I wish my plates had the place to put my hands. I only have the small hole in the middle.
yes, nickisteen, Cathe's weight plates are awesome! They make doing exercises we
know so much different when using the plates instead of dumbbells (although I'm sure
dumbbells will work) and just adds more variety & fun. and so easy to hold on to!
I had looked for this type of plates for a long, long time and couldn't find just what I
was wanting, and then she introduced these. :) Search solved!

So much you can do with these in addition to what we've seen, like overhead tricep
exts., shoulder press, lying pullover, exts., hammer curls, etc. I hope the new workout
has some of those types of exercises in it, for the variety & fun!
I’m seriously thinking about ordering the set of plates. I use really old smartbells. They work well for the standing and floor core warm ups and exercises but I only have singles in 1,3,6.5 & 11.5 pounds. There’s no way to safely pair them up.

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