Commit to get Fit & Lean January 2016 - 2024


Today was a walk outside. We started cleaning out the garage. It is quite a job.

Belinda - Nice Day 20 cardio & abs workout. It was hotter than I expected on our walk today.

Cookie - It sounds like you had a wonderful trip. You had lots to do when you came home. Kudos for having the energy:). This weekend saw a big improvement with my tooth pain.


Walk outside and D21 Full Body heavy lifting. The rotation reminds me off STS2 a little.Last month was endurance, this month is heavier weights.

Debbie - how is your tooth feeling?Great job on your walk. We started cleaning out the garage too. Yes, it’s quite a job.

Cookie - glad you had a wonderful trip. Hopefully the time change will not effect you, you have lots planned.

Good night.

Today was a walk outside & ICE To the Mat. I'm trying to do custom t-shirts for my SILs 60th birthday in Nashville. It is hard to figure out everyone's sizes.

Belinda - Great job with D21 Full body heavy lifting. Sounds like a good program. For some reason the way the wind blows, we get lots of leaves and dirt in our garage. We don't even keep the doors open for long.

Cookie - Hopefully your not too tired today.

'Evening! Sorry for not checking in yesterday. Had to do an all-day workshop and then an evening meeting. Got home at 9:30 and crashed. Today was less hectic and got an Essentrics in.

Deb, glad your tooth is less painful. When is it you see the dentist again? The custom t-shirts are very thoughtful. I have a hard enough time figuring out my size sometimes, I can't imagine trying to figure out for others.

Belinda, my garage also needs a clean out! Eldest ds moved apartments and decided to store a lot of stuff here. He's now thinking of becoming a minimalist, but his stuff is over here!!! Great job with your workouts.

Today was day 22 Back + Biceps.

DH and I spend a few hours cleaning out/getting rid of stuff in the garage.

Debbie - great job on your walk and ICE To the Mat. We don’t keep the garage doors open. My neighbor gets some of our leaves, lol. The program reminds of STS…last month was endurance, this month hypertrophy. Did you order the new workouts yet? I still haven’t.

Cookie - that is exactly what happened to me when my kids moved. They just filled up my garage with their crap. Both my kids are minimalist and their stuff is over here. Great job on Essentrics. I have a hart time figuring out my size.

Good night.

Today was a walk outside & upper body at the gym. Too funny about your kids, I too have stuff from the kids in our garage. I don’t remember storing stuff in my Moms garage LOL.

Belinda - Nice D 22 back & biceps workout. I haven’t ordered yet but need to take the time & do so.

Cookie - I’m sure you will be catching up on sleep for a few days. Great getting essentrics in. I go back to the dentist next week, the stitches are loose from the swelling going down..


Today I did D23 Lean strong legs.

I don’t know if I mention it? We believe we have a mouse in the house. I believe it go through the garage into the house. We put mouse traps up, no luck catching the thing. DH put peanut butter on the trap, the mouse eats it and gets away. I put peppermint oil all over the floors, around the base boards. I put it everywhere. We can’t figure out where the mouse is hiding? My house smells heavenly. I picked everything off the floors so we can see if something is moving. The exterminator is coming out on Friday. We are cleaning out the garage, maybe something came in with us.

Debbie - how are your tooth feeling? Great job on your walk and upper body. I read on the RT FB page, we need to bring a yoga mat. I am glad I am coming up there with our RV. DD is storing some of her Xmas decorations in our garage. I found a suitcase full of xmas decoration. DD said was like I was looking for it on Xmas, lol. I got rid of a lot off stuff in the garage. My husband had a hard time getting rid of stuff he hasn’t used in years. I reminded him why we are in the garage, lol.

Cookie - I hope you catching up on some sleep. Traveling takes a lot out of our bodies.

Good night.

Today was a walk outside & zoom yoga. We get big garbage once a month so we are taking some big items out of the garage tomorrow. My tooth is doing much better it is definitely healing.

Belinda - Nice work with D23 Lean long legs. I didn't see that about the yoga mat, thanks:) A big fear is seeing a dead or alive mouse in the garage. We have seen evidence of them through the years. We use the old fashion wooden mouse traps with peanut butter and caught some. We haven't caught any in a few years. The other day a chipmunk was in our garage.

Cookie - Hopefully you are catching up at home.

'Afternoon! Came home last night at 5:15 and went to bed for just a "bit" because I had book club at 7. Didn't wake up til after 9 and went back to sleep again. I really needed it because still felt tired this morning. Got in Strong & Sweaty PHA UB premix.

Deb, we only have a one-car garage, but it really is a 2-son storage unit! Well, dh and I do have some things in there, it is primarily the boys! Glad your tooth is healing and the swelling is going down. How did you catch the chipmunk?

Belinda, we use Reese's pieces. For some reason, the mice around here seem to like chocolate! We have a Hav-a-Heart trap. After we find one, dh drives it to a cemetery a few blocks away! I hate them. They can get in a really small tight space. Ugh!

I did a belly dance today.

We trapped a mouse in my husbands workshop in the basement. I hope that was the only mouse. We put traps around the entire living room, basement and garage. We do live in the country.

Debbie - nice work on the walk and zoom yesterday. You are welcome bringing a mat to the RT. DH said he wasn’t prepared to see a mouse this early in the trap this morning. We haven’t seen anymore evidence in the living room. I hope the one in the basement was it. We also used the old fashioned mouse trap, the exterminator showed up yesterday left a few mouse traps. DH had to sent him away, I was doing my workout. He mention to my Dh he needs to go in the attic too. Crazy you guys caught a chipmunk.

Cookie - you must be tired. Thanks for the tip on the Reese’s pieces. I try anything to get rid of the mouse. I was told if you have one there could be more. Yikes! My Dh always leaves the mood room door to the garage open. I think that is how the mouse got into the house. We don’t see any holes in the walls. Like you said they come in very tight spaces. Great job on your workout.

Good night.

Today was a walk outside & ICE chisled upper body. Of course when we were moving some of the big items to the curb it downpoured. We needed to call older DS to help because I couldn't help with an old heavy train board.

Belinda - You haven't done a belly dance in awhile must have been fun. We didn't catch the chipmunk just shooed him out the garage door. Hopefully you caught the only mouse. When we were cleaning out DH's parents home before we sold it DH caught 7 mice, eek:eek: Maybe since no one was living there they made it their home.

Cookie - It sounds like you really needed the sleep. Great idea about the Reece's pieces. We tried the Hav-a-Heart trap for the mice but it didn't work. Our next door neighbor uses it for the chipmunks and brings them to a local park. I always joke he is in the relocation program. He is a retired Real Estate Attorney.


We had the exterminator come this morning. Everything outside looks good. He said there was no need to come inside the house. He believes we caught it early. He thinks Dh left the doors open in his workshop or the mouse come from the garage through the mudroom. Dh always leave the doors wide open. He gave us more mouse traps. We will keep the mouse traps up for a few weeks to make sure we don’t have more in the basement or in the living area. I put up all my food and the area where we saw evidence of a mouse.

I did EMPOWERING Glutes and Abs At-Home Strength Builder Workout | STF - Day 24 today.
Exercises: 42 min
1. Band Activation
2. Hip Thrusts
3. DB Hamstring curls on the floor - I used my bench with the leg curl
4. Left side standing Hip Abduction
5. Right side standing Hip Abduction
6. KB Swings
7. RDL Lengthened Partials
8. DB Left side Sit up and twist - I did those on the SB ball, felt better for my back
9. DB Right side sit up and twist - used my SB ball
10. Leg raise - those are tough.
11. 1 Minute Weighted Ab Max Out

Debbie - great job on ICE upper body. Oh, on the chipmunk. That‘s a lot of mice. The probably just moved right in, lol. I try to avoid to lift heavy items in the garage. I am sure your son wouldn’t mind helping. We are still working and getting rid of stuff in the garage. I found comic books from my son, he has a ton. He told me just to toss it. Well, I found a comic hard cover book in mint conditions. When I looked it up on eBay, it was priced almost $80. My son and DH just wanted to throw them out. I will tell him how much it sells for it used on eBay, lol. I will get his collection appraise when I find some time. DS has boxes and boxes full off comic books in plastic. Once I showed Dh what the book is going for on eBay, he doesn’t want to throw it out anymore.

Cookie - I hope you get some rest with all that traveling overseas. I usually takes me 3 weeks to be back on my regular schedule.

Have a great Friday.
'Evening! Got in a JS Cardio Ball wo. Loved it and worked my abs good - they sure need it. DD and her fiancé are coming in for the weekend so got some baking done.

Deb, glad your ds was available to help! Moving things is hard enough, without them being heavy or in the rain! That's a workout in and of itself.

Belinda, just today I wrote Welcome on a Post it and put it on the garage door b/c my dh always leaves the door open. It drives me crazy. Our garage is not attached to the house, so that does help. On Antiques Roadshow, some comic books are appraised for a lot of money, usually it depends a lot on their condition.

Chest/Triceps and shoulders is done.

We have no evidence of a mouse anymore. We still keeping all the traps up. I cleaned/disinfect t the entire living area (living room, kitchen, mudroom, dinning room and antik room) oh and the office and bathroom. I love having a huge house, not so much cleaning it weekly. The only thing I need to do is Sadies doggie play area, which I have to was everything in the washer. I don’t want her to get sick.

Debbie - how are you doing?

Cookie - my husband is driving me crazy too with leaving the doors open. I hope he learned his lesson, lol. My son and DH wanted to get rid of those comic books. I remember when we bought DS all those comic books…we spend a lot of $$$. DS never took his comic books out of the plastic sleeves they came in. He also has some signed once too. We still working on the garage, the comic books can wait. I stored them for years, they can wait a few more month. Great job on JS cardio Ball wo.

I am meeting up with friends. I have to get ready.

Yesterday was a walk outside. We went to a wedding yesterday for our neighbor's daughter. She looked beautiful, I remember when her Mom was pregnant with her. Time flies.

Today was a walk and all day our internet & TV was out. There was a problem so many people without service. It was so quiet in the house. Did get reading in and lots done around the house. DH on the other hand likes the sound of the TV and enjoy watching news & sports so he was a bit lost.

Belinda - Your glute empowerment workout looked good! Wow, that was an amazing find in the garage (the comic books). It sounds like the mouse is gone and didn't bring any friends along;)

Cookie - Great work with JS cardio ball/ab workout. Baking sounds good, I'm sure DD will love it.

Sorry so short but will be back tomorrow.


I didn’t sleep well last night. I am dragging today. I did get in a dance.

Debbie - great job on your walk. Isn’t getting too hot to walk for you outside? Sorry about the internet. at least you got a lot done. ILOL, your husband sounds like mine. Yeah, I hope we don’t have another mouse with his friends.

Cookie - I hope you feeling much better today.

I will be back tomorrow.

Today was a walk outside. I made my monthly sauce.

I decided to do a little bit of cleaning in the garage tonight, well guess what I saw? Ugh, a mouse! It was just when I was stepping in and screamed and ran into the house, DH didn’t know what was going on. He put more mouse traps down. Going to get Reece's Pieces tomorrow. If we don’t catch calling the exterminator. Also thinking about hiring someone to clean out the garage.

In the winter months the mice have eaten wires on one of our cars & made a nest in one of our car filters. It cost us a lot of money, besides scarring me LOL.

Belinda - I guess if we didn’t talk about your mouse I wouldn’t have been looking :). We thought they only looked for shelter in the winter. Great getting in a dance. Hope you sleep better tonight. It hasn’t been too hot here but by Friday that will change.

Cookie - Enjoy your visit with DD. We tried peanuts & pb tonight will let you know about the Reece’s.

'Afternoon! Enjoyed visit w/DD this weekend. DH got a pizza oven, but guess who's in charge of making the dough! Did it by hand a couple of times and that was a workout! We had a lot of rain yesterday, and one of our dogs was enjoying digging a very big hole in the afternoon. Had another workout trying to put the cleaning him and all the mess up. Just trying to get the stuffing back into the cleaned dog beds and zipper them up was a challenge. Even DH was saying to just buy new ones. Today did Cathe's Strong & Fit: All UB. Another great workout.

Deb, time sure does fly! Have most of your neighbors stayed over time or has there been a lot of turn over? Mice have done a lot of damage to our vehicles also. Hate them! Never thought of hiring someone to clean out a garage! Genius!

Belinda, glad you've got the mice situation under control. They are just nasty little things. That glute wo looks tough.

Day 26 Full Body Supersets is done.

Debbie - great job on your monthly sauce and walk. I had no idea mice can cause so much damage. We are armed with mouse traps. I hope you find the mouse. We thought they would only look for shelter in the. Winter too. Guss we are wrong. My husband been putting peppermint oil around/in the RV. He just checked the RV to make sure we don’t have any moving in. I would be screaming too. Sorry they done a lot of damage to your vehicles.

Cookie - great job on the Cathe workout .Sound like you had a busy weekend. Glad you enjoyed your vist with your DD. I agree, mice are just nasty little things.

Good night.

Today was a walk outside & legs at the gym. DH set everything up in the garage so we will wait and see. Older DS came by and I told him about the mouse and removing old clothes I found of his in the garage. He said a few years back he thinks the mice were using his old clothes for nests :rolleyes: Ok now is a nice time to tell me. He is coming back on Wednesday to remove it.

Belinda - Great job with D26 Full Body workout. Hopefully the new RV is sealed enough the mice wouldn't be able to get in. I also bought the peppermint spray and will use that too.

Cookie - Nice work with Cathe's Strong & Sweaty UB. A pizza oven sounds really yummy:) I think about 1/2 of the neighbors have left, more recently because the kids have grown up. I think I found the garage cleaner, older DS:)


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