Back to Chicago - Our Next Offsite Road Trip?

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MKE (Milwaukie) is the closest airport, but Chicago O'Hare is also in driving distance. We flew into MKE last year and then drove to the Grand Geneva.


Roadtrip..Day Trippers

I live in Wisconsin. Is there any plans that guest could come for only saturday and take Cathe's classes. I would love to just come down for the day and take her classes at Lake Geneva. What are your thoughts?


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Chicago Road Trip rates.

You have to sign up for the entire event. We don't have daily or individual class rates.


Chicago was so much fun last year. I would be very interested in attending again. April would be best if I had a choice.

Thanks for looking into it for us. I so hope it happens.



I'm trying to calculate expenses. Am I correct that two dinners would be included and we are on our own for the rest?



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Grand Geneva Meals

Yes, you're correct. The event fee covers two dinners (Friday and Saturday night). You will be responsible for the other meals.


Reposting my question in case it got buried in the thread:

Is there still a Glassboro trip? What are the dates for that?

Thanks in advance!

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Other Meals

That's totally up to you, but the resort does have restaurants on site including a nice breakfast buffet. It's a 4 star hotel, so the food is really good.


Wow, the price keeps going up I don't know if I will be able to afford it.

Trip $357
Room $119 x 3 = $357
Meals $10-$15 x 4 = $40-$60

so we are talking $775 or there abouts if you don't get a roommate even if you did split with someone that would take it down to $600

Am I figuring it out correctly?

Hmm...will have to think about this. Plus gas to get there.

I really really would like to attend but that is way too high for me.



Hi Rhonda,

They have the dates listed as Thursday through Sunday, but the event generally runs Friday through Sunday morning. So you really could just book the two nights to cut cost a bit. Something to think about. Hope to see you there ;)


I probably shouldn't answer because I'm really not certain but I think the resort does have a shuttle. I also seem to remember it being costly. We rented a car and I think that might be the best option. You should be able to buddy up to share the cost if you can find others that are arriving near the same time though.


At the one in 2012, I rented a car and shared a ride with another Cathlete. Another option is a shuttle. I found the below link for transportation. It isn't too bad if you get a group together and split the group rate. So people who are arriving at the same airport on the same day should try to coordinate to share the ride.
Also if I remember right, some that were driving, swung by the airport and picked up some Cathletes to share the ride.

Transporation at Grand Geneva | Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

My vote is for April. The last one was April 13-15 and the weather was comfortable (sweatshirt weather)


Sounds wonderful, but unable to attend

I've been dreaming of going to a Cathe road trip for a couple of years if I could swing it money wise ( and could be lucky enough to get in on registration day). This trip sounds especially nice since it is during cooler months. Besides the money thing-I just had a massive car repair bill to pay--I realized earlier this year that, for me, it may not be worth attending. You see, I normally am in bed at 6:30 pm and up 2:30 am. I saw the sample schedule for the Glassboro trip and realized that it was not during hours I usually function and I would not be able to really enjoy it if I'm not following my normal sleep schedule. I guess I'll just have to keep dreaming . . . I'm totally jealous of those who can attend--I think the money spent would be totally worth it.


Hi all,
I live in Chicago and take a few trips to Lake Geneva every year with the family. There is another hotel on Grand Geneva property (literally in the same drive) called Timber Ridge. It's home to an indoor water park but most of the rooms in there are suites that can easily sleep 4-6. If you are considering sharing, that's a good way to go. The suites have a kitchen, and there is a grocery store down the road (5 minutes) where you can stock up and cook meals in the room, instead of dining out.
If you can sleep a few more people to a room, the cost goes down, and you are still on the property by all of the events.

Just a thought.

For those not doing that, downtown Lake Geneva is a 10 minute drive into town with tons of little restaurants and shopping, should you find time. You can also do a rental home on VBRO.

Sounds like fun and it's in my backyard! Wish I could afford it!

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