Bodybuilding/Sculpting check-in;-)

Today was Pure Barre's Pure Results Feature Focus: Seat. You know how you do a new workout one time and you think man, this is tough, but then you do it the second time and you think well that wasn't as hard as the first time? Yeah, well, not with this workout. Holy cow, the second time through it seemed even harder! I'd say it's the most difficult barre workout I have done. Love it!

Jen, big hugs for you!
So sorry to hear about your dog, Jen :(. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family. Losing a pet is never easy.

This week has not been quite as productive workout-wise for me, because my work schedule has been all crazy due to some new folks starting at work this week (including a new boss). I've been doing what I can though and look forward to hitting things harder next week as things start to slow down and hopefully get back to normal. Tuesday was supposed to be a cardio day, but I was having trouble energy-wise due to getting home from a work dinner well past my bedtime the night before. I ended up simply walking on the treadmill for about 45 minutes just to do "something". Yesterday I again was running on little sleep as well as not having enough time to devote my usual 1-hour to my workout so I tried out the "Pump" pyramid style workout on KCM's new DVD Cardio Pump. It was a thirty minute total body strength workout that took a different twist on doing pyramids. Kelly has you do three exercises per body part--the first exercise with a heavier weight, the second exercise with medium weight, and then the third with lighter. You do each exercise for roughly a minute. It turned out to be a nice little total body workout, completed in a short amount of time. Today, I am taking a rest day because I again was up well past my bedtime last night and am running on less sleep than normal.
This week has been a "make yourself do it " week, but its done!! Yesterday was chest, 8 sets of bench 2 sets of inclined bench and 2 sets of incline fly. Today was arms 3 sets of trisets dumbbell curls/tricep extensions 21s/tricep pushdowns concentration curls/crossbody tris. Leave tonight for FL., and hopefully will find a gym, or active rest like Jen suggested.
Hello everyone,
I didn't share my cardio for Tuesday & Wednesday so here they are: Tue -Cathe's Circuit Burn; Wed - Party Rocking's Step 2. This one is a party indeed :)

Tom - surely , I'm not a superwoman but thanks a lot :) I distance work for my boss in Dubai (who has a co. branch in Texas as well) so my working hours are floating. I logged in Cathe forum yesterday after finishing some jobs. I needed to get my mind into a more relaxed state before sleeping :)
Jen - I'm thinking about you, hugs
SarBear - I love Kelly Coffey-Meyer, she's second only to Cathe! I just purchased Kelly Coffey Meyer's Your Best Body off Amazon UK. In 20 days (!) I will get it yay!
Jodi - barre is surely effective! I'm finally reaching for TurboBarre after having it for months and wonder why I didn't try this earlier?
Nathalie - I achieved a wonderful "gluteus maximus" cum outer thigh DOMS ! It's a wonder how Cathe does it to me every time

Today's workouts:
AM:Burn Sets - Chest segment
Xtrain Legs - Rear Delts bonus
10 Minute Solutions Pilates on the Ball & Quick Fix Ball Workout - Abs segments
PM : X10 - Cardio Blast segment
KCM TLC - 1st workout

Warm regards to everyone,
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Good morning everyone. Thanks for all the supportive words and hugs. We had to say good-bye to Barney on Wednesday. He had gotten worse and they said that even if we spent the money (thousands of dollars) just to get a diagnosis, they did not believe there was any treatment that would get him anywhere near normal (physically), especially at his age. All indications were that he had a brain tumor or lesion. He couldn't walk, therefore had to have a catheter. They were feeding him by hand but he kept throwing it all up. However, he was mentally aware, which in a way (I think) made it worse. He was so helpless. Anyway--sorry to be depressing. We still have two other dogs but they are/were all about the same age, so now we feel like we are waiting for the other shoe to drop with the other two dogs. But they both seem pretty healthy, tho one (Annie) is showing her age. Ginger seems as young and energetic as ever.

However, I did workout. Yesterday morning was Rockout Knockout + Heavy Bag and for doubles I did ACE HIIT Upper. This morning was Slow & Heavy Triceps, Biceps & Abs (WOW--FRIED my arms) and planned doubles is ACE HIIT Lower.

SarBear--I really like KCM's Cardio Pump workout too. When you are short on time I think Pump is an excellent total body strength workout and in only 30 minutes.
Svetlana--KCM's Your Best Body is an awesome DVD--she has some very unique and painful strength exercises! She really reps you out!
Awww, Jen, so sorry about Barney. What you describe is exactly what happened to my dog, Harley. It was determined she had had a stroke. The mentally aware part is also what made it so much worse for me. I truly feel your pain. It is so hard to let them go!

Yesterday's workout was Muscle Max, upper body only premix. MM is the first DVD of Cathe's I ever bought (and I wonder now why it didn't start my obsession because I absolutely love it). Back when I only did either total body strength workouts or cardio, I would do this one all the time. So yesterday felt like working out with an old friend. And I am sore today!

Today is a rest day.
Jen - I hope exercise helps relieve your sadness, at least does work for me. Shopping for fitness DVDs helps too.
Thank you for your comment on Kelly's YBB, now I'm even more excited! Amazon UK has Kelly's Body Training DVD at 14 USD incl. shipping, only two in stock. I wonder if I shall order it. I have 15 Kelly DVDs and downloads and like them all. Please everyone give me advise :)
I'm awaiting Great Glutes to come as Deal of the Day and will order it combined with ICE Rock'm Sock'm Kickbox and the Leg Mat DVD. Getting a double free shipping is so nice.
Jodi - my first Cathe DVD was Basic Step & Body Fusion and I paid 47 USD for it at Amazon UK. Then I found Cathe's website with her wonderful coupons, free international shipping and deals of the day. When I remember how much I spent, I console myself that without trying Cathe I would still be puffed after completing 8 push ups :)
Nathalie - how are you doing?
Tom - Greetings to Florida!

Today, I did the stretch from KCM's Bootcamp to release the lower body DOMS
5 tracks from Jari Love's Ripped To The Core.
Cathe's Cardio Hits - abs bonus
KCM Plateau Buster - w/o #2
Cathe's Intensity - HIIT segments
Hi all, hope everyone is having a nice weekend!

Today it was back to the treadmill, but it was a little more interesting. My hubby bought me a new iPad for an early anniversary present so I've been downloading a bunch of apps which I couldn't before because my other iPad was too old. I found a few apps which have treadmill prop the iPad up on the treadmill and walk/jog along to different trails you pick. Today I was on a trail in Rome. It really helped pass the time!
Here is my workout rotation for the past week

Day 1 Turbo Jam Punch, Kick and Jam
Day 2 Burn Circuit 1
Day 3 Rest
Day 4 Burn Circuit 2
Day 5 Turbo Fire Hiit 30
Day 6 Burn Circuit 3
Day 7 Turbo Fire Hiit 20

I am still enjoying the Chalene Extreme Rotation. I added in some turbo fire last week and I really enjoyed the Hiit workouts. Funny, I don't
remember enjoying those workouts as much then as I do now. Anyway, good workout week, eating was a little off though.
This morning was KCM's Olympic Lifting followed by Anarchy Cardio #1 followed by Stretch Max #1. Really good workout overall. Yesterday I did Kickmax--including the leg drills at the end.

Jodi--I thought that, too--a stroke. And that was a differential, but we'll never know for certain. Just it was something in his brain. I love Muscle Max, too. The two Cathe workouts that hold a soft spot for me because they were my first and I love them so much is Bootcamp and Muscle Endurance. I bought them a long time ago when I was a Firmie they were way out of my league, so sat on my shelf collecting dust until I revisited them I guess about 3-4 years ago when I "rediscovered" Cathe and was finally at the level of her workouts. I thought I had re-discovered gold, sitting right there on my own workout DVD shelf for years.

SarBear, what did you think of Cathe's Live Compound Sets workout? I saw the clip for that and found it very interesting! A lot of her live classes intrigue me!
Hello friends,

Yesterday I revisited my Exhale Core Fusion DVDs for the first time in a year .They didn't challenge me like they used to. For cardio I did Tabata #1 from Tabatacise followed by Cardio SuperSets. This, on the other hand, felt great.

Today I did the Chest, Back & Triceps muscle group premixes from Kelly Coffey-Meyer's Muscle Definition, and 2 abs segments from 10 Minute Solution: Belly, Butt and Thigh Toners.

Healing11 - you got me excited to revisit Turbo Fire today.
Catwoman - congratulations on your new Ipad!
SarBear - Cathe Live workouts have such interesting names. I'm joining Jen, please review Cathe's last Live workout .
Jen - Anarchy is not yet reviewed on your website ;)

Have a nice evening everyone!
Tom - surely , I'm not a superwoman but thanks a lot :) I distance work for my boss in Dubai (who has a co. branch in Texas as well) so my working hours are floating. I logged in Cathe forum yesterday after finishing some jobs. I needed to get my mind into a more relaxed state before sleeping :)

:D I do this sometimes...Although I love what I do to earn a living, sometime it drives me bonkers!
Anything fitness related does ease off work stress and leave me re-energised looking forward to productive output.
I am good Svetlana, thanks for asking how I was doing. Outer thigh DOMS is great to get out of a workout.

While we are on DOMS topic Svetlana. Yes I too love rear delt doms. I recall having the best EVER DOMS which
lasted 3 to 4 days. It was from both rear and Lattissimus muscles. I wish I had known what I did differently that

I have an Anedoctal story to tell about rear delt muscle: Years ago I went to visit my sister. I was standing in her kitchen
while she was facing my back. At the same time I was viewing the scenery (her garden) through her window on a
beautiful summer day. without realising she approched me and poked my back Rear delt. I was wearing a one shoulders top.:p:)
She saw a slight lump and worried! (she does not workout at all, does not know anything about lifting)
Anyway she poked my back and asked: " what is this lump". I said it's nothing to worry about. it just my back!
She replied and checked the other side to ensure it was not a strange lump. It was just my rear delt slighty popping out:D

PRS#2 is a party indeed. Could not agree more.
Yesterday workout was push and Pull, I am feeling Serious DOMS on my legs as I am typing. No workout today.
Went out yesterday....decided to have a day rest today:)

Jodi:Congratulations on your new Ipad. Jodi have you tried out INTENSITY and power hour yet?

Tom: Have a great time in Florida.

Jen: I think you are doing well overcoming the loss of your dog.

That is all I have to share today.
Will report more tomorrow.

Kind Regards,
Cathe Live workouts have such interesting names. I'm joining Jen, please review Cathe's last Live workout .
Jen - Anarchy is not yet reviewed on your website ;)

Svetlana--I'm working on the Anarchy review, but it won't be up for another two weeks. It contains 8 workouts and I've only done one so far. As for the Cathe Live workout--I haven't joined her streaming yet. I probably won't sign up for that until later this year. But I am interested! I do have several programs I plan to work through before I start STS in September. I've scheduled them into my rotation calendar at least! Anarchy, 10 Minute Torchers, RIPT90, PFWL/PFLO and Ultimatum. I am previewing and creating workout cards for Ultimatum right now and holy cow--those workouts look brutal!
Hi all! Busy day yesterday, and I realized I didn't even check in. I did a new barre workout...Resista-barre. I did the whole 95-minute workout this first time just to see what it was like, but there are several shorter premixes which I will use in the future. This was a good workout, but not the toughest. All the exercises use either a resistance band or loop. Really loved the lower body work with the loop, but I will probably skip the upper body with the band next time.

Jen, I think someone else on the forums asked about Anarchy, and I was interested. I look forward to your review! What is Ultimatum? Weights or cardio? Haven't even looked at Ript90 yet!

Nathalie, I haven't tried any of my "new" Cathe workouts yet. I'm hoping to get a cardio one in this week, but I really need to preview first. Hoping I can find the time to do that.

While I was organizing my DVDs on my new shelves, I found buried at the bottom of a pile Cathe's Basic Step & Cardio and Weights. I think it may have come with my step purchase, but I know I never tried either of them. Jen, are they reviewed on your blog? I also found KCM's NYC...I remember doing that one but not liking it at the time. Maybe I need to give it another try. I love having my DVDs all organized!

Today's planned workout for later is Muscle Endurance upper body premix.
Jodi--Ultimatum is a metabolic cardio + weights program that looks super intense. Here is the Total Fitness DVDs link to it: Ultimatum. It has a preview clip from it. I'm at work so I can't view it, but I am guessing it is the same clip I watched when I decided I needed these workouts! It contains a total of 8 workouts and one 15 minutes stretch. It is expensive! I have been wanting it for a long time and followed a search for it on Ebay. I lost a lot of bidding wars on this because once I set my max bid I won't let myself touch it again. When I finally won--I got it for half of my max bid! I *think* $15 or $16 + S&H. So a very good deal since it always goes for way more than that. It looks worth it! But I haven't done it yet--however, have pre-viewed more than half of the workouts creating my workout cards and the workouts look brutal. RIPT90 is brutal. I haven't done it yet, but I see it when my husband is doing it and it kills him and looks exhausting. I will be doing that program the end of the month!

I reviewed Cathe's Cardio & Weights a long time ago (2012!) but not her basic step. And I also own and have reviewed KCM's NYC. I like it a lot but consider it a recovery level workout. I usually do it the day after I donate blood. ;)

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