Bodybuilding/Sculpting check-in;-)

Jodi--really intense boxing/kickboxing workouts frequently give me lat DOMS. I really like it when that happens. I always wear weighted gloves so I love it when cardio doubles as conditioning, too. Which is why I love kickboxing and plyometric workouts so much.

Jen, I am the one in desperate lookout for Lattisimus DOMS:D:D
I think i need to do more kickboxing stuff, I have looked at Ilaria stuff and they look pretty good.
She has got a muscular physique.

I am still mapping out STS Rotation...I will do 3 months cycle with first two months non-linear periodization.
Basically I will mix meso1 and 2 within each week. This way I will still train according to the concept behind STS.
I want to do meso 1 and 2 mix up during two months cause I need to give myself time to see how my body will respond.

Tom: I am sharing the same feeling about shoulders...I need to be consistent levelling up frequency within the week.
I read an article suggesting barbell throw to challenge delts without risking injuries.

27 sets is a lot. Hope you are feeling fine.

Mary: I have just ordered ICE too:):):). Congratulations on cathe shirt. Please post a picture taken in your
new workout room;);), if you do not mind:) You will love pure strength

Svetlana: Keep having fun that is what keep all of us going. We have got to have fun:)

WOD was PRS#1 Premix step mix.

Regards everyone;)
Nathalie - I think my favorite DOMS would be a rear delts one. My posture is slouched forward and my shoulders are narrow, which is a reason for back pain. Thanks God, exercise helped me avoid a spine surgery 4 years ago! Hopefully it will also prevent the further slouching as I get older.
You will love Ilaria Montagnani. Jen's blog hooked me on her workouts and I am grateful. They make excellent doubles for non-impact cardio plus conditioning . I prefer her Body Strikes which are lower body only (I own 1&2) to the Power Strikes 4,5,6, which include punches as well as kicks. She also has "Atletica" which I haven't tried. Enjoy!
Jen - I don't use workout cards, but maintain a self-made "Workout Register" . I record which workouts / segments / premixes I used that day. The "register" currently includes around 160 DVDs and if a DVD is not used for more than 4-5 months I delete it and it goes to the "black list" which means it was not money well spent. I have blacklisted approx. 100 DVDs which I may return to someday. Sounds like your diagnosis, eh? ;)
Tom, your shoulder workout is inspirational!
Catwoman - barre workouts are cool! You will get long, lean muscles. I feel the same way as you: since I began to workout, I don't need so many clothes, shoes, bags to make me feel pretty. Exercise does it instead. My hubby wouldn't agree with this either ;)

Today's workouts:
A.M. : KCM TLC - Conditioning w/o and KCM Split Sessions - Upper body w/o
P.M.: KCM Cardio Burn - Step w/o and Cathe Terminator - Imax Extreme (last 45 minutes ). It contains both Butter Cup and Pina Colada songs!
Today was another new-to-me barre workout...The Bar Method's Dancer's Body Advanced Workout. Another winner! My legs and abs are screaming! This one is not led by the sweet grandmother-like lady, but I still like the instructor. She really makes you focus on form which is so important with barre work.

Someone in my neighborhood was selling 4 DVD storage racks so I scooped them up. I will finally have all my DVDs in one organized place...I'm so excited! Right now, I have several different stacks hidden around my TV. It's a pain when I want to get a DVD at the bottom of a stack. I usually end up knocking it over. No more! Of course, once they're all together and organized, hubby may see just how bad my 'addiction' is. :eek::eek:
Confessions of a SLACKER!!! Did not make it to leg day.... Got to sleep at 4AM, alarm went off at 5AM!! Someone,(me), said SCREW it!! All is not lost, and I will make it up...probably Saturday.I was concerned with a tough shoulder workout the day before and no sleep, that catabolism might exceed anabolism, and be wasted. (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!! Arms are still attached, and really not that sore, from yesterdays shoulder workout which bothers me!!! I did my weekly pull up max out at the facility gym, and I am stuck on 14. I am determined to hit 20 before I die and may start doing weight added ones. Keep up the "iron throwing" everyone!! The workouts everyone is doing sound tough, and doing multiples deserve respect!! Everyone should be proud of their efforts!
Svetlana--my workout cards are actually how I keep track of the weight I lifted, which is why I only have them for strength workouts. They are the same thing as the STS workout cards the 1RM calculator in Workout Manager creates for us. I use those workout cards when I do STS of course, but I create my own workout cards for every other strength workout I own. That way I am always progressing and challenging myself (progressive overload). My actual rotations are written on calendars so I can visualize an entire month at one time. And my "blacklist"--is my blog! That's why I created it. I can reference a workout and recall whether I liked it or not.

And Atletica workouts are awesome! Very intense metabolic weight training. Like all of her other workouts Ilaria really puts her own spin on MWT. And yes Nathalie--Ilaria is ripped. I admire her physique. Not what I am going for but she is impressive to behold!

This morning was Cardio Core Circuit and planned doubles is Total Body Trisets Lower.

Yay on the storage racks Jodi! It's so nice to have them all in front of you where you can see all of your workouts!I guess I am a visual person--I like having mine at my finger tips.

Tslop49--4am! That's what time I get out of bed in the morning! I can't imagine staying up that late! Well, maybe I could 25 years ago--but not anymore!
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Today I had a Cathe-only day. I decided to revisit and compare Cathe's Xtrain Super Cuts and Flex Train:

High Step Training: Warm up & Blasts
Flex Train (skip abs)
STS Ab Circuits: Pilates

RWH Upper Body Circuit: Warm Up & Blasts
Super Cuts (skip push up-sit up combo / stretch)
Stretch: Tamilee Webb Stretch for Beginners #3

And the winner is.... Super Cuts ! Now I'm happily tired. :)
Have a great evening, everyone!
Today I did High Reps, upper body and abs. Love this workout and love the music playing during the stretch.

I hope everyone has a nice and safe July 4th weekend! I'll be spending most of my time babysitting my 100 lb baby of a dog...the poor thing is terrified of the fireworks. :(
Made it out of bed today....yeah me!!! Chest day: 10 set pyramid flat bench , short sets on the way up, longer sets on the way down. Followed by 3 sets of incline bench, 2 sets of incline flys and 1 set of pushup to failure. For abs I did 5 minutes of planks. Jen: I went TO bed on time, just didn't get to sleep!! Occasionally that happens...don't know why. I also keep a log,it's pretty informal, but I have 11 years written down. It's fun to look back at different times and see weights used etc. I am amazed that I have the ability, even at my age, to make significant strength gains!! Svetlana: Double workouts would KILL me!!! Hats off!! Jodi: My dog, when I was a kid, would disappear for a week over the fourth due to fireworks. Didn't even get the chance to babysit!!! Sounds like all are working hard...congrats because the world would be a healthier place is more did!!
Arm day!! 3 sets of tri sets..triceps pushdowns/barbell curl, 3 sets of 8. Triceps extensions/dumbbell curl, 3 sets of 8 and cross body triceps extensions/concentration curls, 3 sets of 8-12. Finished with a long set of bench dips, and bicep isos, followed by crunches x 60. Hope everyone has a great weekend, for us Yankees, it's the fourth!! For everyone else, I hope it is a fun fest as well!!!
Hi Everyone,o

Today WOD was total body 53 minutes superset... It is very warm and humid, not the best the ideal
weather condition butI had to get some workout in. I am just grateful I have been able to.

Svetlana: Where did you purchase ilaria from? What website. Are they downloads or dvds?
Wow black list...I do not hold any but I do own 12-20 dvds I regret purchasing. They
not cathe's of course. I try not to purchase dvds I would not revisit. This way I have managed
to control unecessary purchases.

Jodi: Yoga Relax would do me good too. My inner thighs are tight. I need to stretch more often.
I know the more I do better my flexibility will get. Also I will feel much better.

Tom: I took your advise and did some iron throwing today. Now I am happily tired.

Nearly 11 o'clock here. Good night/afternoon everyone.

Will report soon;)
Here is my check in for the past week.

Week 2 of Chalean Extreme Burn Circuit

Day 1 Turbo Jam Fat Blaster
Day 2 Chalean Extreme Burn Circuit 1
Day 3 Turbo Jam Fat Blaster
Day 4 Chalean Extreme Burn Circuit 2
Day 5 Rest
Day 6 Chalean Extreme Burn Circuit 3
Day 7 Turbo Jam Fat Blaster

I am really enjoying this rotation. yes, it's been 4 years since I did it the last time and I thought I would be bored, but to my surprise,
I am having so much fun. Not sure if it is my imagination, but my waist actually looks smaller. I decided to take my measurements, weight
and body fat so that I can track my progress. I increased my weight this week and was sweating like crazy. I enjoyed Fat Blaster so much I decided to use it for my cardio this week. I'll check in at the end of next week's rotation. Have a great holiday week-end!!
Happy Independence Day my American friends! Enjoy your holiday and free time.

Healing11 - Your rotation looks a lot of fun! My favorites TJs are the Fat Blaster, Kick, Punch and Jam & 20 Min Workout. I love 3T too. I love Chalene's way to motivate: "Life is easier when you have muscleee"
Jen - your fitness endurance is impressive, 85 minutes way to go, girl :)
Nathalie - Please let me know what you ended up buying
Tom - you celebrated you birthday giving your shoulders DOMS. How do you spend 4th of July ?
Jodi - I love Yoga Relax and use it often. I love that Cathe's yoga contains no esoteric talking or no toning / balance challenges in this DVD.

Yesterday's workouts: Ilaria Montagnani's Body Strikes 1
Cathe's Kick Punch and Crunch (no abs)

Today I did Burn Sets: Back, Biceps, Shoulders. Plan to revisit part of Susan Chung's Rapid Fire Vol 1 for cardio tonight.
Svetlana: Either today or tomorrow, I will make up my missed leg day. I am leaving for Florida Thursday night or Friday, so I will need to accelerate my week. We will drive there, so it will involve a night or 2 in motels, and many have no gym. I will be there all week, and I will fly home, while my wife will stay another week and drive back. Hopefully I can lift at the YMCA that week because I CANNOT handle the guilt of missing the whole week!!!.
This morning was another long one--this time by Cathe. Body Max #1--91 minutes. She kicked my butt! It's been a long time since I've done that workout but I used to do Body Max 1 or 2 every Saturday. For the 4th my husband and I are cooking out. We went to the farmers market to get grass fed beef for burgers, corn on the cob and blackberries. Should be yummy. We don't do fireworks because we have dogs that think every 4th of July is the end of the world. So we given them sedatives and stay in doors with them.

healing11--you're making me want to revisit ChaLean Extreme again! I haven't done Turbo Jam in a very long time, but I revisit Turbo Fire sometimes and I still love those workouts.

Svetlana--Body Strikes followed by KPC sounds like endurance to me! That is at least 85 minutes of kickboxing--probably longer. And I am sore all through my lats from Rapid Fire 1 yesterday. I know it's because I wear Cathes 2 pound weighted gloves and put everything into the punches. I love it that boxing works my back like that!

tslop49--vacation in Florida? Have a good time! If your vacation is active you can look at is an active recovery week. Everyone needs a couple of those each year.
Today I did Amy Dixon's Breathless Body. Wow, it's been a loooonnng time since I've done this one and it still does not disappoint! I really wish the second one in the series hadn't scared me off from buying the others she has done.

Jen, I feel your pain with your dogs. My big baby is currently cowering in the kitchen waiting for the holiday to be over!
Happy belated 4th of July everyone! We returned from our vacation safe and sound last night! While it's never fun seeing a vacation come to an end, I am super excited to get back to my normal day-to-day routine after all the hustle and bustle and traveling that happened in the month of June. I started off vacation really good doing one of KCM's kettlesculpting workouts the morning we left. The next day I kept the momentum going and did Chalean Extreme's Burn Circuit 1. I was really proud of myself and was hoping to keep things going the rest of the week, but unfortunately I was knocked down by a bad case of food poisoning that left me feeling pretty crappy for a couple of days. I've never been sick on vacation like that before and it was definitely no fun! Once I started feeling like myself again, I just couldn't get back in the mindset to workout and decided to just enjoy the rest of my vacation to the fullest--which I did. While I wouldn't say that I completely pigged out every day, I did enjoy more indulgences than I normally would at home. I don't regret it at all though! We only go on a big vacation like that once a year. Now that we are back, I can get back to my healthier eating habits and back to my normal workout schedule. Haven't decided what today's workout is going to be yet, but I'm thinking it will probably be a cardio day. :)

Hope everyone is having a nice holiday weekend!
Hi gals and lad!
Jodi - Were the plank butt-kicks reason for you dreading Breathless Body #2? I find myself skipping BB2 because of these.
Jen - your endurance is better than mine . I can workout 90+ min a day if I split them into two or more exercise sessions.
SarBear - welcome back. I'm very interested in KCM's Slim Sculpting but I have a 10 lbs kettlebell only. Will this weight be sufficient? (I don't look for a "killer" kettlebell workout but would like to feel a bit tired). Please let me know your opinions.
Tom - have a pleasant journey and a happy leg day.

Today's workout is most of Cathe's Turbo Barre . Still haven't decided on the PM cardio :)
Hi Everyone,

Tom: Have a pleasant safe journe...Have a happy fun day working your leg. I bet Leg is not the group
you enjoy working out the most:p:p. What muscle group do you enjoy working the most?
As to myself, I quoted in the past I love working legs. I need two days to hit various angles.
To be honest I do not consistently strength work leg twice cause cathe's cardio do hit legs.

Jen: Body max:):):) Those 90 minutes are fun fun fun. How do you feel about the step segment.
I love the step segment. In fact I love the way body max is chaptered. Segment followed by
Those plies:):):). I always find myself dripping in sweat by the time I reach those plies.
The track is ringing in my head now as I am typing. I should re-visit this. This is another
workout which leave me with an afterburn. I like body max more than BM#2

Svetlana: I will not get those ilaria's soon. I have spent recently...I have ordered my ICE series and
few fitness gear. I will let you know when I add ilaria. I will take both your and jen's reviews
on board.

SarBear: Welcome back. Have you ordered ICE? Hmmm food poisoning. Do you guys noticied since you have
been eating clean, your digestive system tend to reject some of eating out stuff. I do not know if it is just me.
Sometime when I eat out I end up having discomfort and pain!
Holiday/vacation is not for diet...I think everyone should actively enjoy eating out during holiday.
I think with all activities...calories in and out should balance out, metabolism being good.

Wod was PRS#2 73 minutes premix.

Ps...Jen you have given me the motivation to re-visit Bodymax by the end of this week. I just need to find
a less humid day. It has been very warm and humid here in France and Belgium. it does not happen often
therefore we do not invest in AC. working out has been really hard. I had to ensure I stay more hydrated.

Best regards everyone;)

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