Cathe, STS Shock Cardio Request

Do you want modification shown in STS Cardio?

  • Yes, please, have one exerciser doing a modifier for each high impact move

    Votes: 250 71.8%
  • No, thanks, I will modify on my own as needed

    Votes: 74 21.3%
  • Modify? What's that? I live for high impact and do jumping jacks in my sleep!

    Votes: 24 6.9%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Here's the bottom line from a business perspective:

People that don't need or want low impact modifiers will most likely still purchase STS Shock Cardio if modifiers are included.

However, people that do need low impact modifiers may be less likely to purchase the program if modifiers are not included.

Therefore, including low-impact modifiers is a sound business decision for Cathe, leading to a program designed to appeal to the broadest range of people without excluding anyone that can handle intense-level cardio.

Including modifiers also increases the lifespan of each workout DVD for each purchaser, so that the workout can be used as the purchaser gets older, gets injured, etc. Someone who does not need a low-impact modifier today may need one in five years- or even tomorrow.

It is important to again reiterate, my original request was to show only ONE background exerciser demonstrating low-impact modification options, NOT lower-intensity modification options.

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