Commit to get Fit & Lean January 2016 - 2023


I had an appointment with my rheumatologist today. My blood counts are in the dangerous low level, the He is taking me off the Actemra injections. I am going to be on infusions. I am waiting for the infusing center to schedule an appointment. The infusion will take 4 + hours every 4 weeks. I could get a nurse come to the house to give me the infusions. I feel safer doing it in a hospital setting in case something goes wrong, you never know? I hate this disease, it‘s kicking my butt for the last few month. Meds are not working. There are no medicine approved for RP. Whatever sticks! I need a break. I also found out that my knees are related to RP not old age. That explains why I have lost knee cartilage. I just hope this all will not interfere with Cathe‘s RT:(

I was going to do a weight workout today. We came home later this afternoon. I did another dance workout.

Debbie - good thing you stayed indoors. Thank you. I hear you on holding on to things. Trust me once it out of the house you will not miss it. Don‘t use it or will never use it, get rid of it. I haven‘t stopped for the same reason you mention to Cookie.

Cookie - my aunt is in Samia (?) not far from where we pick up the RV. We are super excited about the RV. Thanks about the birthday. Great job on you walks.

Good night.
'Evening! Got in a few short walks today, but they added up to over 6 miles! Very excited about the newest Cathe workouts to come.

Deb, not wanting to leave my stuff to be a burden to my kids is a major reason for me to think about what I want and to keep. My youngest son will be the executor of our estate, and he's the type who will just hire a dumpster! I'm envious of your Florida trips.

Belinda, it must be very hard. Are you still participating in the support group with RP patients?

Today was a walk outside but on the street. Too cold & windy. We went to visit DHs Aunt & Uncle, she had a cancerous lymph node removed. She has been battling cancer for 10 years. She was happy we came by it cheered her up.

Belinda - Sorry you are going through this with RP. Hopefully you get a break from it. As far as the RT goes, the social part of it is so much fun so you will have a good time.

Cookie - Lots of walking miles:). I didn’t get a chance to read about the new workouts. I’ll have to check it out.


After my workout I started decluttering my basement, lol. I did “Build A Burn” from last weeks live.

I developed Pancytopenia, describes having low levels of all three blood cell types: red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.

Debbie - thank you. My team of doctors all want are very positive. Which helps! I just don‘t know what day they schedule the infusions? I hope all will line up. I am still looking forward and planning on coming to the RT. I am sorry about your Dhs Aunt. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayer.

Cookie - I try to stay positive. I can‘t change anything anyway. Yes, I still belong to the RP support group. Sometimes its hard to read what others go through with this disease. I am excited for Cathe new workout.

'Evening! Did some Essentrics and walking today. The sun was so bright, it bothered my vision! It is so deceptive - it looks lovely and sunny, and then you step outside and brrrr!

Deb, that's wonderful you got to see your aunt and uncle. That must have meant a lot to both of them. she must be a very strong person!

Belinda, glad you have such great doctors and a support network. It must be hard.

Today was walk 1/2 on the beach the other on the street. It was cold and windy. Walking in my winter clothes helps a lot. DH wasn’t feeling well maybe a stomach bug. We leave tomorrow a late flight.

Belinda - Sounds like a good Live workout. It is reassuring that your Dr.’s are positive:). I still have lots of decluttering to do but will do something each time I come. Kudos on having the energy to declutter after your workout.

Cookie - Nice work with essentrics and walk. I hoping warmer temperatures and little snow the rest of February. How is it going with ds & dil & baby? My niece is up a lot at night.



I did a dance workout today.

Debbie - thank you. I try to stay positive. that‘s a good idea decluttering each time you are in Fl. LOL, my gym is in the basement. I want this stuff out of the house.. Great job on that walk. It‘s too cold to walk with Sadie.

Cookie - fantastic job with essentrics and walk. I have to wear sun glasses all your around when I am outside. I am sure it‘s worse after having surgery.

I can‘t decide if I want to buy Cathe‘s new bundle or sign up for On Demand? decision, decisions……
'Evening! Essentrics and a walk again today. Hoping dr will approve for weight bearing tomorrow.

Deb, hope your dh feels better soon. Temps are supposed to be in the 50s on Friday! This is one strange winter for weather.

Belinda, I also have to wear sunglasses but yesterday was exceptionally bad. Think I'm going to order the downloads. I'm seldom using dvds anymore.

Today was a walk on the beach, we thought it was cold 58 degrees and very windy but sure enough people sitting on the beach. It was an easy flight, watched Barbie movie it was cute. I didn't think I would like it but when I saw it won awards gave it a try.

Belinda - Nice dance workout! Are you decluttering your gym or just other things in the basement? Were you able to get an appointment for your infusions.

Cookie - Do you think the new workouts will be similar to Essentrics? Crazy weather all over the US, I think the snow waited for us for next week:rolleyes: Good luck with your eye Dr. appointment.


Today I did Cl# 450 TB Triple Play. Great workout.

Debbie - I donated a weight bench and some exercise stuff I have too much. I am decluttering the basement first and than my gym. I would like to downsize my dvd collection at one point. The non Cathe once’s. I watched 15 min into the Barbie movie when we flew back from TX, I switched to something else. Maybe I should have watched it a little longer. Glad you enjoyed it. Are you plan on getting the new workouts?

Cookie - good luck with your eye appointment. I can‘t leave the house without my sunglasses. I haven‘t decited if I want the downloads or dvd‘s.

Good night.
'Evening! Eye dr cleared me for driving, light weights and more movement, but now there's another issue with that eye! Am going to wait a few months before can do further surgery. Also have surgery scheduled to remove a cataract in my other eye. Feel like I'm getting old!

Deb, glad you got to enjoy the beach another day. I also didn't think I'd like that movie, but I did. Is your husband feeling better? Some

Belinda, my eyes are also very light sensitive. Hope they're able to provide you with a schedule for the infusions soon.
Cookie - oh no! I hope you don’t need another surgery. You poor thing. My eyes are slo very light sensitive. I hope to hear something soon from the infusion center.

Today was a walk outside, it was actually nice temps. I told DH I could wear less clothes here than FL. I also did Pyramid Upper body.

Belinda - Sounds like a fun workout. I'm not sure if I should get DVDs or downloads. The workouts sound good. The movie did get better as it went on, not a movie I would repeat though.

Cookie - So sorry you may need another surgery. It's good you have been cleared. They watch me for cataracts but I'm a bad patient don't like anything near my eye:( My Mom needed to get a lazer this week on an eye that she had cataract surgery on many years ago.


Walked outside today. Weather was beautiful today.

Debbie - good to know the movie got better. I have to get it another chance. The price isn’t that much different it you get both, IMO! That is why I consider getting both. Maybe I will wait for when she posts the premixes.

Cookie - hope you feel a little better today.

Good night

Today was a walk outside, I even took my jacket off. Cathe Pyramid lower body We are going to dinner tonight.

Belinda - It was a nice day for a walk, wish it would stay this way. I saw that the price isn't much different. I'm sure we may get a preview at the RT but that will be too late.

Cookie - Any weekend plans?

'Evening! Had to present at a conference but managed to get in a walk. Weather was in the 50s. Suppposed to be so again tomorrow. Our town's winter carnival is planned for tomorrow!

Deb, crazy weather! Amazing you would need more for FL than NJ. I'm also a bad patient and don't like even the puff of air for the regular visiion exam. Hope you had a wonderful dinner.

Belinda, good point about the price difference between the two. I'll have to look and think about it. I hardly ever use dvds though. Do you use dvds much?

I went for a walk outside before it started to rain. I also did a dance workout. I hope I get a walk in tomorrow.

Debbie - glad the weather is getting nicer for you. It‘s been very nice here except today it‘s raining off and on. I hope we get preview at the RT. I will reorder this….I am getting older and having workouts for when you injured or getting older isn‘t a bad thing. This sound like to a Jessica Smith workouts.

Cookie - I am like you with the eyes. I am also a bad patient. I warn them each time, lol. Have fun at the winter carnival today. I will wait to preorder 1. to see if something comes up on the daily deals. 2. I usually preorder before the prices goes up. There isn‘t really much difference in the price. I always get the bundle. Yes, I still use DVD’s. I am trying to downsize also. It‘s probably a good thing I am not jumping on the presale right now. If you do the math…..the OnDemand is $204(with the 15% coupon code) a year with Live. Live is $102 (with the 15% coupon code) Do I really need OnDemand if I already own every one of her workouts? I could buy her new presale at for $110 and get Cathe Live for $102 a year (or $51 for 6 month or even monthly). I did like the convenience of OnDemand!! When we have the RV, I am apple to use DVD‘s in case the internet isn‘t good. They do sound like something people hoping Jessica Smith would do but haven‘t done it.

Good night.
'Afternoon! It was too sunny (!!!) for me to go to the winter carnival. Had to present at a conference yesterday and the lights gave me a headache, which is still lingering. Did walk to pharmacy, and boy, was it sunny. Not that I mean to complain, just surprised. Also got in a long Essentrics wo.

Deb, it's great weather but shocking for February. We actually were in the low 60s. Your mom's laser surgery sounds like what is planned for my right eye in a few months. Is this a sauce weekend?

Belinda, yes, the new series does sound like Jessica Smith's newer workouts. I just loaned my tio our small portable dvd player, so I don't know if I'll ever use the dvds anymore. I do like the ease of streaming and lack of needing to store and organize, but not the price.
Cookie - I agree with everything you said. You have to store and organize it. I don‘t like the price that is attracted to streaming. You do end up paying more. I know a lot of people went from DVD’s to streaming And love it. I would gladly taking the sun today. It was cloudy all day long.

Today was a walk outside, it was nice out. I also started getting our Superbowl food in for tomorrow.

Belinda - It nice you were able to walk before the rain & get a dance workout in. Your good at doing the math and figuring it out:)

Cookie - It must be frustrating that the sun is bothering your eyes. I'm guessing sunglasses don't even work. Since it's Superbowl we will have sandwiches, wings, chips, dips and white castle burgers LOL. Quite a mix.


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