Damage Control

We went to see a movie last night-All Quiet on the Western Front. It was really well done and I'm rooting for it to be best picture. We've been watching a lot of the Oscar nominees the past few weeks and DH wanted to see this one on the big screen. If nothing else, the sound effects were worth it.

It's snowing here now :(. I might do weights here at home this morning and go to the pool later. I love the pool,but my skin and hair pay dearly for it. I only walked one time to work this week, so had two full rest days. They are giving me more and more responsibilities at work which is great-I hope this job never ends!

Great job on the PB! The goal is to get stronger and more muscles and you are doing that! An acquaintance of mine just did the breast lift/tummy tuck. She's a year younger than us. I'm sure she'll be happy with it. I am just leery of surgery if it's not necessary.

This weekend will be soccer and soup and probably just low key. I'm reading a good mystery and slept in until after 8 this morning. Have a good weekend!

I only worked out 4 days this past week including today. Most of my family is under the weather. DH may have the flu and the girls and I have been dealing with nasal, ear and head congestion all week. Just not feeling very good. I'm still lifting heavy and riding the peloton for 30-45 minutes at least twice a week. I've even done yoga a few times. The Peloton app has pretty much every type of class you could want. This morning was chest and 45 min Peloton.

As much I would like a tummy tuck, I don't think it's for me either. It just takes so much longer to recover at my age. I'm just trying to be as healthy as possible and continue exercising.

The girls started track this last week. It was a struggle since they are not feeling well. They were very sore the first few days. They've gone from being inactive and thrown right into track. I hope they enjoy it. This was their mom's decision, not the girls. I do think they need a little push to participate in any extra-curricular activity.

My niece that was having a destination wedding in Cancun, well they have chosen separate and have called off the wedding. I feel bad for both of them. They have been together for 6 years. She has moved out and is living with her sister and BIL.

Glad you got out to a move. The last movie I saw in the Theater was Maverick-Top Gun.

How was week? Do you have any weekend plans?
I hope you are all feeling better! Starting track in winter is just crazy-I hope there's not too many cold days left for runs. I used to help out with the track meets when I was working in the schools. I loved watching all the events. The kids were so supportive of each other. I hope your GD's enjoy it!

They've given me more responsibilities at work-some complicated insurance work. I'm still trying to wrap my head around all of it. The last person that did it lost her job since they closed the local infusion center. It's led to some bad nights of sleep for me lately-I think it will be better once I do one successfully.

Getting ready for our Pittsburgh getaway on Thursday. The game is Thursday night! So I did all my wash and am starting to pack in my head. I'm excited for it.

Liverpool won 7-0 yesterday! Just watching soccer, working out, and reading this weekend. Yoga is tonight. Last week's was cancelled due to snow so we'll have an extra session in March.

Have a good week!

I've only worked out a couple times this week. I've been a little under the weather. Wednesday was Back, Thursday a circuit workout and today was heavy legs. Tomorrow I plan on Chest & Triceps. I'm getting so much stronger.

My sleep has been horrible. The hot flashes and night sweats are just getting worse. I've decided to try the BioTe pellets. I had my blood work done yesterday and will have the insertion done next Friday.

The girls did so good at their track meet last night. They were both done with their events by 6:15 and it was already freezing cold. They had to stay until it finished at 9pm and help clean up and put everything away.

Not much going on this weekend, just shopping and laundry. I did get out an walk for about 30 minutes today and my foot is doing okay.

Oh, your new responsibilities sound so stressful. I'm sure you catch on quickly though.

How was the game on Thursday? Hope you enjoy your short get away. We all need those every now and then.

We had a great time in Pittsburgh. The game was so fun! I wish we lived closer and could be part of a team community. The rink was smaller in person than I expected and the players were bigger! Friday we meandered and had a nice meal out. We got over 10,000 steps a day not driving in a city.

Since then-just the usual. Work is going well. I'm dieting again though because the pounds are creeping up. Trying to track my foods, not eat biscotti and sugary sweets, get enough dairy for my bones, and focus on fiber and protein. It's a slow process.

Yoga concludes next Monday and the facilitator (because it really is one's own practice, right?!) is going to offer another 6 weeks right after. I'm on the fence. I like it, but I don't like the space (elementary school school gym/cafeteria). It's such a large, chilly, mostly empty room. Maybe I should force myself out there...I feel like I don't get as much social interaction as I'd like, but when it comes time to do something-book club, cards, whatever, I don't want to go.

Hope you're having a good week!

I had to work Friday night and have been a bit tired this weekend. I also had the pellets inserted on Friday morning. The Dr. said I should notice a difference in 2-3 weeks. We'll see. I did legs on Thursday, Back on Saturday and RWH CST and abs today. I think I'll ride the peloton tomorrow.

The girls left yesterday to visit their family in Oregon. I've washed all their bedding plus cleaned and vacuumed their room. That room is just too small for them and all their stuff. They never complain though and they make it work.

I'm glad you had such a wonderful time! I completely understand the menopause weight, it is so very frustrating. Yoga is usually in a more intimate setting, lights low etc. It's good to get out and meet like minded people.

Finally got a decent week to walk to and from work! It took me a few days last week to get over the spring forward time change, but now my energy levels are back to normal. Today is a total body and walk day. Also-English National Team plays Italy's team in a Euro qualifier. Other than that, I plan on making a lasagna and doing some housework.

My parents called to wish me happy birthday last week and said they got the letter. They did not want to meet though. At least we got to talk a bit.

You'll have to keep me updated on the pellets. Who put them in? Where did they go? Are they hormones?

I just finished a great light read-Chemistry Lessons. If you are looking for a good book!

Sorry I've been MIA. We had a nice quiet week while the girls gone. I cleaned their room, washed all the bedding and vacuumed. They are crammed in a tiny room. They got back late Saturday night and were pretty lazy on Sunday. They are back to school and struggling with getting back in the groove. I'm sure they'll be fine after this week.

I'm just finishing a heavy lifting rotation. I was able to squat 129#'s. That was my max at the end of the month. Although I did enjoy the heavy lifting, I need more cardio for my mental health. I'm going back to some of the circuits for the next month. They are timed segments of cardio and then weights. I'm looking forward to STS 2.0. Sounds like will be shipping in April.

The pellets are bioidentical hormones made from plants. I have both bioidentical estrogen and testosterone pellets. I had it done at a hormone specialist where they use your blood work to determine the strength of the pellets they will insert. They are inserted in the hip/bum area. It was a painful procedure and felt like a bad bruise for over a week. They will do labs again at 6 weeks. They should last anywhere from 4-6 months. I can say my hot flashes are mostly gone now and should be completely gone in another week.

My foot has improved so much in the last month. I was able to walk 3 miles around the lakes when the weather was nice. I started doing lunges without weight. I can now lunge with the 44lb bar. It is still a shallow lunge with the bad foot in the back. It is due to limited mobility in the ankle from being in the boot for so long. I'm at the 5 month mark and the dr. said most people are back to their normal activities around the 6 month mark. She said I may take a bit longer due to my age.

Happy belated birthday!!! Glad your parents called and you are communicating. What have you been up to?
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I think walking is the best exercise! Glad your foot is feeling better and will only continue to improve. I'm not having any weight loss success. I like to cook, bake, and eat too much, I think. How is Dave enjoying being retired from work? I find my two days at home just enough. If I lost this job, I would definitely try to find another that's 3 days a week. It's just enough to keep me engaged.

Will you get your cycle again on the pellets? At least the hot flashes are better! Today's workout is squat and press. I'm enjoying the you tube trainer. Decided not to do yoga anymore on Monday nights. I really didn't like the time that it was available, but I realize for working people 6PM is probably best. DH and I have dinner then and I know it's just once a week, but it really disrupted our rhythm. I'm getting set in my ways in my old age!

Off to make a batch of chili-it feels like 10 degrees here. Hopefully it'll warm up enough to go for a walk later! Have a great day,

We are having a few days of nice weather so I'm getting out and walking in the afternoons. Yesterday was a leg circuit and today was an upper body circuit/tabata. My cardio endurance is severely lacking. Trying to get back into with this circuit rotation but is it tough for sure.

I just have laundry and grocery shopping to do today. I may stop at kohls and use my 30% coupon for shoes.

What do you have going on?
Not much working out for me this past week. I hurt my back last week doing something and took some time off! We're going to get the back porch ready today-hose it off, put the rug out, etc. Also going to try my hand at an herb garden (again). I'm looking forward to being outside more and getting some warmer weather!

How are you sleeping? Are the hormones helping? I got a spring pedicure last weekend and spent the day with a former colleague who is now working about 45 minutes away. We got a turkey to make for Easter. Are you all celebrating?

I only got in 4 workouts this past week. One of them was 45 min hill/sprint ride on the peloton. My legs were burning and so sore the next day. It's nice to finally start doing some tougher workouts on the bike. Still continuing with circuits for this month. I will get something in later this morning and will try to walk around the lakes today too.

We are going to my MIL's for dinner at 4 today. It will be nice to see all the family. I made a mint chocolate chip ice cream dessert and a layer lemon pudding/cream cheese dessert with macadamia nut crust. Not sure if I mentioned my niece split with her fiance. She found out he was cheating on her for quite awhile. The wedding in Cancun this summer is not happening. They were together for over 5 years. They bought a house together and are going through the process of separating everything.

We've been going to the girls track meets each week. They are so long. This week we were there for 3 1/2 hours. Rylee ran at the beginning of the meet and Rallie didn't run until close to the end. DH said we spent almost 4 hours for less than 2 minutes of support for their races. :) It is worth it though.

I'm sleeping better and no more hot flashes. I still run hotter than normal, but not having any hot flashes or sweating profusely.

Sorry to hear you hurt your back. I hate when that happens. Good luck with your herb garden. My sister has one and loves it.

Happy Easter
I got in a great workout on Easter and only walked 2 days since then. We did a big upgrade last weekend and have been dealing with issues all this week. On top of that I have to work tonight. It's been a tough week for sure.

How have you been? What have you been up to?
I've been doing spring cleaning and getting the back porch ready for the warmer weather! DH is scraping, priming, and painting the bottom half of one side of our house. We got dirt and mulch and are hoping to get some little plants soon to start the herb garden and I decided to do a container of lettuce.

Happy Easter! We cooked a half a turkey and have been eating off it this past week. Your deserts must have been delicious!

We booked tickets for San Francisco for early June. DS2 is anxious for us to come out and meet his new girlfriend and see how clean they are keeping their apartment! We bought him a Shark vacuum for Christmas. He said they just leave it out and vacuum everyday and are amazed at the amount of dog hair. She pays part of the rent and cooks and cleans. He said he put together a dining table from Amazon and a hall organizer and that he wants to get more organized. I think she's a good influence!

Other than that-working, watching soccer, reading, walking and weights. Today is upper, tomorrow lower, Monday upper, then Thursday total body. I decided to do that split since I'm walking to work now most days and figure my legs are getting a lot of use.

Oh my gosh, I am exhausted. We had a big upgrade over Easter weekend and have been dealing all the lingering issues. Then I also had to work Friday night until almost 1am. I did not sleep very well last night. I only need to work 1 hour tomorrow to get in my 80 hours. That means I will have most of the day off on Wednesday and all day Thurs and Fri. I'm so looking forward to it. I hope I can sleep in.

I did get in a good workout on Sunday, nothing yesterday, and just a walk tonight with the girls.

I bet you are excited to see DS. It sounds like he is maturing and it is showing. Your house is going to be so nice for summer. Fresh herbs and salad sounds amazing.

Yesterday I did Pyramid Upper Body and abs. I always do the abs first because my arms are fried after the workout. It was nice change of pace. I going to switch to Cathe weight work while awaiting the new workouts. I love the other platform, but I don't think they do a very good job of working all body parts equally. It's more functional fitness. Shoulders and legs are worked a lot. Bi's, tri's and abs not as much. Biceps are my weakest link.

It was nice to have yesterday off and I did sleep in until 7am. Same for today. I plan on bike workout today and some abs. Then this afternoon I have a pedicure appt. Not much else going on.

How was your week?

All is good here. Getting to walk to work all three days has been nice. I've just been picking workouts based on what I feel like doing. Getting in weight work 4 times a week. I kind of like doing an upper body on Saturday, legs Sunday, and a shorter upper body on Mondays (with focus on back and chest). Then a total body on Thursday. But who knows-sometimes I just do total body on Thursday, Saturday, and Monday!

I love PUB. When I'm at a gym that's what I always do. I was thinking about doing it to see if I've gained any strength from CG. I like doing the abs first too-especially the ball roll in and outs.

Not much going on. We are having a yard sale on May 12th and have been pricing and getting organized. I hope it's the last one. I'm doing good at not buying anything. I do want to get a kettlebell though. I'm saving up through the Fetch app. It's going to take me a long time to get to a $50 Amazon card to put towards it.

Work is going very well. I am doing telemedicine visits and was able to use a digital stethescope and transmit to a doctor in Chicago yesterday.

Have a great, RELAXING, weekend! You deserve it!

Yesterday was legs and they are so sore this morning. Today I did GS BSB and stability ball abs. I will probably stick with Gym Styles for a few weeks and them maybe Xtrain.

The weather is nice today so an afternoon walk sounds lovely. I just have some grocery shopping and laundry to do today. It's a nice quiet weekend.

I have used Fetch for years and still haven't used it to purchase anything. I feel like I have a bazillion points. I also use Rakuten and get quarterly checks from them. Now that DH is retired we are on a purchasing freeze. If we don't need it, then we don't buy it. I also cancelled our discovery plus subscription and another online workout subscription I had. It was 29.95 per month, and you get all her workouts, or you could just buy a series for 19.99 (on sale). So I cancelled the subscription and just purchased the 3 series I like using.

The medical technology is so fascinating. You are learning so much. It is an ever changing industry for sure.

It has been another stressful week. I worked 55 hours this week and I'm not sleeping well. 2 weeks ago I had a 64 hr week. A few days off would really do me some good. Sunday I did BSB and Tuesday was a 45 min tough peloton ride. That's all I got in this week. This morning will be a circuit, I need some cardio in my life.

This afternoon I have a hair appt, cut and highlight/lowlight. Hopefully a low key day. The weather is nice this weekend so I hope to walk around the lakes.

What have you been up to? Do you have any fun weekend plans?
Hi! Sorry to be MIA for so long. Speaking of haircuts I went to a long asymmetrical bob. So I kept the length in front and made it shoulder length all the way around. I really like it. I can work out without having to put my hair up and it dries so much faster! I think I want the back a little bit longer though and more shaggy looking (more layered). It's a process for sure! It's taken me forever to grow out the front to where I like how it lays.

I've been walking and doing whatever weights I feel like. Thursday was a short upper body. Yesterday I did a total body. I might do abs and glutes today-they always need lots of work!

We've been cleaning DS2's room out. It's sad that he's so far away. He's the easier son to talk to and not seeing him much is hard. He's building his life. Meanwhile, DS1 lives in his room and only talks when spoken to and then it's just short, sarcastic responses. I feel like I did everything wrong with him-and not for lack of trying to do everything right!

So we've been getting rid of childhood things. I remember my parents saving toys for my kids and not being real thrilled with what they gave us-plastic army guys and Little Fisher people. They seemed really outdated and it was more fun for me to go to yard sales to find newer toys and let the kids pick out their own treasures. And what the heck do I do with all the clothes I saved from when the boys were babies?! I'm leaning towards saving just a few items and moving on. Do kids even read books anymore or do they all have kindles? Maybe I'll just get a science experiment book and do that with any grandkids. Create some lasting memories instead of just giving them a bunch of banged up hot wheels.

Sorry-you can tell what's been on my mind! I am not sleeping well either-unless I take a Lunesta-which I'm trying to only use the nights before I work. I've cut back my alcohol to one drink a day and that has felt better. I don't think I'm processing alcohol as well as I used to. More than 1 and I don't like how I feel.

Have a good rest of the weekend! Liverpool plays at 11:30 our time. I'm just doing my laundry and am making one of my favorite chili recipes today-it's vegetarian chili by Pinch of Yum. The base is ground up walnuts, mushrooms, and carrots. I love it! We usually put it on baked potatoes.


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