Amen on that!!! Thank goodness for the wall in the bedroom in the morning changing
into reg clothes straight out of bed! At night, Jack thinks he’s helping me cause when
I bend over, I put my hand on top of his head and he just sits there, till I say “thank you”
Ha ha ... my sister just said you need core strength and balance when you have a teenage kitty under foot too! :p
Yep, that too!!! They (doggies or kittys) have a way of just being there And staying
right there, I don’t know what I would call the little “jig” I have to do sometimes! :)
"Jig" is a good word! Our boy thinks it's fun to race & dart right in front of us as we're walking. There's times I think he'll be the cause of a broken hip or shoulder displacement. Ah well, we only have another year or so before he hits adulthood. Mostly he's pretty entertaining tho. :D
I, for one, want squats & lunges. A main predicater for going into assisted living or a nursing home is difficulty rising up from a chair, a bed, the toilet, or the floor. Even unweighted squats are better than none.
I was just talking to DH about this. If you can’t get in and out of a chair, preferably without using your arms you can’t safely live alone.

Drop something on the floor? You do a modified lunge to pick it up.

Dressing yourself uses balance and your shoulders.
Agree. Squats and lunges are important functional moves. They don't have to be weighted. I have never been able to do deep squats or lunges, but even keeping the movement shallow still works.
This looks like good stuff. Honestly you can’t go all out everyday. I know I’m in a very stressful trying period in my life right now and when I recently did a week of STS 2.0 total body workouts, it absolutely drained me, something that didn’t happen when I did the same workouts last summer. This morning I woke up at 3 am anxious and stressed and cancelled my workout for this morning. I’m hoping I’ll sleep tonight and can get back on track. It’s like you have to listen to your body and take those cues seriously.
Exactly ❤️
Menopause made me very sick for 3 1/2 years, until we finally got things under control. I could barely work out at all. Since then, I cannot do high intensity workouts with no rest between sets. Oddly enough, I can do heavier weight lifting, with good rest breaks in between. I have been with Cathe for a long time, but those non-stop, short break workouts don't work well for me now.
I don't have specific knee problems, but the knees don't like impact anymore, so that's an issue. Squats and lunges are challenging at times. After the latest workouts came out, I was beginning to think I could no longer do Cathe workouts. I like STS and STS 2.0, and can do those with rest between sets. The new Killer Legs...I can do it, but I suffered the next day. Some of the Cathe Live workouts don't have many breaks either. The changes in my capabilities is really worrying to me, and hard to accept. Modifying is possible, but can mess up the timing in the workouts.
I am more interested now in pushing myself were I safely can, and focusing on longevity. I'm only 56, and have a long way to go. I would like to keep moving as much as possible as I age, while still being challenged. I would like to keep working out with Cathe as well. Thank you for considering some new workout styles to help us "older" people keep going.
Loved reading this! Thank you for sharing! I’m looking forward to doing the new series together!
I hear people on the pain concerns. This lower back pain is finally starting to get better, but it's absolutely frustrating when I want to do a workout and there's a bunch of forward flexion in it since right now my body wants to punish me if I dare to try to move like a normal human being. (Oh, you want to do child's pose? You're gonna pay for it!)

Anyway, that said, this back pain is also making me keenly aware of how important full range of motion is to me and my daily tasks. I'd like to stay as independent as I can for as long as I can. It's just a matter of finding the right movements that will support it.

I honestly don't want to see squats or lunges go away (even though, again, right now my lower back is telling me "don't you dare squat!"). I'm excited to see how Cathe is going to define functional fitness. Maybe there's going to be a lot of body-weight only moves that are reminiscent of what a Physical Therapist would have you do, which to me all means stuff that is ultimately pretty safe and even beneficial for your joints.
The accessories for this series are listed below. Just to note, no barbell or weight plate is included. So it appears no heavy lifting will be included, however, anchored resistance bands are included. The dip bars aren't listed either but I'm assuming that's an oversight, or maybe Cathe & crew will be using chairs for the barre workout. :)
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Hi Cathe, as a previous commenter asked, I too would like to know if these will be squat/lunge free as I cannot do either anymore. Thank you!
Cathe has TONS of workouts with them.

I think this series provides a unique opportunity to exclude both of those exercises and accommodate people who can't do them ..either because of long term healing issues or joint degeneration.

Which is not the same as a lack of strength issue but does represent a population struggling to find ways to stay active and pain free.

I can do them but welcome a series that doesn't have them for a unique approach.

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