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Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about your injury. I hate when these seemingly minor issues end up being something worse. Best to take care of yourself and rest it. You are probably correct about your foot mechanics being off. I think that is the root of my hip, knee and foot issues.

I've been doing PT for my hip pain and it seems to have helped a lot. It is hard to say since my hip pain seems to come out of nowhere. Somedays I have pain and others I don't. I've many pain free days since starting PT. I've asked the therapist to add in exercises for my knee pain. The knee pain is the reason I stopped running 4 or so years ago. I also gave up stepping and I really miss my Cathe step workouts. They are just so fun.

This is only a 3 w/o week. Sunday, Wednesday and I will do something today. I was off yesterday but DH and I had some errands and a pedicure. I think today will be a full body circuit with cardio/kb swings and the like. Tomorrow will be legs.

I have so many pictures too. I want my sister to come over and help me with some of this stuff. She hasn't worked in a few years. She has the time. It is overwhelming. I'd to have them scanned, but the scanned pictures are really as good as the hard copy.

I'm looking for gym to join. I really miss the commraderie of in person classes with other like minded folks. There is nothing nearby us. I have found a couple that are not too far.

We've been taking the girls driving. Rallie has 7 hours and is doing really good. Rylee only has an hour and a half. She has been a little slow getting started. She never wanted to go driving when I asked but Rallie always wants to go. Now that Rylee has been out a couple of times, she seems a bit more comfortable and confident.

Off to start laundry and pick my workout for today.

Well, I'm making good progress on the picture/photo project. I've culled through all of DH's side of the family and the first album will be his roots-both sets of grandparents and then his first nuclear family. The next will be our family. I can't really do my side yet since my parents have most of the pictures from my childhood. It will feel good though to get at least one album done! Doing our family will take longer-maybe save that for the next fracture?!

I also started a new puzzle and have invested in sourdough equipment. A girl at work has a starter for me so let the baking begin! I've toyed with the idea for a while and just did the research and figured out what I needed and am going for it. I did the same with pizza about 20 years ago and hope this endeavor turns out as well! King Arthur and I are good friends.

My toe still hurts. I'm going to the pool again today just to get some movement in! Resting sucks. I'm following my work eating schedule and not snacking so at least I'm not gaining. I am even afraid of moving weights around to do arms so have done nothing except my stretches to help keep my right side from getting tight. I've been doing the hip stretches my PT guy gave me years ago. Having the two toes taped really throws off my gait.

Glad to hear the driving lessons are progressing! Enjoy your workouts.

After my workout today, I will have completed 6 workouts this week. I really needed this. One day was just a 3 mile walk around the lakes, but I'll take it. I've done 2 leg workouts, GS BSB and GS C&T. Let me just say that my biceps were so sore after GS BSB. Yesterday was a rest day due to a dr. appt. Consistency is key and I'm working on that this month.

Great job with your photo project. I dropped of a couple bags of clothes at Good Will last weekend I really need to get a box going of other donation items. I've been listening to podcasts on retirement, although I still have a ways to go. One of the suggestions for one year from retiremement is to create your retirement budget and try living on it. Basically ensuring you have accounted for all expenses. Another suggestion was to start cleaning out your closets and donating things that no longer bring you joy. Almost the Marie Kondo your house. Another suggestion was to plan out your first year of retirement. You want to have something to look forward to, especially during the first year.

Do you have a bread maker? There is someone in my neighborhood that sells sourdough starters, and she also sells her homemade sourdough bread. I'm glad you are enjoying it. DH is the only person in the house that even eats bread. He does like sourdough and it is the healthiest.

We don't have any plans this weekend. It should be quiet and low key. Oh, the girls are having some friends over to work on a craft project they bought for Valentines Day.

Have a great weekend!
Nice job on your consistency! I'm doing pool Mondays an Thursdays until the end of February. I ended up going to see my primary care provider last week and she put me in a walking boot. Its has really helped all my worries about support and if I wear a heeled shoe my alignment is better. It's been two weeks so far of rest-one day at a time!

I'm still waiting on my sourdough starter and hope to get it Tuesday. Otherwise it's been reading, puzzles, soccer.

I should listen to some of the retirement podcasts! I usually listen to fitness related ones, but the ideas you're hearing are great!

I'm off to search for a decent photo album.

Sorry I've meen MIA. This project I'm on is so stressful. This last week I did GS BSB, walked 3+ miles on Tuesday & Thursday, and did GS legs yesterday. Today was GS C&T and PT for my knee. I need to find the workout sheets for Gym Styles or make my own so I can keep track of the weights I'm using. The drop set of pushups at the start is always so challenging.

We got about 6 inches of snow overnight and it's still snowing. DH charged the batteries for the snow blower last night and took care of the sidewalk and driveway this morning. I'm sure we'll have more to do tomorrow, before the superbowl.

Since we knew this storm was coming, I went to the grocery store on Thursday after work. I'm just working on laundry today. Oh, I bought some celery, lemons, oranges, tumeric and ginger to juice. I'm going to make celery juice, and lemon/orange/tumeric/ginger shots. I've made them with straight lemon juice but they are too sour/tart for me. I try to have at least one orange per 3 lemons.

I've been listening to James Conole on youtube. He also has a podcast, but he shows a lot of examples on youtube and I like that. He is the owner/founder of Root Financial. I also listen to Dave Ramsey a little bit but prefer listening to his daughter-Rachel Cruze. She is much more personable. I also like Erika Taught Me, she's a lawyer but talks about how to save money. Lots of tips, similar to Vivian Tu, your rich BFF. They are both young and successful. Vivian talks more about investing and having your money make money for you.
Will you be watching the SuperBowl? We will here. I'm looking forward to the commercials and the halftime show.

Hello! I am taking it one day at a time with my foot. I feel like I'm back to a tarsal tunnel problem-I had surgery for it 22 years ago. My foot feels tingly and sore. I have an appointment with a foot and ankle doctor in March. Unless resting helps greatly, I'll go see him and discuss it. So all I've been doing is pool on Mondays and Thursdays. I'm not wearing the boot any longer-didn't seem to help and has thrown my gait and SI joint out of wack-so I'm also doing my stretches.

Otherwise all is good! I started making sourdough last weekend and we have had two loaves. Dealing with the starter is like taking care of a baby-feeding, resting, changing...it's been a learning process. It doesn't help that our house is on the chilly side.

We were due to get 6-12 inches and got 0. DH was so happy he didn't need to shovel and clear everything. We watched the Super bowl-felt like it was scripted! The best commercial was Christopher Walken in my opinion. Everyone imitating him was so funny! I can't remember what he was selling though.

I need to look into Vivian Vu-I want my money to make money!

Hope you're Having a good week.

I finally did an upper body workout yesterday! I did the Ramped Up Upper Body from the Strong and Sweaty Series. It was about 45 minutes and am happy to be back to some weights.

I don't know about my toe/foot. It still feels the same even with taping, boot, and rest for a month. Maybe it's just sore from the shoes I wear around the house? I'll probably go see the specialist and see what he thinks, but for now I'm back to wearing regular shoes for work and just "resting". I'm still doing pool 2x a week. I am going to rejoin when our membership is due. It's a nice change from walking all the time. Plus I can track my workouts on my apple watch now in the pool. I generally do 30 minutes of deep water fitness moves (walking, biking, elliptical, etc). Of course I found a youtube person for ideas!

Did you end up joining a gym?

I've make three loaves of sourdough bread so far and am getting better! What are you up to this weekend? We had my parents over for cards and dinner yesterday. So I cleaned and made dinner. Today is laundry and I'm going to try a short walk outside.

Hope all is well and you're getting some down time from work!

The girls aunt from Oregon and her 1 year old son came and visited over the weekend. Unfortunately, the girls' mom had covid and couldn't come visit with her sister. We had a lot of fun, we played card games and just visited. I've known her since she was in high school. We met my MIL for lunch one day so she could see Cassie and the baby. He is such a good baby.

Now DH and I are sick. I actually called out of work today. This is only the second time in almost 9 years. I don't get sick very often. Neither one of us slept very well last night. DH is going to take a covid test today. We don't want to unknowingly be spreading it. The daycare had called the aunt to let me know they had been exposed to Covid. She took and the baby took a test and they were negative. She felt horrible, but her son had not been in daycare since Monday. She had taken him to the Dr. on Tuesday for a cold. They said it was just a cold and he was fine to travel. We probably just have colds also, but DH is not doing very good.

I'm sorry your toe/foot isn't healing as fast as you like. That is awful. I think the pool workouts sound great. We just don't have any gyms or pools near us. The closest rec center is very old, outdated, and crowded because it is so small. The next closest one is 12 miles away. It was nice living within a mile of the rec center and trails.

It sounds like you are well on your way to becoming a sourdough expert! I hear it is a very time consuming process.

Not sure when I will feel up to a workout. The last time I worked out was last Thursday. I have gone walking a few times though. The weather is supposed to be nice the rest of the week. When I get my energy back, a nice walk will be good.

DH and I both have Covid. Been sleeping a lot. I'm finally starting to feel a bit better today. So far, none of the kids have it. We've been keeping away from everyone. I think we are on the upswing now.

Do you have any weekend plans?
I'm finally feeling well enough today to try a short workout. I found a full body weight circuit that I'm going to do.

What are you up to?
Oh my-sorry you to hear you guys had Covid. I'm just trying to get through the days without working out! I did an upper body weight circuit on the weekend and then pool on Monday. Today will be pool again. Otherwise-baking bread and reading. We played cards last night and had fun.

March 11th I'm to go see the foot and ankle specialist doctor so I'll see what he thinks is going on. It still feels the same despite all the rest. Any attempt at a "walk" seems to bother it. I do ok walking around at work. The numbness and tingling are back at times so there is probably nerves issues. Hopefully I won't need to do PT before better imaging (like MRI).

Went for dinner last Friday to my parents-my aunt and uncle from Lancaster came up for the night. Same day we all found out my dad's oldest brother is dealing with throat cancer. They are recommending hospice. At this point he can't talk and is using a white board to communicate. He lives in Michigan.

I'm off today and besides pool I want to clean! DH tries, but it just feels better when I do it.

Sorry to hear your foot doesn't seem to be healing. Hopefully you can get to the root of the issue. It's so hard with our current medical system. It seems they do so much pre work before ever actually determining what the issue is.

I'm glad you are keeping in touch with your parents. So sad to hear about your Uncles diagnosis.

I've only walked 3 days this week. The weather has been pretty nice, but today was a bit windy. My walk was much shorter today. My lower back has been hurting for a few days. I started getting zingers in my low back day before yesterday. Not sure what is going on with that. I wanted to get back to weights. Hoping it feels much better tomorrow.

I finally worked out today. I did RWH CST and abs #1. There is some intermittent pain in my low back so I didn't want to do any back or legs today. Hopefully it will feel better tomorrow and I can do legs.

Not much planned for the weekend. Just some grocery shopping and chores around the house.

We have been working around the house a lot. DH has finished painting and is now staining trim. I do a lot of the "support" work-move things, dust, vacuum up what falls. I did no weights last weekend and probably won't this one either. I tried a 10 minute walk yesterday and am not ready for that. I guess walking at work there is enough breaks that my foot is ok. Going steady for a while seems to hurt it.

I am having a lot of fun with the sourdough! I made a batch of sourdough discard chocolate chip cookies and they are great! Doing bread too, of course. I'm on my second Artesian and have it in the oven now.

My lower back is still sore. Not sure what's going on. I mean I didn't work out for 2 weeks. Before I even did my first workout, my low back started having zingers and now it's just sore. It should've been leg day but my back is not ready for that Instead I did a 20 min rowing workout, followed by about 40 minutes of pilates on my rower. I did 3 beginner pilates on the machine. It went through 3 different variation of using the bands off the side of rower, using them traditionally on the rower, and the using the seat as a reformer. I finished with a 10 minute ab workout and the PT for my hip and knee issues.

Today the girls and I are going to Costco and to recyle a monitor. Should be a nice quiet day. Oh, I need to get everything together to pay my taxes too.

Sorry your foot is not healing properly. Hopefully the specialist will be able to help. I've been dealing with this chronic hip pain. After sitting all day, they are really painful. Walking seems to help as does the PT.

Woot Woot, I'm off today! My legs are so sore. I did a heavy leg workout on Wednesday, they were a bit sore yesterday but much worse today. Yesterday I did RWH BSB and abs. Today will either be CST or a circuit. I'm leaning towards a circuit to help with the leg soreness.

The remainder of the day will be spent paying bills, getting all my tax stuff together and filed. I'm also looking for a new budgeting tool since Mint is shutting down. It was free and now most of them that have even close to the same functionality as Mint are fee based. I did find one that I'm testing, it is called Lunch Money. It doesn't integrate with Fidelity though. Do you use a budgeting app that you can recommend?

Not much going on here. We do not use a budgeting app or tool. A long time ago we used some free quicken program and found out most of our expenses is food!

Glad you felt good enough for a leg workout! Last week was the pool on Monday and Thursday and yesterday I rode a stationary bike at the work gym for 40 minutes. I think I'll do an upper body and abs workout today-made up if I can't get the tv or a CG or Cathe if I can get it. We have cut all but one tv out of the house and if there's a sport on dh wants to see then I just do my own workout-usually pyramid style.

Tomorrow we go and see the specialist! My foot feels no different from when this all started and has even started having tingling and numbness after the boot. It will be interesting to see what he recommends.

I've just been reading, puzzling, baking bread, and cleaning.
Well, the foot specialist diagnosed me with metatarsalgia. He took excellent pictures of my foot and apparently my second and third toe bones are longer than the other toe bones. So the foot gets inflammation in the ball of the toe from too much pressure. I've purchased pads to put in my sneakers that will help lengthen the area for those toe bones. My calf is tight as well so I've been doing extra stretches. The pads are to get here tomorrow and then this weekend I can get them in my shoes and see how it feels!

It's been really nice here. We even ate dinner on the back porch last night! Today is the last day of it then we're back to 30 degrees. Still, it's been a nice few days. Work is going really well. We played cards last night and Tuesday we went to dinner at a Bistro for my birthday!

I'm off today and already have a bread going and am making cookies with the sourdough discard. I'm getting my hair trimmed later and Liverpool are on today. So it's a good day off!

Hope you're having a good week!


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