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Hi Everyone,

Some great news to share with you in this week’s STS 2.0 update! We are finally far enough in the process to prepare video clips. Our goal is to share our first video clip by the end of this week or early next week, and then we will really pick up the pace of releasing the other clips.

First up, will be Phase 1 Giant Sets! The STS 2.0 Giant Sets workout will challenge you with an intense 10 exercises in each round before giving you a one-minute break! This is an advanced Giant Sets method that will challenge your strength and your endurance.

This workout is comprised of 3 total rounds! In the first round, we’ll hit our 10 exercises in a bilateral fashion (meaning both arms or both legs will perform the exercise ie: squats).

In round 2 we’ll take the same 10 grouping of exercises to a unilateral challenge where we’ll work one side independently (ie: single leg elevated lunge). This is a great intensity technique to expose muscle weaknesses and imbalances if you have any. It also provides a nice shock training effect on the muscles to enhance and promote strength.

We’ll then come back once again, in round 3, to the bilateral exercises but we’ll decrease our rep range by 2 to finish fully fatiguing the entire body before calling it a rap! Eat your Wheaties because this routine is anything but easy and will have you sweating and breathing right from the start!

Oh and don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about pre-mixes. We’ll be including 9 premixes that will give you the options of express routines, mish-moshes, and even extreme routines for those of you that want to take this workout even further! No matter how you slice it, Giant Sets will have you working for those results! Get ready to squat, curl and thrust your way to a better, fitter you!

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