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Hi! How is recovery going? Are you able to do any sitting or lying exercises? Do you have to wear a cast? Are you using crutches? I've been thinking about you and hope all is going well.

This weekend was all about getting ready for winter around here. We cleaned the gutters, put the back porch furniture away and got another load of wood. It felt like fall and it felt good to be outside.

I started Caroline Girvan's Fuel workout series. They are around 40 minutes a day. Feeling good. I've been making soup and trying to eat as little sugar and processed food as I can.

Two more nurses put in their resignations last week. It's unbelievable! They are both going to work at an office in the town they live in-about 20 miles away. It makes sense, but our office is really going to suffer. Management is advertising on Facebook.

Off to get this Monday going.

Have a good week off work!

Well I'm back at work today. I have my foot up on a folding chair with an ice pack. So far so good. No exercise yet. I'm in a partial cast up to my knee. I'm using a walker and hopping. Today I had DH help me get into and out of the shower. I have large step up to the drying area and a step down into the shower. Those steps are not ADA compliant. :) I was able to sit on a bench and do a pretty good job. I was tired of the sponge baths. I get the stiches removed on Nov 10th and hopefully will get a boot at that time. I can say my hopping leg is tired, my casted leg is tired (the cast is heavy), my arms are tired from holding my bodyweight when I jump. It's very frustrating to not be able to do anything. DH is off work and has been doing a great job taking care of me. Sometimes he hovers a bit too much.

I can't get downstairs to my workout room and it's filled with a dust with the construction going on. Hopefully they will be done soon. End of next week according to the contract.

My dear MIL had her bladder removed yesterday. She is in the ICU right now but is doing well. She will be in the hospital for 5-7 days.

Wow, losing more nurses seems very stressful for those who remain. I hope they are able to get some nurses hired soon.

Your body is working hard to get repaired. Don't worry about working out! This is probably a good time to get the work done downstairs so you are not tempted. Sounds like DH is a good help!

Not much going on here. Next week is my health week-mammogram, dexascan, dentist, and dermatology. Hopefully everything is good.

Best to your MIL. It's a lot to handle.

I can't wait until Thursday when I get my stitches out and a boot. It will make is so much easier to get around. I'm hoping I can resume working out this weekend. It will only be upper body for at least another month. I may give the rower a try and see how that goes for cardio. I will have to be able to stuff my foot into a regular shoe before I can try that. Definitely need some cardio in my life.

My MIL was released from the hospital yesterday and is doing well. My SIL is staying with her this week.

How is your week going?
I am up early this week-must be a time change result. I'm glad to hear your MIL is home! When I've been in a boot, I couldn't do the bike. Let me know how the rower goes. I just did arms and abs and pushups. When I finally did get out of the boot I did a lot in the pool for all the little muscles. Maybe I should start working the pool back in since I'm not walking to work anymore...

Work is going pretty good for me. My role has changed from being with a provider so it's not nearly as stressful. Rest up and Friday will be here before you know it!

Hey! I went to the pool on Wednesday night after work. I did a 30 minute interval workout and it felt great. So refreshing to get back in the water. I'm hoping to do it weekly until it gets nice out again.

I had my mammogram, dexascan, dermatology skin check, and semi annual dental cleaning. All is good except my bones are worse. I am going to start Fosamax soon to help.

Tomorrow is Friday already and you'll be getting your stitches out!

The stitches are finally out. They had a hard time getting them out because my foot is still so swollen. I'm in a boot and using a walker. I'll be in a boot for the next 4 weeks. I should be able to ditch the walker in a week or so. My foot is so swollen and feels so tight. I used a sugar/oil scrub in the shower and lotion afterwards. My dr. said to try putting on a compression sock when I first get up to see if that will help. I'm not even sure I can get a compression sock on at this point.

I finally showered this morning, using a shower chair that DH bought. I said I didn't need when he ordered it, but it was nice to sit down and put my foot up on our bench so I could shave.

I feel like I can start with some ab work and maybe even upper body weights. Planking or any prone position is out for a while, but there is other types of ab work I can do. I can do the ab work in my room. I hope they finish the basement soon so I can get back into my workout room.

I'm surprised to hear your bones are getting worse with all the weight work you do. Glad they are doing something about it though. Being in a nice warm pool sounds lovely to me right now.

I found some chair workouts on youtube and did one of those this morning. It was pretty basic but it was something I could. I also found some chair ab workouts and did one of those too. It's nice to move a bit for sure. Hopefully this week I can make it to the basement for some upper body weights.

My MIL was back in the hospital Friday night due to gas build up from abdomen to her shoulder. It sounds like she needs to move more than she is. She is sleeping a lot and just meanders about her house and has walked across the street to her mailbox. She really needs to walk more throughout the day, perhaps down the street and back several times. She has become mean to her daughter and her granddaughters. My niece called us last night to see if we and the boys can help for this next week. I think that is a good idea. Now that I'm a bit more mobile with the boot, I can manage myself at home.

How is your weekend going?
You tube is amazing! I'm glad you found some workouts on it. I've also been listening to podcast like videos after I workout that are on you tube. Is your basement remodel almost done? It sounds like it'll be a great space to workout and hangout in. Where is your office these days?

Your poor MIL. She probably doesn't feel well. Trying to make her comfortable with everything is the challenge.

My weekend was good. For some reason my eyes are very tired and twitching all the time. I have been reading a lot on my kindle, but I've been sleeping more than 10 hours a night. I feel ok in the morning and then it gets worse throughout the day. My company is getting vision benefits starting January so I'm going to try to get an appointment then.

World cup starts next Sunday!

The girls mom and me have been trying to get taylor swift tickets this morning and the site went down. So frustrating. Wish us luck. We had a code to log in 30 minutes early, but the site went down. Hopefully we will be able to get tickets.

My office is on the main floor at the front of the house. There is bathroom between my office and the girls bedroom.

They are supposed to coming today to finish up the basement. They only showed up 1 day last week to complete the electrical. There isn't much left to do. Put up the baseboard trim, under cabinet lighting, patch and paint a couple areas, install the cabinet hardware and clean up.

My workout room needs cleaned up and put back together. They had to move the tv and a few other items away from the wall to do the electrical. Hopefully I can get the girls to do that tonight. I think I can at least start doing some upper body weights and abs. I'm afraid to get on the scale, with all the carbs my dh has been feeding me and then the Halloween candy too.

I'm getting these sharp shooting pains in my foot. It's all those nerves regenerating but it is driving me mad.

Oh, I just ordered STS 2.0 and the round yoga mat. Merry Christmas to me!

That eye twitching is awful. Hope it goes away in short order.
Another week has gone by. I'm so bored. Not being able to go anywhere and walk around is really wearing on me.

The basement is so close, but not quite done yet. Just a few minor things to finish up. The girls and I cleaned up my workout room a bit, but we can't put everything away yet since it looks like still need access to complete the under cabinet lighting.

I may try to go lift weights in a bit. Not too much but am feeling like I'm ready to get back to it. I will only be able to do seated or laying work for now. I have 3 more weeks of this boot.

How was your week? Do you have any fun weekend plans?
Hi! Don't worry too much about working out. Your body is expending energy trying to heal. How is the swelling? At least it's a good time of the year to be "down"-too cold to walk here. Only 3 more weeks with the cast!

I've had a good week. Friday night I went out to dinner with a bunch of girls from work since one of the girls is going on for further schooling and has left our office. It was fun. I headed home when they went to do shots at another bar-definitlely not my scene. Yesterday was just a blah day-no soccer on. I did wash and made chili.

I'm still working out with Caroline Girvin. You'll have to let me know how you like the new dvds from Cathe. I've been trying to sell my stuff on ebay-running out of patience for it though. The shipping is so expensive that people aren't buying. I like to ship USPS priority to make sure stuff gets places.

Did you guys end up getting Taylor Swift tickets? It's been on the news how messed up the ticket sales were. I hope you do! That would be so fun!

Today we're making a fire, watching sports, and just hanging at home. Hope you are feeling better each day!

Hey Beth, I didn't realize an entire week has gone by. I'm working on a project and have been approved to work over 80 hours. I don't get OT pay but will get straight time. It's a nice bonus. I worked last Friday which was my off Friday. Today I only put in a 1/2 hour, just enough to finish up something.

How was your Thanksgiving?? We went to my SIL's and took sweet potatoes and a ham. I even managed to make my way to the basement to do some chest/back and ab work in the morning. I'm really struggling with the swelling. My next appt is Dec 9th and I should be able to start transitioning to a shoe after that.

I'm sure you are watching soccer today!! Enjoy.
All is well here. We have been watching ALL the soccer. It's been great! Thanksgiving was just DH, DS1 and myself. I made just our favorites and it was perfect. Book club is at my house tomorrow night so I've been cleaning and decorating in between walks, workouts, and soccer.

Your swelling will go down once you can start walking on it. Getting in the bathtub and moving it against water would help as well. I used to sit on the edge of the tub too (with foot submerged) and draw the alphabet forwards and backwards, small and capital case to help my foot.

Don't work too hard!

I see the US plays a bit later today. It's very exciting!!!

Another week has gone by. It was my off Friday yesterday. I only worked an hour extra. We've been receiving Christmas deliveries for a bit now. I was able to unbox and wrap while the girls were at school. That was nice. I'm going to see if my son can take me shopping today. I need to get groceries and would like to go to Kohl's also.

My workout room is finally back together, but it does need a thorough dusting. I think all my puzzle mats need cleaned with some vinegar and water. I'm plan on doing some upper body weights and abs this morning. I'm honestly excited about working out in my space again.

The basement is 99% done, just some touch ups and adding the transition strip from the carpet to LVP. I'll send an email with pictures. It looks really nice.

How was your week? What do you have planned for Christmas?

Hello! I've been MIA at work. It is my two week walk in rotation and my manager through in a 4 hour CPR training on one of my days off. Tomorrow is 7-7 and then I just have Friday to get through before I'm back to my regular schedule.

We are planning just a special dinner for Xmas. No gifts. I am doing a white elephant exchange at work.

Glad your basement feel good and I'm sure it looks great!

hmm, I thought I responded to this-must not have posted the reply.

Well we are very busy at work. Year end is always awful for me. I have been approved for Extended Work Week, which is basically straight time for any hours worked over 80. I'm a salaried employee so we do not get OT.

I had my 6 week appt on Thursday and my bone is not yet healed. So frustrating. The dr. said to start wearing a shoe an hour a day and increase it as I can over the next two weeks. I'm also taking a vitamin D supplement. Hopefully this will work.

I've started working out, very modified though. No high impact. I can do KB swings and marching in place for the cardio. I would like to try the rower this week. I'm afraid the strap over the top of the foot may be painful over the incision. I'll have to try it out. So far the workouts I've done included clean and press, squat and press, dragon press. I just can't do things like lunges, burpees, pushups, pretty much anything on my toes. I'm doing some PT exercises to work on getting my big toe moving. It is quite painful but I have to keep working on it.

I love your idea of a nice dinner and no gifts. I'm so over the gifts. We do stocking stuffers for the boys and trivia for money. They really just need money and can buy what they need/want. We do buy a few gifts for the girls. We stopped the gifting on my side of the family last Christmas and it was fine. I had cookie decorating and ornament making for all the kids-my great nephews. We still draw names with DH's side of the family though.

How are your workouts going?
You are doing what you can with your toe healing! I'm sure as time goes by you'll be healed up nicely. Everything takes longer to heal the older I get.

Having a snow day here in PA-all the schools are closed and it's an icy, slushy, snowy mess right now. I've been baking a pumpkin coffee cake and some paleo pumpkin peanut butter cookies. I'll be amazed if the cookies turn out-no flour or eggs in them. I had leftover pumpkin to use up from Thanksgiving.

My workouts are going pretty good. Today is the last day of the Fuel program for me. I don't do the workouts in order so I can get a cardio in on Wednesday nights. Saturday, Sunday and Monday are weights, Tuesday-rest/off, Wednesday cardio, Thursday total body weights, Friday-off. This Saturday I'll start a new program called Beastmode. It's a two week program so that will take me to the end of the year. January I'm planning on doing another CG program-longer workouts since it's cold. I have not been back to the pool-takes too much motivation to get in, do my hair, etc. I like working out at home. We've been walking when it's clear out-about 3x a week.

This weekend should be a fun one. We're going to a get together at a coworker's and I'm having lunch with a nurse that left my office for another office. Plus the world cup final is on!

Don't work too hard!

I had to work Friday night and my weekend is a blur. I did workout last Friday, Saturday and Sunday. No workouts so far this week. Work is crazy busy, but today it is slow.

We are having a horrific cold front come through. We only got about 4 inches of snow, but the temps are -16 with windchill between -35 to -50. It should warm back up on Christmas Eve to the 40's. Just stuck inside for a few days. DH is out using the snow blower right now.

I took tomorrow off, and then we have Holiday Shutdown through Jan 2nd. I'm looking forward to that time off.

The girls had online school today, this is their last day before winter break. They go back on Jan 9th.

You'll have to let me know what program you are starting in Jan. I'm hoping the new workouts will be shipping soon.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!!!
I'm enjoying my week off. We spent Christmas Eve at my sisters. It was nice catching up with all my nieces and nephews and their kids. We had fun. Then Christmas day we went to my MIL's and had a great time with everyone. She did Christmas at 12:30 instead of 2:30, so we decided to do our own family Christmas in the evening. It worked out great and we had a ton of fun.

As part of the girls' Christmas gifts I took them shopping on the day after Christmas. It was a fun day for us my foot was really hurting by the time we were done.

The girls were supposed to go to Oregon on the 28th but their flight was cancelled. With the Southwest Airlines issues, they were unable to rebook. Sounds like they may try again over spring break. They are pretty disappointed.

I'm getting back to a regular workout schedule which is really nice. I have to modify, only low or no impact. I wish I knew when my foot would start feeling better. At my 6 week appt., the doctor said the bone was NOT healed and to start transitioning into a shoe. I've been wearing a shoe for the past three weeks, but I still limp due to the pain. I've been doing my own PT, but am looking for a PT nearby so I can follow their guidance, and not just what I see online.

I'm not really one for New Years' resolutions. I plan on living with intention. I tend to waste time on the computer when I could be doing something more productive. I need to get back to my daily workouts. Committing to 4 day's per week and will do more if feasible. I've given up on trying to lose weight. It is a losing battle at this point. I want to be healthy and enjoy life and whatever my weight is. I've been fighting the scale my entire life. All those years of being healthy to have menopause ruin it all.

DH and I met with PERA this morning and he is planning on his last of work being Jan 31st. He would have to stay 2-3 more years to get more money and it is an insignificant amount.

How are you doing? How was your Christmas? Do you have any time off?

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