tight as well and he has me doing a cobra like move to stretch it out to help my foot! He is a genius and looks at the whole body. He also said to throw out my sneakers-I'm guilty of keeping them too long for the amount of activity I do. I just always figured that the orthotic inserts in them meant I could wear them for years. This time I lost two months so it's better than the 6 I lost when my back first went out.

What are you up to this weekend? I've been working on my scrapbook of photos from DH and my families. I invested in Gaylord products and am putting some albums together. Other than that project just the usual!

Sorry I've been MIA. I've been dealing with a lot of work stress. I've been working on something I thought would take about a week and it has been nothing but problems. It's been a month now and I'm almost finished. So stressful.

The washing machine issue has been awful. I ordered one through internet chat as I wanted one that would work with my existing pedestal. Based on my model number I was told I needed a 27" washer. I ordered one of the 2 recommended to me. She was incorrect, I needed a 29" machine. The machine was also smaller capacity than the previous. I ordered the pedestal for it, but after a week it was not working for us. I ordered a new 29" one and that was installed yesterday. The pedestal is backordered until May. Also, they were supposed to take the 27" machine but couldn't because the person I did the return/exchange with in the store did not have marked correctly. The old machine is being picked up today. It's been a nightmare all around.

Last week I worked out everyday. I was so proud of myself. Two days were just walking around the lakes. This week not so much. I had a dr. appt on Monday, washer install on Tuesday, walked around the lakes yesterday. Today will be Muscle Max. Tomorrow I have a pedicure appt.

Glad to hear you finally have PT that looks at body function as whole. Everything is connected so when they just focus on one area they may not get to the root cause.

How is your week going?
Well, Monday night I got a text that my job was changing for the next month. So Tuesday I went to work and was with a provider and someone on light duty took over my responsibilities. She is getting a total knee replacement on April 17th and I'm told that at that time I'll return to my regular job. So it's been a bit of a whirlwind trying to take over her work and teach her mine. So I'm getting a LOT more steps in now and my foot seems pretty good. I find it's better if I'm not thinking about it! It's been a nice change at work. We'll see how the summer goes.

We got the bed and bedding and the guest room is ready! Aaron is coming home for a wedding in April and then my niece and her husband will use it when they come for the burial ceremony for my SIL in May. As of now, the cats think it's their new comfy spot.

What a nightmare with the washing machine! It sounds like you're on the upswing though thank goodness.

We're going to my parent's for dessert tomorrow. I'm taking a carrot applesauce cake from a recipe from one of my cookbooks. In honor of the bunny!

Other than that there are a ton of great soccer games on this weekend. I'm allowed to do my PT 4 times a day and take 1 15 minute walk! I'm dong wash, making a loaf of sourdough, and hope to get more of my family scrapbook done.

Happy Easter!

So happy to be off work today. I'm doing some laundry and running some errands. I still need to pay our taxes. I've been holding out because I hate writing the IRS a check. I'll probably take care of that and our HOA dues this weekend.

Today I did a lower body/glute workout. Tomorrow will be Chest & Triceps, and some abs.

My dermatalogists removed an abnormality from my back on Tuesday and I should get the results soon. Hopefully it is nothing. If turns out to be cancerous or pre-cancerous then I will have to get more removed which will also leave a bigger scar.

We took all the kids out to dinner on Wednesday night for their birthdays back in Feb and March. Of all things, they chose a pizza place they all liked. It was nice to get together with all of us. It is really hard to schedule with kids work schedules and the girls tennis. It took a while, but we finally got to celebrate. I had a nice grilled chicken salad instead of pizza.

Did you feel the earthquake this morning? Do you have any weekend plans?
Saturday I did STS 2.0 Bodyparts-chest & triceps. It was similar to RWH but a much slower pace and 1 minute of rest between the sets. I did like that part. Sometimes I have to pause RWH so I can get more rest in. I expected to be sore from it, but I wasn't. Sunday was GVT (german volume training) legs and shoulders. The legs were 10 sets of 10 reps-squats, lunges, and hamstrings. It was tough for sure.

Today I ended up having an all day meeting and just got outside to walk just over 3 miles. It was a littly chilly though. I'm in a training class the next 3 days. Many times they give us lab/lunch and that is usually enough for a workout. Then I can catch up on the labs at the end of day.

What are you up to? Did you get to see the eclipse?
Hi! I did not see the eclipse-just pictures. I've been doing pool 2x a week and a 45 minute bike ride once a week along with my PT exercises. Slowly but surely I feel like my foot is getting better. I need to take a walk today to test it. I'm allowed 20 minutes to see how it feels.

DS2 is coming home on Thursday! We are picking him up at the airport at 8:44 AM and then he's driving Friday to a Wedding before coming back Sunday for us to take him back to the airport. I think it's a faster trip than we've ever done. I tried to talk him into staying until Monday but was unsuccessful. At least we get to see him some.

I've got my weekend sourdough going and am getting ready for soccer this morning. Tomorrow I've got plans to see a local theater show. Other than the usual chores not much else going on here.

I love workouts that are so focused like the GVT! Hopefully I'll get back to weights at some point!

Have a good weekend!

With my training class last week, I walked 4 days. Friday was a stressful work day catching up on things. I'm also working a bit this weekend. Yesterday I worked 3 hours and will probably have the same today. I did to a lower body glute focused workout yesterday and pyramid upper body this morning. My biceps are fried.

The girls are going to help me in the backyard today. I spent an hour yesterday trimming up some of the plants. There is more to get done today though.

Glad to hear your foot is finally on the mend. How nice to get a visit from DS2, even if it is short. Hope you enjoy the theater today. What are you seeing?

Off to do chores, and mail my IRS payment!
I ended up getting off work early on Thusday and doing a tough circuit workout. It felt good to get my heart rate up with swings, snatches, step ups, burpees etc. Yesterday was a couplet and today I decided to do STS Disc 1, CSB. I had forgotten how many pushups are in meso 1. Tomorrow will be a lower body/glute workout.

How was your week? Hope you are at least getting a little time with DS.

Sunday was a rest day. I planned on working out but my sister called and then I need to run the girls to their activities. Monday I did a heavy leg workout and yesterday was STS D2 Back and Triceps. I think today will be a glute focused w/o.

How are you? What have you been up to?

We had a whirlwind of a visit with DS2 last week-weekend. We spent as much time with him as possible which included driving him to the wedding and to the airport. We all had dinner on Thursday night (first time in 6 years!) and he got to see extended family. It went so fast and I've been in a little slump since he left. He was shocked at how affordable everything is here in our area compared to LA! Maybe he'll think of moving? I don't know. He's in search of his soulmate and figures there's more options where he lives now.

I'm still doing PT-once this week and am scheduled for once next week. My SI joint is out of whack so he's been working on that again. Unfortunately all the swelling in my foot is about gone and then soreness on the top of the toe is back. Maybe it will always be there? I don't know. I am walking 20 minutes 3-4 times a week. I'm doing water fitness 2x a week. All the stretching is two times a day and strengthening exercises are two times a week so hopefully I'll improve. I do this move called one legged press ups and it's like a push up so I'm staying pretty toned. I'm managing my weight through diet and am in a good place. I've found plenty to do in place of my workouts and am ok with life.

Tomorrow night I'm going to the local college for a talk on astronomy with a friend. I hosted book club here on Tuesday night and Wednesday played cards. Tonight we're going out to celebrate DH's birthday. Plus I have to do my trainings for my nursing license renewal.

You sound like you're in a great spot with workouts! How are the driving lessons going? DS2 was amazed at how slow I drive! It's a madhouse where he lives.

I've been doing STS meso 1 and it's going okay. I wish it included abs. If I do one on the weekends then I add in the extended stretch and that is really nice. I only did one sts leg workout, but think I will stick with other platform for legs/glutes. Today will be legs, yesterday was a walk around the lakes.

The girls haven't been driving too much. I wish they would drive more with their Mom. They are busy finishing up school and looking forward to having the summer off.

You sound pretty busy to me. Glad you got to spend some with DS. Yes, the cost of living in CA is outrageous. They also have the much higher salaries though. The highways are always packed and commuting for work is awful. We have a large campus in Redondo Beach, those folks usually work super early and try to leave by 1 to 2pm due to the traffic.

I never posted this message. Well I ended up being in meetings all day and never got to my workout. One last meeting to go before calling it a day.

Well, PT is working! I walked to and from work yesterday for the first time this year. I have PT today and think it'll be the last (for a while). I'd say I'm 85% of what I was before all this. Not bad since I was at 40% when I started PT.

My new workout plan (DH jokes I'm forever changing it!) is this: PT lower body strengthening and pool Monday and Thursday, upper body weights on Sunday, one bike ride (indoors or out) and one 40 minute walk on the weekends. Functionally: walk to and from work 3 days a week. I have a love-hate relationship with the pool. I hate to get in, but feel fantastic when I'm done! It really stretches me out and loosens everything. Plus the hot tub feels so nice to stretch in afterwards. I do intervals in it and can get my heart rate up pretty good so it's good cardio too. I'm also to the point where if I miss a day of something it's not a big deal.

How is work going? We're as busy as ever at the office. I just finished training and got my license renewed for another two years. The drama at work this week is how are they going to manage Christmas vacations.

Hope your week is going well. I'm off to get some wash going and then have PT this morning.

I'm so happy to be off work today. I've been able to get out and walk each day or evening. Yesterday was a pyramid leg workout. It was brutal. I used 94# for hamstrings, 104# for sit squats. The reps were 8/10/12/10/8, There were also sumo squats dropsets that I used 74#, 50#, 35#. My legs were sore right after and more sore today. Today will be STS CSB and my own abs.

Work is busy. This project I'm on is very stressful. Some days are better than others. There are a lot of moving parts and so much to track.

Not too much to do today, just a Costco run and a stop at the post office. Oh, our lakes opened on the 1st. We can paddle board or kayak, any non motorized craft. Due to my knee issue, it is hard/painful for me to get up on the paddleboard. I'm thinking of getting a kayak though. I would then also have to get something on the roof of my car to get it down there. Swimming is not allowed in the lakes. They are man made and full of bacteria. Also, they will be opening our pool soon. We are under new management. They will be opening earlier in the morning for lap swim and staying open later in the evening, til 8 I think. The neighborhood decided to eliminate the life guards this year too. The pool has been closed so much because the teen lifeguards would call in sick or just not show up. We do not have a hot tub though, that would be really nice. They might over some water aerobics too.

Glad to hear your PT is finally paying off. Our workouts change all the time. As long as we are moving our bodies and lifting weights that is good. I loved sitting in the hot tub after tri training. We did either run/swim, or bike/swim. Better put in your PTO for Christmas it sounds like. My niece actually likes working Holidays for the extra pay. She is young though. At our age, we prefer the time off.

Well, I tried a 30 minute walk and paid for it. I guess 20 minutes is where I'm at right now. It's so hard not to try to do a little more! I had a great weekend until last night when my foot/leg/back started to feel sore. I got to see a lot of soccer, relaxed, cooked, and read.

We're getting ready to have my sister in law-s funeral on the 18th-so I've been cleaning and practicing the dish I'm going to cook for everyone-chicken cacciatore. I think I finally nailed it on the 3rd try. My niece and her husband will be staying with us. I'm really looking forward to seeing them, I just wish it was under different circumstances.

How was your weekend? Ours was rainy after a nice week. It made cleaning easier though! Our flora is pretty much out so it felt like summer last week. I've got pool planned for today and there's a soccer game on at 3.

Hope you have a great week!

I didn't realize that I didn't check in. I've worked out most days, one day was just a walk around the lakes and the others were the STS upper body and a lower body workout. Today I did STS D10, CSB. It was not my best performance. I didn't not sleep well and my strength was not where it should be. I did the best I could and feel good about that.

My kids got me wine, chocolate and some new ear buds. It's a pretty relaxing day. We will be having rib eyes on the grill, salad, roasted green beans and I'm not sure what else. It's been raining this morning, but the sun should come out later this afternoon.

Happy Mother's Day!! Do you have any fun plans?

I would love to have your chicken cacciatore recipe. I'm sure it will be delicious. Glad you will get to spend some time with your niece, even it it not the best circumstance.

How was your week? It was a busy work week for me. I also had a dentist appt and haircut. I last lifted weights last Sunday and will be doing legs today. I worked Friday and Friday night. I took Thursday off though. We took my sweet MIL out to lunch for Mothers Day. It was a really nice day. I did manage to walk 3+ miles on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Yesterday was yard work, first time mowing this season. DS2 moved to another location to sell houses so I went up to take a look at those. They have paired ranches that are very nice. They were all 3 bed, 3 bath with a very nice layout. They also had townhomes, 2-4 bedrooms that were also very nice. I just cannot believe how expensive they are. They start in the high $500's.

This week I'm in a training class T-Th. My workouts will depend on the structure of those classes.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?


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