Cathe, STS Shock Cardio Request

Do you want modification shown in STS Cardio?

  • Yes, please, have one exerciser doing a modifier for each high impact move

    Votes: 250 71.8%
  • No, thanks, I will modify on my own as needed

    Votes: 74 21.3%
  • Modify? What's that? I live for high impact and do jumping jacks in my sleep!

    Votes: 24 6.9%

  • Total voters
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Another vote for a low-impact modifier! :)

I haven't been able to do any Cathe cardio since December :( since I'm dealing with a knee issue, but I went ahead and pre-ordered the new series anyway. It would be fantastic to see someone modifying the moves!


Ditto!! Especially for the high-impact stuff and the more dancey step stuff. I can't do anything that gets too twisty-turney, so modifiers would be great!!

Thanks, Cathe!!


I must say, I too would like this. I have stayed away from most of Cathe's cardio workouts because they are too intense; I am step-challenged. I love her kickboxing and boot-camp style drills. I am willing to try her cardio and knowing that there would be a modifier would help me not feel defeated before I even started. Just my two cents.



I agree. Particularly on the super athletic moves that are high-impact, I would love to see low-impact options that can get the heartrate up just as much.

I know Cathe is usually great about saying that there are other options and to take it at your level, but sometimes seeing is believing :)
I agree. Please put an intense low impact modifier in the STS cardio workouts. It would be much appreciated.


Let me add to the chorus of voices. I am 62 and have bad knees and while I love your cardio workouts, I increasingly choose something more intermediate and lower impact by other DVDs. Kelly Coffey-Meyer has a modifier on all of her workouts that I have found very helpful for keeping the impact down, the intensity still pretty high.


Another vote for a modifier. I would love to see a modifier. Some of Cathe's older videos show a modifier & it's great to be able to see the modification.
I 100% agree. I love that you cater to the advanced exerciser. But people can be advanced and still have issues where they cannot do high impact moves. Please consider that when filming these workouts!! Thanks! :)

Miss Lee

I would reconsider the preorder if I thought there would be someone demonstrating a high intensity, low impact alternative to the moves. A modifier for complex choreography would be nice, too. :eek:

Denise R

Yes, please have someone modify the workout. This would make STS Shock Cardio a truly beneficial program for EVERYONE, not just those of us that have been doing Cathe cardio for years. And honestly, I'm turning 40 this year and even though I'm in the "educated crowd" and can modify on my own (and do if needed :D), I'd love to be able to watch someone doing a modified version with me if I choose to do so.

So please, please, please---do this for us!



I would also love to see a low impact modifier. I'm living post back injury and have to modify out pretty much all high impact these days. It would be SO nice to have someone to follow, rather than having to figure out all the modificaitons for myself. I would definitely pre-order the entire series if I could count on a modifier. As of right now, I'll probably have to pass on all but a couple workouts. I'd love to purchase and use them all, however, and with a modifier I would do just that!!

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Voted for the modifier. I consider myself one tough chick, but sometimes I do need to modify...with Cathe 'cuz she's tougher. I hope we get a modifier in. :)


I was not planning on ordering the series because I thought there would be too much hi impact for me. I do modify some on my own but find myself leaving my Cathe cardio on the shelf lately while I reach for something with lower impact. I would definitely order STS Cardio if there was a modifier. It would make all the difference for me on whether or not I purchase the series.


The only reason I want a modification for when I get pregnant. Other than that I love high intensity. I would be very disappointed if the serie is low impact.


Active Member
The only reason I want a modification for when I get pregnant. Other than that I love high intensity. I would be very disappointed if the serie is low impact.
The entire series doesn't have to be low impact. :)

In fact, there's no need to make any of the workouts low-impact.

By using just one modifier to do the moves with less impact, workouts would be useful for people who want to go full force and those who can't tolerate higher impact at the same time.

Plus, as as you point out, people who usually go high impact might have times when they'd appreciate lower impact. Like pregnancy, injury or aging.


What would be the downside of having a modifier?

I understand why people would want a modifier. I have Patella-Femoral Syndrome from years of running so I would love to have a modifier. I think it would open the program to a greater range of participants. What would be the downside of having a modifier?

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