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My son just set up the Peloton last night and I didn't have a chance to try it out yet. I think I will get the seat settings right for me and give a try on Friday. He said you can take a free class and that's probably what I will do. As far as your bike goes, what about just getting a bike trainer and doing spin classes on it? You can get a bike trainer for $100 or so at Walmart and use your current bike. You can even do the Cathe spin w/o's. On the other platform I follow, they use an outdoor bike inside on a bike trainer.

Wow, you sure have a lot going on. I'm hope your cat is doing better. It's so hard when they can't figure out the problem.

Happy to hear you are back in contact with your parents and that your dad is doing well after surgery. How stressful that must have been.....and then to read about your BIL. I hope he is okay.

I feel really blessed to be in good health. Still struggling with my weight, but healthy labs at least.

I'm glad you found some new workouts to try. It's nice to mix it up every now and then.

I am actually still in my pajamas t 4:45pm and I've been working since 6:00am. I am beat. I really wanted to go for a walk but it is too hot today.

Well-My dad is home and doing well. He had a reverse total shoulder done. So his chest muscles will be more in use as opposed to the rotator cuff muscles. My BIL was discharged after a week. He's weak, but getting more sleep at home. My cat came home Thursday and requires a squirt in her mouth each night, It's an appetite stimulator. So fun trying to get it in! She is eating better, though, so hopefully she'll survive this disease she has-hepatic lipodosis. It's been a super stressful week and mentally exhausting. I got a migraine on Thursday-first one ever. Here I thought I could handle a lot of stress.

I'm still enjoying Caroline Girvin and the Epic Endgame. That is a good idea about getting a trainer. At least my bike would get some use. We've cut the cable and are just streaming now-it's cheaper and we're not watching nearly as much TV!

Not much else going on. Have a great weekend! Oh yeah-Liverpool won 9 to zip this morning!

I've had a very hectic week as well. No workouts M-W. UGH. I hate when work gets in the way of my workouts. We found out my dear MIL has bladder cancer. She was in the hospital the other day because she was in so much pain and couldn't relieve herself. They sent her home with a catheter that she has to remove herself today. She is having a consultation with her Dr. next Wednesday and has surgery on September 16th. We'll know more after this surgery.

Good for you cutting cable. I'm not sure we will ever get there. DH and the boys watch all sports, movies etc and all these channels come with a hefty monthly bill. I've been reviewing my subscriptions and will probably be cancelling my Cathe subscription. I rarely use it, mostly for yoga. I have everything on DVD and those are already paid for. Not sure about the new series coming out though.

Today is my bday and I took today and tomorrow off work. I have a facial tomorrow, couldn't get one for today. Tomorrow the designer is coming over with flooring so I can get that finalized for the the bar area. They will be starting sometime the end of September/first of October timeframe. They don't start until all materials have arrived. Then we don't have to worry about any delays. Oh, I think my countertop selection is going to blow the budget so I'm looking for a less expensive option.

I'm off to pick my w/o, I think it is chest and I prefer the RWH for Chest. Oh, I've done a couple rides on the Peloton but am not signing up for yet another subscription. I plan on doing some of Cathe's ride workouts and there are some free ones on youtube.

Hope your birthday was wonderful! Each one is a blessing for sure. I'm so sorry to hear about your MIL. Hopefully it was discovered early and she can adjust to the many challenges and changes that come with cancer. BIL is feeling a bit depressed about his situation. He seems resigned to dying. His kidney function is not that good and it's a fine balance with his heart issues. My cat is better, though. We're still giving her the appetite stimulator and watching what she eats closely.

I posted a piece of furniture and it sold in one day! Next is our ancient desk (once we get a replacement). I've been doing more sorting and cleaning. DH wants to have a yard sale-ugh. I'm parting with LOTS of clothes because I have basically given up trying to fit back into them. I just want comfort now.

Workouts are good. I'm doing walks and CG on you tube. You should check you tube for bike rides. I was looking around it yesterday and found some BOSU ball workouts that look good.

Off to hang up some wash! Have a great weekend,

I was off work until yesterday. My original plan was to go to Maine but DH didn't want to. I took the time off anyway. I did help DS2 move apartments. He lived on the third floor, only stairs and I did a lot of them. Since I have a bad knee, I could only carry small/light weight items and made many trips. Fortunately his new apartments have elevators. He is on the third floor and they are very nice, and only about 4 miles from us now. We will probably see him a lot more often since he is so close.

Honestly, my workouts have been hit or miss lately. I'm still getting in 4 or 5 a week, but some weeks have 3 days off in a row. It's easy to get out of the habit when missing several days in a row. Today I did a heavy leg workout and it was awesome. I think tomorrow will have some kind of cardio in it.

Do you have any plans for the weekend?

Hi! I'm glad you had a nice long break from work-you need it! As long as you get 4-5 workouts a week I think that's great. I've started listening to some podcasts (fit over fifty) on apple and after menopause you do need more recovery time. I'm still doing the same-4 weight sessions a week and walking as much as I can. The weather has not cooperated every day this week, so I missed a few walks.

I'm deep cleaning this weekend. The queen died, so there are no soccer matches on out of respect. My cat is eating, but we have to monitor her closely. I'm nervous about going away for so long. DH just wants DS1 to overfeed the cats while we're gone, so that's probably what we'll try. We did decide against a feeding tube for her-too much.

Oh-and American football is back, so DH is happy!

No workouts M-W. Monday I had a blood draw and have a followup appt with the Dr. next week to review them. This is for the testosterone and sermorelin that I'm taking. My skin has improved and I feel much stronger. I weighed on the in body scale and my muscle is slightly increased. I am not losing bodyfat which is my goal. It's very hard to lose bodyfat in/or after menopause. I just want my waist back. :)

Today was a cardio/leg day. Lots of kb swings, squats, lunges, step ups etc. Tomorrow will be an Upper Body and ab workout.

I've been watching a lot of the coverage on the Queen. She was such an interesting person and lived an incredible life.

I booked the hotel for our trip to Mexico next year for my nieces wedding. DH isn't coming, but all the boys and the granddaughters are coming as is my MIL. I will be traveling with my MIL, she tends to travel well with me.

Oh yes, football. Well the Broncos lost their season opener against the Seahawks.

It is our 34yr anniversary on Saturday. We don't have anything planned since I have to work Friday night. I'm trying to get something scheduled for next weekend.

How has your week been going?

Hi! Getting a lot of cleaning done here lately. I revamped the bookshelves and my workout space. I feel like with fall coming I want to get the inside less cluttered.

Today was back, bi's and abs for me. Feeling good and rolling along with weight workouts. I've been listening to podcasts while cleaning. The one right now is called Flipping Fifty. Today I listened to an osteoporosis one-lot of good info.

Well, Happy Anniversary! Nice to take your whole family to Mexico. If DH doesn't want to go-his loss! I'm going to unload some of my Cathe DVDs. Are there any you need for your collection? Let me know.

Have a great week!

I replied a few days ago but never hit enter. Anyway, I've been getting in about 4 to 5 workouts per week and am learning to good with that. Yesterday was legs, German volume training. It was 10 sets of 10 reps of squats, lunges, deadlifts and step ups. I used 95lbs for the squats and deadlifts, 75lbs for the lunges and 15's for the step ups. My legs were so sore by the afternoon. They don't feel too bad this morning.

I took the girls homecoming dress shopping for 5 hours yesterday. Yes, my legs were killing me walking and waiting for them. We went to 3 different stores and I let them each get 2 dresses and then we can return one.

DS2 finally got his drivers license and is looking for a car. I took him to look at one, but he didn't like hard sale tactic of the sales guy and I didn't like the car. It was a little Mitsubishi sports car. He wants another Subaru, but they are so hard to come by and also really expensive right now.

The cabinets have been delivered for the basement. They are sitting in the garage. They have a tentative start date of 10/11. They said it should take about 2 weeks. The longest time is after the cabinets are in, but waiting for the countertops. She can't get the countertops I want so now I don't know what to do. I sent her so many options. I'm going to check on my own today. The one I found through home depot she said there may be a delay on. I'm also going to go look for a sink and faucet.

How was your week?
Hey there! At least you are getting things DONE in your house. I'm sure it will be worth the wait. Prom dresses in September? When is the prom? Mine were always at the end of May. Your workout sounds intense. I'm so jealous of the weights you have available with the squat rack. 75 for lunges is remarkable!

I'm still doing a 3 day split with 1 total body a week and walking. It's starting to get dark here earlier so soon walking to and from work won't be an option. It will probably be back to cardio on Tuesday and Friday's after work. I might join the pool in March when DH renews-might be nice to have a place to go when it's cold and dark all the time.

The STS 2.0 pics look great! Have you been following?

We went to a nearby auction last weekend-first time in forever! Unfortunately, there were no items we were very interested in. It was fun to see some of the old regulars and be out for a while.

Good luck car hunting!

Yes, Prom is in the spring. This is for the fall Homecoming Dance. I think its on the Oct 7th or 8th. The girls are very excited.

I don't like that it is getting dark earlier either. It makes it so I can't walk after dinner. I tweaked my back this morning just getting out of a chair. I'm icing it now. I hope it feels good enough for me to walk later. Right now I'm kinda hunched over, not good for a long walk.

I've been following STS 2.0 also. I plan on ordering the DVD's as soon as the pre-order is up. What about you? I cancelled my Cathe streaming and also my yoga membership. I will just pay for the classes I go to.

I ordered the undermount sink, faucet, garbage disposal, and pendant lights yesterday. Everything should get here some time this weekend. It's getting close now. I'll have to be sure to take before and after pictures.

Yesterday was a back and biceps workout and 20 minutes of cardio. Today will either be legs or CST. I'm thinking legs since those w/o's are longer and I can do CST tomorrow.

Everything I ordered for the basement has arrived! The start is scheduled for either Oct 10th or 11th. I'm really excited to see it all come together.

We are having a rainy weekend but I'm not complaining. We really need the rain. I did go walk around the lakes yesterday afternoon and made it home just before it started raining. It was nice to finally get out. The mosquitos are bad later in the day and especially after rain. I've been avoiding the lake in the evenings and just walk throughout the neighborhood.

What are you up to this weekend?
I've been working out and walking this weekend. Plus, soccer has been on to watch. Other than that, just regular chores and reading.

Talked with DS2 yesterday and I think he's finally getting his own cell phone plan! Cutting the cord a little more. We are all psyched for the trip-leaving next Thursday!

It's damp and chilly here-definitely feels like fall. I'm making a black eyed pea stew for dinner-new recipe.

Have a good week!

Sorry I've been MIA this week. I had jury duty and thankfully did not get picked. I had to go on Tuesday and Thursday. They were putting together a jury for a 1984 murder case of a 12 yr old girl. Her body was found in 2019. The trial started on Friday and is scheduled for 5 weeks. The process was very interesting but I am still glad I wasn't picked.

My workouts have been hit and miss this week. Only 3 workouts, but that is better than nothing. Today is a back and 20 min cardio.

I have scheduled surgery for the bunion on my left foot for Oct. 26th. The recovery includes 7 weeks of non weight bearing. That sounds like the worst part for me. I'm sure I will manage though.

Catch up with me when you can.

Hi! Weekend busy getting ready for our trip on Thursday! I would have loved to get picked for jury duty-but I can understand why you wouldn't want to-what a sad case. Times I've been non weight bearing I used my step a lot for upper body. Plus you can do some abs. It'll be fine. Drink a lot of water and hot tea!

Not much new here. Work is crazy busy still and they have been asking me to come in more and more. They hired someone and she quit before the training was even over. Another nurse just put her 4 weeks notice in too. I still can't believe a doctor's office is so stressful and short handed-I never would have thought that. When I am there it goes great. I really like my new roles. The latest is they are going to teach me to clean the "instruments" (scissors, clippers, scalpels, etc.) Bring it on!

We've decided to board the cat that just went through hepatic lipodosis. We are constantly monitoring her food and water intake and don't need the stress of worrying about her the whole trip. The other cat can stay here and DS1 is taking care of her. They are also both on a diet-we were overfeeding them.

My parents called me last night. So things are getting a little more normal.

Well I got in a good workout on Monday. Nothing Tuesday or Wednesday. My workout room is a complete mess with the basement bar/kitchenette going in. They had to tap into the water supply in my gym and have the tv and other stuff moved into the middle of the room. I think once the cabinets are in then the gym area can be cleaned up.

So far they have completed the electrical, plumbing and flooring. The next thing is the cabinet install. Once that is done the countertop folks will come make the template and fabricate the counters.

My sweet MIL needs to have her bladder removed. It makes me so nervous because my dad ended up with blood clot after surgery and died. She is meeting with the surgeon next week and will get a date for the surgery.

I'm surprised to hear the Dr. office is short handed too. Learning new skills is always good and keep things interesting.

Nice to hear that your parents called you.

I hope you have an awesome time!!!
Hello. I'm so sorry to hear about your MIL. There are so many things people don't think they can manage, but then once it's more familiar and just part of the day, it's ok. Hopefully they can get all the tumors out and she fares well.

I had a great time in England. Seeing DS2 was the best part. Liverpool beat Man City which was the icing on the cake! I forgot my personal item in a bathroom in Heathrow. I put in a ticket to reclaim it, but am far from optimistic. So I lost my umbrella, toiletries, and kindle. I also lost my medications which was a blessing in disguise. I have not started retaking some of my meds and am trying to just go on without them. I did restart my cholesterol med and Zyrtec. I am glad to be off the anxiety/depression meds, but then did not sleep well last night-worried about work.

Two more people are out with COVID issues. It is so short staffed it's ridiculous. I love my supervisor though and pray she does not leave. So I'm working today and Sunday to help out.

I'm trying to get back in the swing of working out. The traveling aspect was terrible-very stressful and long (24 hours awake both ways). DH got a chest cold and I have felt worn out.

What's new? Any plans this weekend? I am watching Liverpool on Saturday, making soup, and getting some workouts in (hopefully).

It sounds like you had an amazing trip. I lost my MIL's coat at Heathrow airport and we never got it back. The trip was definitely worth buying her a new coat. The long flights are brutal and add in the time change it sure is a rough few days.

Is Covid ever going away??? I just had my flu and covid vaccine shots last week. I was tired that night and had a sore arm but that was it.

My workouts are hit and miss since they are working in the basement and need access to my workout room for the electrical and plumbing. It is so dusty. I've been getting 3-4 days each week which is better than nothing.

Today they are finishing up the plumbing and electrical and the countertops should be installed on Monday or Tuesday. I don't even know what the countertops are going to be. I sent her so many samples but she couldn't get them from her supplier. I think its going to be Cambria Smithfield Quartz or Bianco Carrara Quartz. They should be a white with fine grey/blue veining.

My surgery is scheduled for Oct 26th. I'm a bit nervous. She is doing a lapidus bunionectomy where they cut the first metatarsal, remove a sliver of bone, rotate the metatarsal into the place and fuse to a small bone in midfoot. The will eliminate any issues with the toe joint since it is left intact. 6 weeks of crutches and no weight bearing sounds awful but I'm sure I will manage. With the other 5 surgeries on my right foot, I went home with a walking boot.

This weekend I will be visiting my sister and picking up some crutches from her. I'm also going to spend some time with my MIL too. I will also prepare some meals for the first few days after my surgery. It's nice that DH is working from home on Tuesday/Thursday. Oh, and I have a week off also. We had planned on going to our condo in the mountains, now we will just be home and will have some time to recover.

I think the STS 2.0 preorders start on Monday. I'm definitely ordering the DVD's. What about you?

I did workout Friday, Sat and Sunday. No workout to report for today since I had my pre-op appt with the surgeon. I'm hoping to do RWH CST and abs tomorrow and possibly a short cardio on Wed morning. My surgery isn't scheduled until 2:30pm.

I saw my sister for a bit on Sunday and also my MIL. I went shopping for her and left the girls with her while I shopped. She looked pretty good and was in good spirits when we were there.

Did you see the pre-order link? I'm definitely ordering the DVD's and may get the downloads also. What about you?
Hi! I am not going to get any more dvd's and downloading did not work out as well as I'd hoped. I'm sticking with youtube for now. Good luck with your surgery! I will be sending good vibes to CO on Wednesday, for sure!


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