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Attention Cathe Live subscribers: Thursday, Nov 12, 2020, at 9:30 am EST we’ll be doing “Fantastic Elastic” LIVE. A total body elastic workout using a light tension resistance tube and a medium tension fitness loop (pictured below). This lighter workout is perfect for days where you want to challenge your muscles without lifting heavy weights. It’s also a perfect workout to travel with. Let’s dive right into this high rep lighter resistance workout! Side Note: If you want the workout to be harder, use a medium tension resistance tube instead of a light one).

Equipment Needed:
A light tension resistance tube (I’ll be using my new red Cathe band)
A medium tension fitness loop (I’ll be using my new green Cathe loop)
A fitness mat (and yes, you guessed it, lol, I’ll be using my new Cathe aqua mat)....a fitness guru can ever have enough fitness toys

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It is great, isn’t it? I especially like the stir the fudge....I thought when I watched
It “that’s easy enough” but really feel it in your core, even with a
Lighter tubing.... I like the loop around your wrists too, during the rear lunge
And torso twist....and the lower chest flys combo. I better stop now :)

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