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Hello! Sorry I've been MIA. It sounds like you are in a great place mentally! I'm so glad you have decided to embrace yourself at whatever weight you are. Feeling healthy and not fighting is a great mindset. Plus, now you can get rid of any clothes with snaps and shot for new ones!

You have a great workout plan-low impact and 4 days a week. That's what I try to do. I have only walked 7 times this whole month-will get an 8th tomorrow and hope it's not an arctic tundra outside. I refuse to walk on wet areas-way too afraid of a fall. My workouts are Saturday-lower body, Sunday upper body, Monday lower body, Thursday total body-alternating with Saturday upper, Sunday lower, Monday upper, Thursday total. It's a longer rotation, but works with the time I have available. I have been trying to do a hiit after work Tuesdays or Wednesdays, but it hardly ever happens. Between working late, extra, and just being tired after work I'm not getting much cardio these days.

Christmas was very nice. We had a nice meal and DH got me a weighted blanket. I love it! I use it all the time when watching TV and for sleep. We got the cats a new drinking contraption and they are getting used to it! I've gotten to see some friends and one is stopping in on her way back to WV on Saturday for a walk (she's got a dog).

I have not had any extra time off-it's ok. The ladies at work with kids need it!

Off to start my car.

Happy New Year!

My foot has really been bothering me even with the low impact. I plan on scheduling a follow up appt with the surgeon. I would really like another x-ray to see if the bone is healing so I know how much I should be pushing myself.

Due to the foot pain, I'm shifting focus for the month of January. I'm planning on doing RWH upper body weights and using either the peloton or rower for some cardio. Still working on figuring out what I can do for legs. I can do squats (not very heavy), no weight side lunges, deadlifts etc. Lunges are not possible right now. I'm going to activate the peloton membership for and see if I like it or not. I think there is a 30 day free trial. It's a bit pricey at $44/per month. I may cancel after the first month. I've done some 20-30 min spin workouts from YouTube that I found pretty challenging. Spinning is new and my legs need to adjust.

Although my focus is not on weight loss, I do need to lower my bodyfat %. DS1 has my smart scale, I've ordered a new one. It will be here in a few days. I plan on tracking my bodyfat % for the next 3 months.

Glad you are loving your weighted blanket!! I don't have one, but we have a comforter and a quilt on our bed and I love it. I like the heavy feeling on my body. Of course I'm constantly throwing it off and back on due to hot flashes.

Off to start my workout!
Yesterday was a rest day. My foot was hurting after my Costco trip. Too much walking around I guess. Today I did a leg workout, modified lunges for side lunges. I did step ups on a step with 4 risers using 15's, deadlifts, single leg deadlifts, sumo squat. Doing what I can do get some muscle back in my legs. I did activate my Peloton and did a 20 min beginner ride after my leg workout.

Did you do anything fun for NYE? We are not party people and were in bed by 10. Yesterday was just a lazy day for us.

The rest of the day is chores, laundry, food prep, etc.

We watched football games on New Year's Eve! DH loves college football so we activated a one week free trial of FUBO just for that. We had a fire and it was relaxing.

Glad you're adapting to your foot and getting some leg work in. I'm never going to be able to do high impact again with my SI joint-it takes a mind shift of accepting your limitations as you age. The pain is just not worth it and after all the PT I did for it, I'm good with walking!

I have been doing 2 minute planks a few times a week. My only goal for the new year is a 90 second wall squat. I can only make it about 25 seconds before standing, so it's going to take some time. I'm also working on my push ups. I am following along with this program of exercises-30 seconds each with 30 seconds rest. The first exercise is slow eccentric pushups, then regular, then staggered each side. That's as far as I've gotten. I can do the slow, a few regular, and like two staggered each side. Once I can get past them-there are more coming (tricep, clap, etc.). I start each workout day with the pushups and then do abs and then do a workout. Apparently planks are good for the bones in your spine and mine need help. I won't know for two years if they make a difference, but who knows. My hip bones got better in two years with the weight vest walks.

Hope you're having a good week!

Well I did meet my goal and got in 4 workouts this week. I would like to get 5. Some weeks that is difficult with my work schedule. Yesterday I did a leg/glute workout. Every other exercise was 10 deadlifts. I used 94#'s and it felt good to lift heavy. I followed it up with 20 min of rowing. Today is RWH CST and abs followed by 20 mins of rowing or cycling.

I am still unable to do lunges, hopefully those will come with time. Hopefully the pain in the ball of my foot will dissipate with time. The Dr. said I should be able to return to all activity within 3-6 months. With my age to expect it to be closer to 6 months. I do side to side lunges instead. I can do step ups also.

Pushups aren't my favorite, but I don't have any problem doing them. Right now they are bent until the my toe heals enough. Tricep pushups are the hardest for me. Doing RWH though I can see improvement over time. Keep planking, they are so good for us.

I saw Yoga with Adriene on youtube has a 30 days of yoga that just started in January. I might try adding in a few of those each week. Not sure if I mentioned, but the yoga studio near me is closing and they will be offering their classes at another gym.

I'm so sick of the snow on the ground. We don't usually have snow stick around for this long. The sun usually melts it in a few days. The cold spell we had didn't help. Our street is a sheet of ice right now. It's cloudy today so that doesn't help. Later this week is supposed to hit 50, then we should see some real melting.

Off to workout and do chores/errands.

Well, I've done something to my hand/grip on my left. It hurts to pick things up. So frustrated! I wish I could tell what it's from-pushup variation? weights? Shuffling cards on Monday wasn't fun either. I haven't done much with it the past two days and have a total body on tap for later so we'll see. I just hope it doesn't become something chronic.

Other than that setback I was able to walk to and from work the past two days! I'm again tracking all my walks and weight sessions for the year. 2020 was a total of 490, 2021 was 463. My goal is 500 which means 9-10 sessions most weeks. It's hard to get much more than 8 during the cold months since it's hard to walk to work most days.

Glad to hear you are getting some good lifts and using your rowing machine-that is total body and I wish I had one! I go back and forth about getting something for inside. I should probably just get a bike thing and put my bike on it since we have not ridden in so long.

Work is going well. How about you?

I did Legs on Mon, off Tues/Wed, today was CSB, abs#2 and 20 min beginner ride on the Peloton. I think I am really going to love the Peloton once I can do some longer workouts on it. Tomorrow will be legs. Yoga with Adriene is really nice and makes me really miss going to yoga. I'll probably do yoga tonight. Still modifying as needed.

We have had snow/ice on the ground since before Christmas. We had long lasting cold front. This is so unusual for Colorado. It is supposed to hit 50 on Sat so hopefully that will melt all the remaining snow before the next front comes through.

My foot is getting better everyday. Probably about 70% right now. I'm limping a lot less and am getting more movement in the toe joint. I'm using bio-oil on the scar twice a day. Hopefully it will start fading soon.

Tomorrow is my off Friday. My office is a complete mess/dusty, files everywhere. That will be taken care of tomorrow. Also, I don't know where my silverware is going but we seem to be missing some forks. My Kohl's gift card will be used for more silverware.

Sorry to hear about your hand. I hope it is nothing serious and heals quickly. A bike trainer would be great. Then you don't have to make room for another piece of equipment. It's small and can be out of the way when you don't want to use it. DS bought my Peloton used from one of his friends.

Wow, I am impressed by your workout/walk number. I can't believe your target is 500, very ambitious. I write down my workouts in a calendar, but have never counted them up for the year. I don't usually keep track of walking. It all counts though.

Catch up with you later.
Friday-legs, Sat RWH CST & Abs and a 30 min spin, today was a full body workout. Let me just say that my legs were so sore after the 30 min advanced beginner spin class. I took 3 20 min beginner classes and decided to move up to 30 min Adv Beginner. This is the first time we got out of the saddle. I could only be out of the saddle 15 to 30 seconds. It's all my foot could take. Today I used the foam roller after my workout to hopefully help with the soreness. Tomorrow will be RWH BSB & abs.

Today will be grocery shopping, paying bills and cleaning my office.

How was your weekend?
I would love to have some indoor cardio options beyond low impact moves. I actually purchased an indoor bike trainer on facebook marketplace, but it was a bust. It did not have the connector piece-just the front tire holder and the back wheel thing. There was no cord to control tension. Oh well-trying to go cheaper cost me in the end.

I've been doing upper and lower body workouts mostly. Planks are going well!

Not much happening here in small town Wellsboro! Cooking, reading, exercising. I'm quite satisfied and happy with my work-life balance. Of course, now I worry it won't last-but I've got to just focus on today.

My left hand seems better. It's a slow process building up your wrist strength. I've taken to just holding weights and doing laps around the house a few times a week and since I cut back the weight my wrists are better.

The peleton sounds so good and I'm sure your foot will gradually adjust-Ride on!

Last week I got in 5 days of exercise but this week is only 4. Yesterday was legs/glutes and the same 30 spin workout I did last week. I did much better this. I was a sweaty mess when I was done. I'm trying to get in 20 to 30 min of cardio after each weight session. It is hard to fit in during the work week, but 20 mins is usually doable. I did box jumps-not really box jumps but onto the mini step, then with 1 riser, then with 2 risers. It was okay at the time, but later that day my foot was really hurting. I'm not sure I'm ready for that impact.

Today is CST and abs and a 30 min row w/o. That will be later today. I'm taking the girls to get facials this morning. I was able to schedule them at the same time. They called yesterday and said because the girls are only 15, a parent or guardian has to be in the room with them. Thankfully, DH is able to come with us this morning. I wish they would have said that when the appt was booked.

I have a little work to do this weekend. I really wish I could work part time. It's just not feasible and especially not now that DH is retiring. It's cold here so there is not much going on. Normal weekend chores and working out.

Glad to hear your wrists are getting better. Planks are one of the best exercises!! Sorry about the trainer. I've seen some at Walmart for about $130.

Well, I thought my left hand/wrist/arm were getting better! I have been in rest mode since Monday. Something is not right and I'm afraid to try weights. I wish I could pinpoint which exercise hurt me. I have no idea now what to even attempt to do. There's so much wetness outside so I'm afraid to walk. Monday I did a 40 minute walk on the treadmill at the gym. So at least I have that option if I need it.

I'm off today. My plans are to make French toast for DS2, make chili for dinner, do some kind of workout and write my parents a letter. I'm still hoping we can reconnect somehow.

Have a great day!

Hmm, not sure what happed to my reply. We've been having internet issues. Anyway, I completed 6 workouts this past week. Proud of that. Today is the start of the new week. Yesterday was CST, abs, and a 45 min ride. Today was a leg/glute workout and a 45 min ride. That peloton is addicting. I have more time on the weekends. Tomorrow is back to RWH, BSB is on tap. I've been increasing my weights a bit too.

I set up my new smart scale. It said my body age is 79. I actually laughed about it. Most of the metrics are either too low-body water, muscle mass, or too high-bodyfat, weight, bmi, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat. You know what is on target, my bone mass and skeletal muscle. It's just a baseline, and my goal is to decrease bodyfat and increase muscle mass. Hopefully the scale will move too.

Have you tried wearing a wrist brace at night? It really worked for when I having issues with carpal tunnel. I didn't think it would do anything, but wearing over night for several weeks made a big difference. I hope it heals fast.

We have been having such cold weather that the snow and ice are not melting in our neighborhood either. It's so dangerous to go outside and walk.

I think a letter to your parents is perfect idea. I hope you can reconnect too. I miss my parents everyday.
Well, my hand/wrist/arm is finally better! I had cut my index finger on top of the wrist problem and have finally turned the corner on that healing as well. I've been doing walks (weather permitting) with the weight vest, total body weights, and abs. For some reason, I just started feeling like 3 total body workouts a week instead of splits. They are longer, so on my days off I can do an hour with abs. Whatever-I'm just trying to maintain and not get hurt! Glad you like the Peloton-great cardio workout, I'm sure!

That scale sounds like a demon-measures everything! Focus on the muscle and forget about the weight!

Off to work in the snow-have a great week!

Today will be my 6th workout this week. I'm sticking with RWH UB and doing the other platform for legs. Wednesday I did a 45 low impact Peloton ride. Today will be CST and abs, and another Peloton ride. Yesterday I did a circuit workout. I feel like I need a little more cardio and I really miss doing them.
I'm not sure when the new workouts will ship, but I'm thinking about starting STS Meso 2 in March.

Our temps are warming up to the 40's this week. Finally all this snow will melt.

DH's last day of work was Monday. He's already had to spend one day doing things for his mom. :) He said he doesn't want it to become a habit.

How was your week? Do you have any weekend plans?
I got 6 workouts in last week-4 cardio and 2 total body. Yesterday I walked and didn't feel like a total body, so did a 40 minute no repeat cardio. It felt good! Today I feel like legs so will do that and a walk. Our cold spell is supposed to snap today-we've been in the polar vortex.

DH is retired! How is your MIL's condition? I think about her surgery and recovery. I hope she's doing ok. I have not heard anything since the last letter from my parents...

I signed up for a 6 week yoga class starting tomorrow night. It'll be Mondays 6-7 until mid March. It's 3 blocks from my house which is nice. I'm looking forward to some good stretching.

Not much happening here this weekend. Today it's supposed to get to 43 which will be nice. I need to make a dish for the week-planning on lasagna (as healthy as I can make it with whole wheat noodles, low fat cheese, add some broccoli to it). I'm also planning on hard boiling some eggs and making some muffins.

So happy to be off work today. No planned appoints, just a nice relaxing day. I plan on working out, doing some laundry and starting our taxes.

No workout for Tuesday or Thursday. I didn't not sleep well on Monday and was dragging all day on Tuesday. Yesterday was just a busy day trying to finish everything up before being off today. I did heavy legs on Sunday (104# Squats), BSB on Monday, 45 min Tabata Peloton ride Wednesday, and today will be CST and a Peloton class. I'm really loving the Peloton. It is addicting. My foot is still coming along, it seems to be taking forever but I am keeping with the PT and am very slowly seeing improvements.

I really miss my yoga class. The instructor closed her studio and is teaching out of an existing gym. I haven't been there yet but should go check it out. DH had me show him how to use the rower and he also watched one of the instructional videos. He also walked with me the 2 blocks to the mailbox yesterday. :) Its a start.

DH's mom is doing great. She seems to be adjusting to her new normal. She is upbeat so that is good. She also found out a gentleman at church also had his bladder removed years and you would never know it. I think it was nice for her to have someone to talk about this with.

Off topic, but there was a devastating house fire in our neighborhood earlier this week. The three people got out and 2 of the 4 pets. 2 of the pets were lost in the fire. Our community center is accepting donations so DH and I dropped off some gift cards yesterday. The house is a complete loss, and they also lost their vehicles in the garage.

How was your week? How do you like the yoga class?
Yoga was great. There were not too many people and it was laid back and relaxing. The moves were pretty basic and I actually practiced the sun salutation yesterday after my weights to try to get my breath better coordinated. I did Yoga with Adrianne on You Tube-I swear You Tube has everything! It was just 10 minutes and took me through about 6 times. I still need practice on that. I'm trying to get it to feel more natural.

You are inspiring DH and I'm so glad to hear your MIL is doing well enough to go to church!

I'm back to my splits of weights-today is back and bi's. We've been able to walk and I even walked to work twice last week-a bonus! This week I'm only working Tuesday and Wednesday. I took a day off here and there-one in January, one tomorrow, and two in March just to give me some relief from Winter! I hate getting up when it's cold.

In March we've got tickets to a pro hockey game. DH has always wanted to see one so we're going to Pittsburgh for a few days to see the game. He also got tickets for a brew tour-I guess Pittsburgh has a lot of small breweries. It will be nice to do something different.

Have a good week! Did you watch any of the superbowl? I made it through the half time show.

I have not been feeling well this week. Some kind of sinus, sore throat and ear pain. Hopefully it will resolve on its own. My last workout was on Monday. Today I plan on 30 to 45 min ride on the peloton. I'm up to 8 weeks of RWH upper body and am ready to move on to something else. Do you have any suggestions for me? I like sticking to the heavier weights. I keeping thinking of STS Meso 2 but they are a bit longer.

I've decided to get rid of my road bike since I never ride it anymore. I offered it to my niece and she accepted. She and her husband will coming over one evening next week to pick it up.

We did watch the superbowl and I really enjoyed the half time show.

You will have so much fun at the hockey. We used to have season tix to the Avalanche. Now we just to a game here and there.

I enjoy yoga with Adriene also. Glad you are enjoying your yoga class. I really miss having a rec center nearby to take classes.

I have to work overnight tonight so will be dragging all weekend.

Hope you have a great weekend.
I hope you're feeling better! I've been thinking about what to move on to from RWH. RWH is so good and has so many premixes. it's quick and effective for sure! I honestly don't know what to tell you besides doing what you feel like doing. Maybe your body is asking for two upper and two lower a week? More peleton? It sounds like you are loving that and it's fun!

I've been doing a split of pyramid training the last three days. It's a 5 day program so I'm doing the whole thing since I have an extra day off. First day was legs, then arms and shoulders (which my back felt sore from the day before). Yesterday was hamstrings and glutes. Today I'm doing the HiiT workout from it which will start with 5 sets of pushups for me (have been letting my left hand rest again due to straining something yet again). Tomorrow is a total body weight workout. I'm enjoying it! I've been able to walk a lot with my weight vest and am feeling good. So far in February I've had 26 sessions of "exercise" which is walking with the vest or doing weights. My goal is 500 for the year.

It got super cold here again yesterday. I made chili and watched lots of soccer! Friday I cleaned the whole house. I'm also reading a lot on my kindle and just enjoying being home.

Another week has passed. Since I had to work last Friday night, I ended having yesterday off and today is my off Friday. A nice long weekend for me. Too bad it has been so cold and snowy out. Yesterday I shoveled the sidewalk while DH used the snow blower on the driveway. I think it 7 degrees out. The high today is 35 and then this weekend will be in the 50's. We should get a lot of melting.

I've worked out everyday this week. Yesterday was heavy leg day and I was able to squat 129lbs! That is PB for me. I've been able to increase my weights and feel strong. Today will either be upper body or a ride. My bum is a bit sore from riding. I'm still doing the low impact rides where we stay seated the whole time. That's why I think my bum is sore.

I had blood work done this morning and weighed in on the inbody scale. I have phone appt for next week to review my labs. My weight is up even more which is so frustrating. My bodyfat% is going down and my muscle mass is going up which is all good. I just wish some of this extra weight would budge. It's not like I'm overweight just a few pounds, its a significant amount.

The microwave for the basement was delivered and it doesn't fit. I will be going to pick out a new one either today or tomorrow. We waited 2 months for it. I'm going to see if I can get one that is in stock so we don't have to wait another a few months.

I plan to get out and about this weekend. I'm so sick of this cold weather and being stuck in the house.

How was your week? Do you have any plans for the weekend?

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