Announcing Cathe's Next DVD Series - Ripped with HiiT™


These do sound good and glad DVDs are still available. I am one that cannot download or use your live TV as my connection isn't fast enough.

I hope they do stay in the 45 minute range, that is perfect for my morning workouts. anything longer and I start to run out of time.

Cathe thanks so much for listening to your fans.
This is just the news I was waiting for! I'm thinking about doing a round of STS and then using these workouts to lean out and get ripped!


I am very glad there will be more DVDs also. Horrible internet connection, so no streaming/downloading for me! Also, will these be available for preorder as singles?


Hi Cathe and Crew,
Thrilled to hear the news of a new series. I can't do the live streaming right now and I was in the dumps thinking I couldn't stay up to date with what Cathe is up too and now I can!
I turn 61 in August and I can't let you go. My son is now 17 and I have to stay fit! I can't retire! :eek::eek::eek: Just to let you know Cathe, I had a bone density test last year and my OBGYN said she had never seen a woman my age with such strong bones. I attributed it to your workouts.
I started back in the 90's with the Firm and then took the scary plunge to your workouts in 2002 and haven't looked back.
You've taken me through Rotator Cuff surgery, broken finger, skin cancer surgery (plastic surgery to repair the hole from the Mohs, the hole was that big), depression from financial set backs and personal losses of family and friends and I have had Psoriatic Arthritis since 1992 and exercise is crucial along with my medications but you keep my spirits up and my body strong to look forward to a new tomorrow. ..... Yikes!:eek: Didn't mean to write a testimonial but that's how happy I am to hear of a new series.
Keep 'em coming.
PS I follow your weekly newsletters faithfully especially research for "athletes of a certain age" and love to know when to listen to my body and when to push. It never stops does it?


I'm sure later you can purchase them separately just like her XTRAIN and Low Impact Series. Those were presale as a bundle then after release, you could buy the individual dvd.


Thank You for your energy, enthusiasm and support everyone! As we have mentioned before, as long as the demand for DVD's is strong enough, we will continue to make them.

I'm so excited for this series! It's really gonna HIIT it! LOL

Hi Cathe
I'm excited too :eek:, I would like to know if there will be also Lorrain in this series? it's a lot of time that we didn't see her.

Ciao from Rome


I am amazed at how much Cathe does!
I certainly have my favorites that I work out with regularly, but it is SO nice to mix in other DVDs too. It really keeps me in better shape. AND with all these options, I will never be bored with a workout! I have been working out with Cathe DVDs for over ten years, and I am looking forward to the new ones too! It sounds like a great mix, I am looking forward to hearing more.
X-TRAIN has become my new favorite series.
Cathe just keeps getting better! I will be pre-ordering !


So glad DVDs are available! My internet connection is so hit and miss - more miss. I'm so excited about this new series!


I will be preordering for sure!! Anytime Cathe comes out with DVDs count me in! I have never in my life ordered before reviewing until I found Cathe DVDs ! Since the low impact series I have ordered no matter what! And each time it gets better and better! Plus I ended up with ALL the older work out DVDs as well! I have intensity series, body blast and many more! Love them all! I can't wait to hear about the music !!

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