Commit to get Fit & Lean January 2016 - 2023

'Morning! Wanted to check in whle I had time and before I forgot to do so! Just finished Push/Pull. I love that BodyBlast series. Meeting a friend in a bit and not sure what we'll do and then hockey again tonight.

Deb, a year?!! Glad you're enjoying your beach walks. This may be the first weekend after like 8 r 9 that hasn't had rain. A similar accident happened in a college game we saw about 10 years ago. That player lived, but it was very touch and go for quite a while and a very long recovery. I honestly do not understand why they don't wear neck guards.

Belinda, enjoy your hike and dinner. I'm sure you're going to look gorgeous while doing so. I almost did GS UB but then saw Push Pull, so GS will be later this week.

Today was a walk on the beach. We sat on the beach but needed sweatshirt & shorts it was cool but nice in the sun.

Belinda - it sounds like a fun day getting your hair done, hike & picnic with your family:). I love going through stuff but it does take a long time. Is looks l8ke the weather is still nice in the Northeast.

Cookie - The body blast series is a good one! Have fun with your friend & at the hockey game! On the news they were discussing neck guards & how some players don’t l8ke to wear. I don’t understand that:(.

Good morning,

We had a lot of fun yesterday. It was also Sadie’s 5th birthday :) I can’t believe she is already 5 years old. We did had beautiful weather. I been going to the same hair salon for years, I like how the girl cut my hair for years. I decided to try a new one yesterday. DD goes to her. I am trying to grow my hair out a little like shoulder length. She hardly cut my hair…charged me $70. My old salon charged me $55 now $90. No coloring just washing, cut and blow drying :(

Today I did IMAX 4 (it was on the schedule for Saturday) and I did Stretch Max #1. Today I finished Cathy’s September 2023 rotation. I will start her November 2023 tomorrow.

Debbie - great job on your walk on the beach. Enjoy all the sun you can get. I can’t wait until Dh and I get the RV. I will be FL for the winter :)

Cookie - Body Blast is one of my Cathe favorite series. Everything about it is fun. I hope you had fun with your friends and at the hockey game.

I am getting ready to take Sadie for a walk. BBL
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'Evening! My friend and i got in a 4 mile walk. She's just one of those people it is always nice to spend time with. Today was a longer walk w/dh and Essentrics, housework, baking and cooking.

Deb, glad you're enjoying the beach. Do you sit or do something like read? My dh can just sit, but I like to also read sometimes. I meant to check how many players in last night's game were wearing a neck guard, but I forgot.

Belinda, happy birthday to Sadie! From which stylist did you like the results better? A long time ago, I switched from the person I've gone to for about 25 years to save some money. My dh who is very frugal told me sometimes it's not about the money. Almost had a heart attack with that coming from him.
Good morning,

I started Cathy’s November 2023 rotation today, I did P30 UB. I will take a walk later this afternoon once the sun is out.

Debbie - I hope you had a great weekend.

Cookie - thank you! It’s kinda hard to say with stylist did I like better? I only used the new girl on Saturday once? Considering she didn’t had to cut a lot off, it’s very hard to tell. I am trying grow my hair out a little. I do like my old stylist, I always had a great hair cut. The last few times I felt like she cut the same style over and over. I did went to my old hair stylist for the last 13 years. LOL, about your husband. He is right.

'Evening! Did a Jessica Smith wo from her new series, and I'm feeling it already. Wanted to get a walk in but work got in the way again!

Deb, hope you're enjoying warm breezes and ocean waves.

Belinda, Once when my stylist was away, I went to my niece-in-law. She did a good color of my roots but boy, I'm never letting her near me again with a pair of scissors!

P30 LIH is done. I am going for a walk soon. It’s beautiful outside today. Tomorrow I have a dental plus cleaning appointment. I will check in the evening.

Debbie - I hope you doing okay and having lots of fun.

Cookie - LOL, about your niece-in-law. Sorry she was scissor happy. Great job on your JS workout. Do you like her new series? I haven’t signed up yet. Too many other things getting in my way.

Have a wonderful day.
'Evening! Did JS Cardio Fusion and Essentrics today. It got pretty windy here this afternoon, plus it was an early dinner w/Tio, so no walk today. Did get a new pair of sneakers. Boy, are bright colors popular!

Deb, we're living vicariously through you, and hope you're having a great time.

Belinda, I do like her new series. Thought I'd try it out for a bit. We're leaving for Northern Ireland and the Republic on Friday, so probably won't do much more than a lot of walking for a week. I'm at the stage, I enjoy getting good reviews at the dentist and dr. Good luck!
Hi Belinda & Cookie,

The last couple of days have been tough. On Monday late afternoon I received a call from the hospital in NJ that my older son (not the one that was just married) was in emergency and had a seizure. I was getting calls from nurses & Dr.'s asking me questions and permission to see if they could do tests to see if he had a heart attack. We were walking and about a mile from the condo when this happened. I was a mess running down the beach, stopping to try and book a flight home (which was impossible to do). We finally made it back to the condo, TG there were seats on the last flight going to NJ. We grabbed a couple of things and drove to the airport to catch the flight. We arrived at the hospital at 1AM, they have DS sedated but he is stable. He is in CCU but they assured me he is doing well. They are treating him for high blood pressure & possible pneumonia. It is scary but the nurses & Dr.'s are so nice and reassuring. I am going to get a good night sleep and will let you know how it is going.

Enjoyed reading your posts, a nice diversion:)

Got in JS wo and a walk. Going to a concert tonight, so wanted to check in during a break.

Deb, thinking of you and yours.

Belinda, hope all is well with you.

I did P30 Lower Body this morning. I did it before I had my dental appoIntment. It was my first time using the dentist. My orthodontist recommended it. I really like it. I had a private room.

Debbie - how scary! Sending you and your son lots of hugs and positive thoughts! I am so happy you got back to NJ. Thinking about you. I hope they can figure out what caused it.

Cookie - enjoy your concert tonight. Nice walk today.

Good night.

Thank you for your well wishes for my son:) They are running all kinds of tests so hoping will know more tomorrow.

I took a walk at a park on a hill near my neighborhood at sunset. Not sure how long I walked was so amazed with the NJ sunset.

Belinda - Nice P30 Lower body workout! Happy you liked your new dentist.

Cookie - Nice JS workout! It was cold here today so hopefully your walk wasn't too cold. Enjoy your concert.


Walk outside and P30 Mobility is done.

Debbie - I hope you can find out what is causing it today. Prayers for your son! Glad you got in a walk. It always helps me with my stress level. Keep us posted.

Cookie - hope you had a wonderful day and workout today.

Good night.

I took a walk today. My son is doing better still lots of congestion and his blood pressure is high. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I feel bad I am very nervous in the hospital but try not to show it.

Belinda - Nice P30 mobility workout & walk. Thank you! Happy belated birthday to Sadie:) She must be so happy to find you and your family.

Cookie - Enjoy your trip to Ireland! I imagine so much greenery and beer/bars;) Thank you!


Today was P30 high intensity Hit on the schedule, I did a belly dance workout instead. I also did a SBF barre workout.

Debbie - praying for your son. Glad he is doing better, hopefully his blood pressure comes down. Understandable you are nervous in the hospital. Please take good care of yourself.

Cookie - enjoy your trip to Ireland. Sounds like a lot of fun.

It’s my husbands birthday. I will not be around much today. Have a wonderful day.
'Afternoon! Just running around prepping was my exercise. At airport waiting for flights.

Deb, glad to hear he's doing better. Praying for him and strength for you. It can't be easy.

Belinda, happy birthday to your dh! You and Deb are always so good for your workouts.

Today I walked outside. My son was moved to the step down unit which is good. He looks much better and the Dr. was happy with his progress.

Belinda - It’s great you are enjoying belly dancing, good replacement to Hiit:). Happy Birthday to your DH. Have fun. It’s my BILs birthday today too.

Cookie - Safe travels & have a blast.


Today was a walk outside. My son is getting better, signs of pneumonia almost gone. Since he had a breathing tube taken out he has to pass a swallow test but may take a couple of days.

Thank you for the thoughts & prayers.

Belinda - Do you love your new floors?

Cookie - Have a great time?


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