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Hi Everyone,

As most of you already know, during the Cathe Virtual Halloween RoadTrip, I had the opportunity to share some details about my newest series with RoadTrip attendees! Since then, I’ve received some questions regarding a series announcement and presale details and I wanted to touch base to give you a little bit of insight and an update on where we stand at this point in time!

First, let me tell you that I am beyond excited about this new series!!! Tentatively titled, STS 2.0: Muscle & Recovery, this series will share some favorite aspects of the original STS series, like a complete strength training focus, but will also be very different in that the workouts will be a bit shorter, we won’t remain within a specific mesocycle phase, and will also include recovery routines within the program itself.

The basic outline of this new series is three complete sets of four workouts each (a total of 12 workouts) which can be utilized alone or as a training program designed to increase strength and endurance and also promote proper recovery of hard-worked muscles. I can’t give you any specific details about the types of workouts themselves right now or the training techniques that I’ll be choosing for this series as I am still testing and working through the details and have not finalized enough to make any claims as to what you will see. I can tell you that each “mini-set” will be unique in and of itself and when the three are used as a complete set it will be a strength training trifecta!

All this being said, I know your main question is, WHEN?! I’m working hard, long hours on this series and at this point, we expect to have presale details and an official announcement early in the new year. It’s always difficult to wait, but I promise it will be well worth it! Get ready to get stronger with STS 2.0: Muscle & Recovery!
Thanks so much for this update so early in the process!!! :):) Your lifting programs are the best in the business! I'm very excited about the focus on muscle/ligament recovery. Don't work too long hours!
So now that I have you here ;), I'd just like to voice some preferences
- please consider including a standing core 'bonus' or something along those lines (maybe utilizing weight plates? Your small ball?)
- if premixes plan to be in the mix, please consider having at least a few offered with the downloads package
Thanks so much Cathe for the update and everything you do. I am so excited about the new series and cannot wait. I know I will love it no matter how you design it but I would love it all the more if it contained

-- barbell hip thrusts/glute bridges for lower body (I love the Xtrain bonus, but it would be good to have them as part of the main program)
-- foam rolling for the muscle recovery
-- travel options using your new bands (or TRX or both), possibly through premixes.
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Great...Sounds awesome! Although I know this will be weights &/or barbell
Based, I hope that maybe one of the recovery workouts will use the fabric bands/loops so we can get some more use of them...and maybe a mobility type
Workout using the mini ball cause the segments using it in a couple of the Live's
Are great....

Also, Elsie's suggestion for "standing abs" would be great as well....Ab work
Doesn't always have to on the floor.. :)
Thanks Cathe, this series sounds great! I like the fact that the workouts will be a bit shorter than STS and that there will be recovery built in. I'm with Aqua girl, Elsie, and Yamabachi, in hoping the new series will include boss bands and loops, pilates ball and standing core exercises.:)
Cathe, this sounds great however many of us can no longer use heavy weights (ah the joys of aging - spinal arthritis in my case) - please consider having someone doing all the exercises using only bands (of varying resistance of course) for all the workouts instead of weights; as well as being perfect for those long time fans of yours who are no longer able to use heavy weights, it would be ideal for people who don't have or don't wish to obtain all the weights necessary. Would also be perfect when travelling and for those who have limited space to workout in!
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This is the best news we’ve had in years. I’ll add my 2 cents to the requests. I’d love to see the fit tower put to use for pull ups as I feel it works the muscles so differently then just rows and pullovers. Also, if you can let us know what weights you are using for each exercise. Over the years I have learned your strength and I know how to convert it to mine haha. If that makes sense. Hopefully there will also be a splash of RWH, mainly the upper body style. Love those workouts but wish the rests were a tad longer. Thank you Cathe! You are the best!!
OMG - thank you so much for this!!! Your strength training workouts are the BEST and now that I'm getting older I know I need to continue to do them... this is great!! I wish I could fast forward and have the new DVDs tomorrow but I'm utterly thrilled that the new series will be focused on strength. Thank you again!!
I'm hoping for some total body workouts or at least total UB workouts. I loved how you made the push/pull premix for total body and the extra pyramid dvd for total body. I rarely do body part splits (bis/tris one day and chest/back another day). Just not the way I workout. Please consider some ways to put things together for us who like to work total body (or total UB and total LB). Thanks for your hard work!

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