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I’m so excited to share some news with you about my latest fitness project: “Lift, Move, & Restore- Functional Training for the Actively Aging Lifestyle”. Over the past decade, I’ve heard from some of my long-time fitness followers stating that they no longer wish to push quite so hard in their workouts. They are asking for a gentler, yet still very effective approach to their fitness lifestyle. Maybe they no longer can or wish to do high impact because their joints are unhappy. Maybe they can’t or prefer not to lift the heaviest of weights because their wrists or shoulders no longer like it. Maybe the speed or intensity of a routine is more than their bodies enjoy at this stage. No matter how you slice it, we start to experience changes as we age, and as active, fitness-minded individuals we sometimes need to find other options to keep doing what we love to do.

Now, let’s talk truths. With age, changes start to take place in our muscles, our bones, and our joints. We begin to lose some muscle density, strength, and our endurance, balance, and flexibility are often challenged. These truths can be hard to accept for those of us who have spent a good portion of our lives doing high-intensity and often high-impact workouts. In some cases, this means we may have to carve out a new path in our fitness journey so that we can continue to work hard, stay fit and healthy, and still enjoy our workouts.

Fitness is our own fountain of youth and there is nothing more important than fitness in our actively aging journey! If we want to keep doing what we do in life and loving it, exercise will always have to be a top priority! Staying active will not only help to keep us younger longer both physically and mentally, but it will also help us to live longer, fuller, more vigorous lives! We are strong, we are committed, and we are nowhere near stopping.

I didn’t take this project lightly. There’s a big difference between a gentler approach to fitness as WE know it, and workouts that are “easy”. Although I do plan to continue releasing high-intensity workouts (as well as other types of series) in the future, I wanted to create a series that fills the gap between my toughest workouts, and what

many are finding is their new fitness threshold. With a focus on functional training and overall body wellness, the workouts in this series were created to improve performance while keeping us primed and ready for what life brings.

What is Functional Training?​

Functional training focuses on movements used in our daily lives. With functional training you’ll focus on bending, twisting, pulling, pushing, and lifting movements using multiple muscles at a time, as well as more than one joint to make the movement happen. Functional training is intended to challenge our minds and bodies with movements that have a direct carry-over to everyday activity. There are many benefits to functional training, some of the most important of which are improved posture, greater muscle memory, improved coordination, and improved balance. All these elements are key in injury prevention, mental stimulation, and overall quality of life.


Let’s talk about the workouts! This series will include 8 DVDs that utilize functional training methods. Within the series you’ll work on strength, mobility, flexibility, balance, and proper muscle recovery. You’ll challenge your mind and body with new movement patterns and combinations to fire and inspire your muscles for improved strength and agility.

In this series you can expect to see:

1) Functional Upper Body

2) Functional Lower Body

3) Functional Total Body

4) Functional Core Fusion

5) Functional Barre Fusion

6) Functional Yoga Fusion

7) Functional Mobility Fusion

8) Functional Pilates Fusion

*bonuses/low-impact cardio will be included in this series


Some of you may be reading this thinking that this is EXACTLY where you are in your journey and that these new workouts are just what you’re looking for. You’re right! This series is the bridge between high-impact, high-intensity workouts, and the new gentler approach to fitness. Understand, these new workouts are not a brisk walk in the park. We will be lifting, moving, and restoring our bodies in a way that makes us feel worked without feeling defeated.

Some of you may be reading this thinking that this is NOT AT ALL where you are in your journey yet and that these new workouts are just not for you. You still love high impact, jumping, burpees, and anything else that I may throw at you! BUT, consider this, in between those intense workouts the body needs to recover. Mixing gentler workouts into your routine will help to aid in active recovery, flexibility, balance, and will keep your body in top shape for all those harder workouts!

This series is for the individual who has always been active but needs to take it down a few notches.

This series is for the individual who loves tough workouts but wants some gentler routines for days when they are sore or don’t want to push quite as hard.

This series is for the individual who is finding that everyday activities are getting a bit harder and are looking for ways to build up their strength for longevity.

This series is for the previously active individual who is working their way back into a fitness routine and wants to heal their minds along with their bodies.

This series can work for anyone.

I am so excited to share this new series with you as we continue our fitness journey together!

*Further details and pricing will be available on Wednesday, February 7th, when we launch our pre-sale for Lift, Move & Restore.
These new workouts sound great! I haven't been able to do high impact workouts for over a year now. I am getting more and more niggles in my joints, and it is taking me longer to recover from high intensity workouts. I use the workout blender to create workouts that I can do. I'm looking forward to having more options.
This looks like good stuff. Honestly you can’t go all out everyday. I know I’m in a very stressful trying period in my life right now and when I recently did a week of STS 2.0 total body workouts, it absolutely drained me, something that didn’t happen when I did the same workouts last summer. This morning I woke up at 3 am anxious and stressed and cancelled my workout for this morning. I’m hoping I’ll sleep tonight and can get back on track. It’s like you have to listen to your body and take those cues seriously.
Menopause made me very sick for 3 1/2 years, until we finally got things under control. I could barely work out at all. Since then, I cannot do high intensity workouts with no rest between sets. Oddly enough, I can do heavier weight lifting, with good rest breaks in between. I have been with Cathe for a long time, but those non-stop, short break workouts don't work well for me now.
I don't have specific knee problems, but the knees don't like impact anymore, so that's an issue. Squats and lunges are challenging at times. After the latest workouts came out, I was beginning to think I could no longer do Cathe workouts. I like STS and STS 2.0, and can do those with rest between sets. The new Killer Legs...I can do it, but I suffered the next day. Some of the Cathe Live workouts don't have many breaks either. The changes in my capabilities is really worrying to me, and hard to accept. Modifying is possible, but can mess up the timing in the workouts.
I am more interested now in pushing myself were I safely can, and focusing on longevity. I'm only 56, and have a long way to go. I would like to keep moving as much as possible as I age, while still being challenged. I would like to keep working out with Cathe as well. Thank you for considering some new workout styles to help us "older" people keep going.

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