Commit to get Fit & Lean January 2016 - 2024


Today I did Low Impact Series - AthleticTraining.

Debbie - I am so glad to hear your son doing doing better. I am so sorry he is going through so much. Continue to pray for him. Good job on that walk. I do love the new floors. So easy to keep clean.

Cookie - enjoy your vacation.

Have a great Sunday everyone.

Today was a walk outside. I hope to start workouts tomorrow. I have been so tired.

Belinda -Nice work with LIS Athletic Training, I liked that one! I hope to get rid of all my carpets someday.

Waves hi to Cookie

Lots of steps again today. Walked around Dublin, toured Dublin Castle, Trinity College, and Book of Kells. Had a lovely dinner in a Spanish restaurant.

Deb, so glad to hear your son is doing better. I've been thinking of you, him, and your family.

Belinda, glad the floors are done. Not having carpets in our house has definitely helped with my sinuses.

I did 4DS Bootcamp before my appointments.

Debbie - great job on your walk outside. Sorry about your stress. How is your son doing?

Cookie - I am glad the carpets are gone. It’s so easy to keep the floors clean. Glad it’s helping your sinuses. Your walk around Dublin sounds amazing. Enjoy!

Have a great evening.

Today was a walk outside. I did Cathe's legs & glutes workout. I think my son will be coming home tomorrow.

Thanks to the both of you for all of your support:)

Belinda - Nice bootcamp workout! I hope your appointments go well.

Cookie - It looks like you are having an awesome time in Ireland:)


4DaySplit - Higher Intensity Step plus Back & Chest is done. Both my kids are here for a few day’s.

Debbie - glad your son is coming home today. Wishing he a speedy recovery. How old is your son? I had a 2nd CT scan for the enlarged atery plus I saw my Orthodontist. I am not 100% happy with one of my front tooth. I am back for a few month with Invisalign to correct that one tooth. I will get new retainers in 3 weeks. My night retainer is missing one of my molars, lol. Glad I noticed.

Great job everyone.

Today was a walk outside. My son didn't get out till this evening. They were testing him for C-dif which thankfully was negative. He was at a smaller hospital near us, and I have to say they were very thorough. The main hospital near us is so big and they are always adding wings.

Belinda - Nice 4 D split step, chest & back workout! Great that your kids are visiting. My son turned 34 this summer. He does not eat right or live a healthy lifestyle, but maybe now he will. It's good that they are correcting your tooth. Does your night retainer bother you to sleep?

Cookie - You'll have to let us know how the temps are in Ireland. It is really cold here but we are going to get a couple of warmer days starting tomorrow.


Today was STS 2 Active Recovery on the schedule. I went for a long walk outside instead. Needed that today.

Debbie - nice job on your walk yesterday. Glad your son’s test came back negative And the hospital was very through taking good care of your son. Your son is my son’s age. I hope he starting to eat right. No, the night retainer doesn’t bother my sleep.

Good night.

Today was a walk outside, the temperature wasn’t too bad. I also did zoom yoga.

Belinda - Nice day for a walk:). My next door neighbors DD lives outside of DC. They were visiting this weekend and arrived home this afternoon. They were so surprised they didn’t hit any traffic.

Waves hi to Cookie

Good morning,

I did 4Day Splits Kickboxing & Legs/abs.

Debbie - sometimes you hit heavy traffic e in DC and sometimes not. If it’s traffic hour, you are stuck in heavy DC traffic. We try to avoid it if we can. Great job on your walk outside and zoom yoga.

Waving Hi to Cookie!

I have a dental appointment this afternoon. Need to get ready.

Have a great day and workout, everyone,
Been getting in lots of steps each day. Today we went up north along the eastern coast to the Giant's Causeway, and, boy, was it scenic, beautiful, and just lovely.

Deb, glad to hear your son was well enough to be discharged. Hope he's doing well and you are also. C-Dif is really dangerous. Glad he doesn't have that. Hoping the walking and yoga helping with the stress.

Belinda, hope the dentist appt goes well. Love Cathe's kb workouts!

Today was a walk outside. Spring like weather:cool: We saw over 30 turkey volture’s in 2 trees and a roof. A neighbor counted LOL. She brought her small dog in the house. It was scary looked like a scary movie!

Belinda - 4 Day split kickboxing & Legs is a good one. Hope all went well with the dentist. Will your kids stay till Thanksgiving?

Cookie - Sounds like you are having a great time. I’m sure lots of walking & beautiful sites.


4DS low intensity step plus Shoulders/Calves and abs is done. I also walked the dogs. I am watching DD’s dog Cooper. DH, DD and I (and Sadie) will fly for xmas to TX with our son. Fight is booked.

I mention it? I am back with Invisalign for a few month. One tooth is not moving. I will pick up my new retainer in 3 weeks.

Debbie - how is your son doing? Is he finally home? That would scare me too to see over 30 Turkey vultures. It was very nice walking outside yesterday. Great job!

Cookie - glad you having a lot of fun. I never had a weight problem in Europe with all that walking, lol. My appoitment yesterday went well.

Good night.

Today was a walk outside & upper body workout at the gym. I went to Costco this morning at it was packed. I thought today would be before the Thanksgiving rush :confused:

Belinda - Nice LIS step & shoulder/calf & ab workout. I'm sure the dogs are enjoying the nice weather too. It gets cold here tomorrow. My DS is home now and feeling much better. You will have fun in TX for Christmas!

Waves hi to Cookie

'Evening! Finally back home. Had a couple of birds fly into our plane right after take off on the leg home from Chicago. Yeah, why Chicago, which is way west of us?!! Anyway, we had to fly around at low altitude in circles for an hour before returning to airport. Lots of fire trucks were on called out and escorted followed the plane as we rode aroundthe airport. It was scary to see that many trucks w/lights. Took 1.5 hours before determining they wouldn't be able to fly us home last night. Got one today. Between the disorganization of O'Hare and that, I hope never to have to use O'Hare again. Laundry, visited my uncle, my eldest son, and wrapped gifts for my dil's shower tomorrow.

Deb, I'm going somewhat your way tomorrow, more over near Sparta. Glad your ds is home and doing well. The weather was damp, and we had only two small, short periods of rain in the week. I did wear my down coat, but then I'm almost always cold.

Belinda, did you dentist put you back on Invisalign? That must be very frustrating for you. Your whole family will be together for Christmas! And it will be warm in El Paso! Icing on the cake.

Today was a walk outside. It was sunny so wasn't too cold. I bought my turkey today, hard to believe it's almost Thanksgiving.

Belinda - I guess 1 more month on invisalign won't be too bad.

Cookie - Wow, that is scary! You would think since O'Hare is so large it wouldn't be disorganized. The one time I flew out of O'Hare, I bought a small bag of Garrett popcorn (very good);) You will be driving 30 min further North of me. They have built up the area in recent years. Is your DIL from the area? I would say stop by but I am going to meet DS & DILs new puppy tomorrow at 3pm.


Sorry for not checking in yesterday. I found out that my uncle in Canada passed away :( I wasn’t in the mood to do a lot yesterday.

Today I did Cross Fire modified (mostly on the rebounder low impact) and a walk outside. It’s cooler today.

Debbie - glad your son is home and doing better. I went to Costco during the week it was packed. They always get crowed during the holiday’s. Crazy!! I probably have a few month with Invisalign. That’s okey with me as long as my that tooth will move into it’s place.

Cookie - no, my Ortho put me back after I saw her a few day’s ago. I made in appointment with her to get her opinion. When I saw the Ortho on Oct 26th, I saw another Ortho in the the office. They have like 6 Orthodondist? They all very good. My Ortho had a baby, I saw one of the others Ortho many times(she is the one that said i was done with Invisalign) until she came back from maternity leave. I didn’t agree with the one Ortho opinion on my tooth. Although, I signed the paper that day I was done with Invisalign, lol. I am glad my Ortho agreed with me on that one tooth. I also didn’t agree, with the tech on my upper Lingual braces. When I talked to my Ortho month ago she mention upper and lower Lingual braces to keep my teeth from shifting. On the 26th the tech only put on the lower lingual not the upper. She thought there was a problem them not holding for some reason on the top? After you are done with Invisalign your teeth will move, I want to prevent this with all cost. I didn’t spent over 5 years wearing retainers and my teeth start to shift. Once you get older they will shift too. El Paso does get cold in Dec. I am happy we all together on xmas too. Our fights are booked. That sounds scary at the airport. We usually fly into NY when we fly overseas. What a mess.

Have a great day and Sunday.
'Evening! Came home from the shower and got in an Essentrics workout. Felt good after sitting most of the day.

Deb, how was the visit with the new puppy? What's the name? The shower was at a place in Lafayette. My dil grew up in Newton.

Belinda, you have a good attitude about the Invisalign. We seldom go thru Chicago, but for some reason we did this time. I will avoid it at all costs in the future!

Today was a walk outside. We went to go my son's new puppy Penne (like the pasta) LOL. It is a Dachshund mini. It is so tiny only 3lbs. It makes me nervous never saw such a small dog. Looks like a guinea pig.

Belinda - Sorry about your Uncle passing:( Nice work with Crossfire. I agree teeth shift when you are older so better to prevent it from happening.

Cookie - I'm familiar with the area. When I was working there was a Kohl's (Newton) which my boss would beg me to go to. It was 45 min away so didn't like going. I did enjoy the drive very scenic:) Will your DS & future DIL live near there?

Good morning,

I started week 3 of Cathie’s November 2023 rotations. I did Ripped with HiiT Back, Biceps and shoulders.

Debbie - thank you! My Uncle broke his femur, he never recovered from it. He was in his 90‘s. What a cute name for a mini Dachsund. He is so tiny. Sadie is only 6 lb. People think she is a puppy. Penne must fit in your hand. He is a tea cup. So cute! I do anything to prevent my teeth from shitting after wearing trays for so long, lol. Great job on your walk yesterday.

Cookie - you have to have a good attitude about Invisalign. Glad you are home safe. You must be tired from your flight. Great job on your stretch yesterday.

I hope you all having an amazing Monday and workout. BBL

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