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I'm off work today! This morning I did RWH BSB and abs#1 and a 20 min Peloton ride. It was nice to ride again. My dr. visit was good, my cholesterol is still trending up. She recommended more cardio as cardio exercise has a higher impact on cholesterol than weights. It's just hard to find the balance between the two.

I got my haircut today and am also getting my covid vaccine. I'm looking forward to a nice weekend. We are having my nephew and his wife over for dinner tomorrow night. I'm really looking forward to it.

What are you up to. Still acclimating to the local time?

I think we're acclimated finally! Going back to work helped me do that this week. I have a check up on the 31st. Opted not to get my blood work this year, but will get a mammo. I feel pretty good and really don't feel like I need a check up, but it's required to continue to get my medications.

I think short weight and more cardio is a great a idea. You can lift heavy and then get the fat burning from cardio. How short did you get your hair cut? Mine is about shoulder length now and I think I like it better longer in the winter.

Not much going on here. We got our winter comforter out this week. Reading, playing cards once a week, working out...the usual.

Enjoy your long weekend!

I always get my annual physical and finally have DH getting his also. My company adds $500 to my HSA for each of us if we get our annual physical. This time I needed my psoriasis med refill. It gets really bad with the big swings in temperature. She recommended Red Yeast Rice to help lower my LDL. I may give that a try.

Saturday I did RWH CSB and abs. Sunday I just wasn't feeling it but did get outside and mow the lawn and do some yard work. Pulling weeds and raking leaves. Today is leg day, but also meeting Monday. I may just end up walking around the lakes. It is over 3 miles and the weather is nice.

I try to keep my hair around shoulder length. I still like to pull it up when I workout and any shorter doesn't allow that. I get my haircut every 8 to 10 weeks. It seems to work for me.

My niece had her baby boy yesterday! She hemorraged after delivery and won't get out of the hosital until tomorrow or Wednesday. It was her first baby and a pretty traumatic birth. She was in labor for a very long time and pushed for hours. She did not want a C-Section though so she persevered. His name is Zaden Ray and he weighed 7lbs 3oz.

Hope you have a great week!
Monday I walked around the lakes, about 3.5 miles. It was such a nice day. Yesterday was a rest day. Today was a full body circuit with cardio. Tomorrow will be legs. Work is not so hectic right now so it's easier to get my workouts in. This has been a good month for me.

DH is blowing out the sprinklers today. We are supposed to have a hard freeze tomorrow night. We may even get snow on Sunday. Monday was 80, Tues 75, Wed 62 then 49,37,36 for the rest of the week. It looks like next week is sunny and 50's.

What are you up to?
I'm just rolling through the week. The NYT had an article about walking with a rucksack (backpack full of weights) and so my official workouts are called rucking. So I rucked Monday and did some bodyweight leg exercises. Tuesday and Wednesday I just walked to and from work and 20 minutes at lunch. Today will be leg weights and rucking. I'm going to try to do legs Thursdays and Sundays and upper on Saturday and Monday and see how it goes. It's taking me longer to recover from weight work, but I still want to get in two upper two lower sessions a week. I've also started hanging on a pull up bar once a week-I'm amazed at how just hanging seems to work the arm and back muscles. I'm trying to get my grip stronger.

I'm glad you're getting in some good workouts! Walking is so good for us-low impact and doesn't get the cortisol up. Your weather is all over the place! Snow will start the ski season?! I can't believe Thanksgiving is 4 weeks from today. We've invited both sides of the family-should be interesting.

Today we are off to get a load of started kindling wood for the fireplace and to drop off old TV's to someone who will take them. You can't put them out in the trash here. DH has started some indoor painting-yeah! So the bathroom ceiling is getting painted now. My big push is to change the living room from red to gold this year. It's been red for almost 20 years. I really like it, but am ready for a change.

How has your week been? I had my checkup on Tuesday and all is well. I did lose 1/4 of an inch in height in the past year-darn osteoporosis. Maybe AI can figure out some help for it.

I rucked Monday and today. In an hour or so I plan on lower body weights. What have you been doing? I'm trying to finish a book for book club that I really can't get into. The meeting is Sunday. I've just been reading a little before bed.

DH finished painting the bathroom. He doesn't want to start the living room until after the holidays since we're hosting.

Not much else going on. I got a light to clip onto my coat so I can continue to walk in the dark months. It should be here Sunday so I can try it out when I walk to book group.

Off to get some chores done before I work out!

I have not been sleeping and it is impacting my workouts. I just don't have the energy to work out. The first 3 weeks of October I got 6 days in for 2 weeks and 5 in for week 3. After that it was only a couple days with a couple other days of walking. I need my sleep. It was my off day yesterday so I did a full body circuit and today I did a leg/cardio workout.

My hips are really hurting today. I'm starting to agree with DH that it could be arthritis. The only thing that seems to help is walking. I even took some tylenol this morning. I'm a side sleeper and can't even do when my hips are hurting.

Not much going on here. Just some laundry and chores. Making a grocery list, paying bills etc.

Oh, the girls and I are going to Oregon next weekend to visit their aunt. I'm really good friends with her and haven't met her new baby yet. It will be a nice break for me. I really need one.

I'm looking for an Alaskan cruise to take my MIL on next summer.

How is your weekend going??
You got in workouts every week in October! Don't feel too bad. I think we do need more rest and recovery time at this point in our lives. I know I've had a major shift in my energy and recovery levels in the past 3 months. I did legs on Thursday and finally feel like today (4 days later) that I could do them again. Do what you feel like doing. Most people are not working out at the level we have done for so many years. I actually put my step, ball, and Bosu trainer away. I just haven't been using them. I'm focusing on compound movements with weights and walking (and abs once in a while).

Weekend was filled with soccer and I had book club yesterday. Today I'm rejoining the Friends of the Library board. It meets once a month and supports the library-which I like!

What a nice trip to look forward to next weekend with the girls! I have never been to Oregon. Dan and I were thinking of flying to Vancouver some time to see that and then drive down through to California. With Aaron moving to Los Angeles though I don't know if we will-such a long drive.

Everyone I've ever talked to has been awed by Alaska. I'm glad your MIL is well enough to go.

Sorry I've been MIA. Just busy with work stuff. Sunday I did STS 2.0 UB 1. Monday and Tuesday I walked around the lakes. The temps were in the mid 70's. It was just beautiful. Yesterday I did an oldie-Muscle Max! It was a nice change of pace from the other platform. I also really like that abs and a stretch are included. Today I had a dentist appt and we leave tomorrow morning. It will just be walking around and visiting this weekend.

My work and sleep schedule really dictate my workouts. Mondays are usually full of meetings so even getting a walk in is good. When I don't sleep well I just don't have the energy to work out. I just never thought this point in my life would be so stressful.

I'm really looking forward to this weekend. I have traveled in almost 2 years and I really need a break. I really need a relaxing vacation and somewhere tropical sounds perfect. I don't think that will be happening any time soon.

Vancouver is beautiful, green and lush. The PCH drive is beautiful. Take a few days and enjoy it. You won't regret it.

Back on Sunday, but I took Monday off too. I just need some time off.

Have a great weekend!
I hope you had a great time in Oregon! My weekend was good. Yesterday I saw a local musical production of Anne of Green Gables. Besides that I'm getting ready for Thanksgiving-actually started dusting. Workout wise I did my rucking and a glute routine on Saturday and arms with abs on Sunday. Today is supposed to be legs and my hip flexors are still sore. If I don't do legs I might go to the pool-3rd time this year! I get 5 free times with Dan's membership. After that it's $50 for 10 more. I have yet to even finish the 5 since we're only paying for him these days. As much as I enjoy the pool, I would rather try to build muscle and bone.

Have a good week!

We got home around 8:30 last night. It was a quick trip but we had a great time. I also took today off since I'm just feeling burnt out at work. I just did laundry, put away all the travel stuff and paid the bills. Nothing exciting. Oh, I did a full body workout full of KB swings, clean & press/squat press, snatch, lunges, thrusters, devil press, rows etc.

I have an electrolysis appt tonight. I should only need a few more to be done with it. She worked on my upper lip last time-so painful even with numbing cream. Tonight I'm going to have her to the lower lip and anything left on chin/under chin area. I do have more upper lip to go but it will have to be another time.

I've been trying to figure out my hip pain issue. I know I shouldn't diagnose using google, but I figure it is a good place to start. It seems like it might be greater trochanter bursitis based on where the pain is. It's just weird that I can go days without any pain and other times I feel like it is at level 10 pain where I can barely stand it. I'm not really doing much if any impact anymore. I've been sticking to swings and low/no impact cardio.

We are not doing a traditional Thanksgiving this year. We are getting together with DH's family the day after Thanksgiving for Mexican food. We don't care for Turkey. We are just going to ask the kids what they want and make that instead for our Thanksgiving.

Anne of Green Gables, I'm jealous. I bet it was wonderful My mother in law would really like to see that. You are getting some great workouts in. The pool sounds like a nice change of pace.

Diagnosing is without a doubt the most difficult aspect of health care. I got to the bottom of my low back-down the leg issue after many doctors. It's no fun doing all low impact all the time, but the fear of the SI joint locking up is enough for me to avoid it!

We're cleaning out the gutters today! All the leaves have fallen and it's going to be 59 later, so that should be fun (not). All I do is help move the ladder around and stand on the bottom for stability. I swear it feels like we just did it!

My latest program is 5 30 minute weight workouts a week-2 upper, 2 lower, and 1 full body. I'm on week two and managed to work out Tuesday nights after work. So far so good! Today is total body and 30 minutes sounds like just enough.

Have you started decorating for Christmas? I see a lot of lights, trees, and decor up everywhere. Folks at work have already put their trees up! I did put some lights up on the mantle and bought a little lighted birch tree that we've been using at night. When it gets dark at 5 PM it's nice to have some pretty, side lights. Other than that I want to wait until after Thanksgiving. Today is get the table ready day-bring up two leaves, get the dishes out, figure out a centerpiece.

Hope your week is going well!

I did workout Monday, Tues, Wed. Thursday I had the pellet insertion appt and started feeling sick that day. Must've picked something up on my travels. I've been under the weather ever since. I did take a covid test yesterday and it was negative. The only reason I took was because of this awful headache I had. That was one of my symptoms when I had covid before. Thankfully neither one of the girls is sick.

We usually decorate the day after Thanksgiving. Since we are celebrating Thanksgiving that day, we may be able to do it on Thanksgiving otherwise it will be done over the weekend. We gave most of our outdoor decorations and some indoor decorations to my nieces when we moved. We keep decorating to a minimum. I'm the only one that does it and it just became a chore.

What program are you following? I usually get 45 min to an hour for each workout but would like some shorter ones. That is why I keep going back to RWH. The upper body times are perfect for me. I find other leg workouts to do though.

Today we will probably order our groceries online and have the delivered. I'm not feeling up to walking around the store.

This cold is just lingering. I didn't sleep very well last night, but am feeling good enough to try a workout today. It will be a weight workout, but I haven't decided on one yet.

We are just having Thanksgiving with the kids this year. David is cooking ribeyes on the grill for us. We also have twice baked potatoes, salad, jalepeno poppers, corn and garlic cheesy bread too. On Friday, we are meeting up with DH's family at my MIL's for mexican food. We are bringing con queso and green chile. It should be fun and we will be drawing names for Christmas.

How is your week going?
All is good here. The program I'm doing is called Iron by Caroline Girvin. It's on youtube. It's 5 workouts a week for 6 weeks. I'm on week 3. Today is supposed to be a total body for me. We'll see. I didn't sleep well and have to get the turkey dinner ready. Plus I really want to get 8K steps in.

Not much going on. Work is good. I'm sore from my workouts and I'm doing my best to avoid all the sugar around the office! We had our Friendsgiving there yesterday and it was so good! (Probably because I didn't cook it!) I just hope everything is hot today.

I'm sorry you have a lingering cold. We are seeing people with coughs for months at work. Your Thanksgiving sounds great. My parents are quite traditional and would never veer from Turkey. We're going to call Aaron and Shivani later as well as Dan's sister in New Hampshire.

I'm off to peel potatoes!

Have a great day! !

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Two of my 4 days off was shovelmax. The sun is shining today though so we are getting some melting.

I've been looking at Caroline Girvan for a while now but just never did any of her workouts. I decided to give the Iron Series a try and started today with D1 legs. The workout itself was fine, I just didn't realize it was just a recording of her doing the workout with the timer. It's just weird to me that she doesn't speak at all during the workout. The other platform I follow are live workouts so it's just very different. I definitlely like the shorter times though. I used 30's for the squats, goblet squats, side lunge, deadlifts, and a 20 for the lunges.

We had just our only family Thanksgiving and it was really nice. Friday we went to my MIL's to meet up with my sister in laws family and had Mexican food. It was a fun gathering. We also brought up the Christmas tree and all the decorations for her. The grandkids put up some of the decorations, but she wants to decorate her own tree. She says she really enjoys putting the decorations on.

I was planning on going to Costco today, but I don't need anything. I may just go on Friday when I'm off work.

How is your weekend going?
It's snowing here today! So far though it's not sticking, so hopefully no shoveling. I think CG is great. I've completed the first three weeks of the iron program yesterday. I do legs on Mondays, upper on Tuesdays, off Wednesdays, total body on Thursdays, off Friday, legs Saturdays and upper on Sundays. So yesterday was all shoulders. I threw in some chest presses and push ups to hit more muscle groups. It's you vs. you and you can make the workout your own-which I love. I felt like I had to keep up too much with Cathe.

We had a nice day Thursday with all the relatives. Dan's sister is getting ready for brain surgery on 12/4 in Boston, so we're hoping that goes well. If it doesn't she'll be deaf in one ear, if it does she'll retain 30% of her hearing. Quite daunting.

I put up lights in the house last week. I don't know how much other holiday decor I feel like doing. Made soup and watched soccer over the weekend.

Monday I did Iron D2-UB, nothing yesterday, today was Iron D4-glutes. I really like the shorter length of the workouts. My other platform is also starting a December challenge. I'm excited to see what that entails. They also use time instead of reps.

Hopefully I can get DS1 to put up the tree this weekend. The girls and I want to put up some decorations too.

Just working, not much else going on around here.

Another weekend is upon us! I made cookies this week for the Friends of the Library Dickens reception. Our town has Dickens of a Christmas the first Saturday of December. Lots of people dress up in Victorian garb and there are showings of A Christmas Carol, lots of singing groups, food stalls, craft stalls, etc. They close down traffic on main street and everyone wanders around for a few hours. I recently rejoined the Friends of the Library to volunteer. I'm on clean up duty at 2 today. I don't really like to dress up, but don't mind baking and clean up.

I'm hoping to get my walk and workout in today, but might not. I'm meeting someone in an hour to walk around and depending on how busy it is I don't know how long it'll take us.

Otherwise I've just been working and doing my regular routines. What's up with you all?

Oh my gosh, I can't believe I haven't checked in all week. Not much going on here. I only walked 3+ miles around the lakes on Tues and Wed, and today I did RWH CST and abs 2. Work has gotten crazy again. I'm not sure Caroline Girvan is 4 me. I really struggle with motivation without her talking us through the exercises. I already stare at a computer screen all day and it kinda feels the same. Having to read and watch each exercise. I'm going to try a few more and see if I feel differently. Her programs have great reviews.

The girls got their driving permits this week. We are expecting snow this weekend so I don't think any of us will get them out.
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