50 and over March check in

Jann wow 5 hours you must have burn 1000 calories

I wanted to do a power walk also but my yard needed my attention
Didn't end up doing anything yesterday, but today I walked indoors for 44 minutes. Rain is really getting old and it's killing baseball at the moment. Boys each had one outdoor practice and there were supposed to be games this weekend. At this point, all Saturday stuff is moved to Sunday in hopes they can actually get on the fields.
It's been so nice here all week (sorry Cathy) I have spent 3 hours a day in the garden. I don't seem to have the stamina I used to have. It is raining today and for the next couple of days on and off.
I am meeting up with other Master Gardeners this morning and we are making our own birdseed ornaments. One of the MG's has her own recipe!! We will be giving them to kids at our plant sale.
No workouts -- I don't seem to have the energy to do a workout and garden work -- so garden work wins! :p Spring is so busy!
Saturday I did XTrain Chest, Shoulders and Back and then today I did the Biceps and Triceps. Yesterday, was baseball.

Feel free to stop reading here. ;)

Finally, we manage to get a game in, but it was an experience I'd prefer never to repeat. It was supposed to warm up to low 50's, with light rain until noon. We arrived at 11:00 with the game starting at noon. Within a short time of getting there it started snowing, by game time it moved from pellet type snow to huge, heavy flakes. It was crazy! If you're on my FB page, you saw what the backside of my sports umbrella looked like. We played with very light flurries before, but never anything like that. And it turned into a 3 hour 7 inning game and didn't warm up and didn't warm up and then almost immediately after it was done at 3:00, the sun came out and it turned nice.

Then after being cloudy until almost 5:00 today, the sun came out and we had an hour of really nice sunny mid-60's. Rain getting ready to move back in now and stays in the forecast through Friday. I'd like to think we can play ball next weekend, but our fields are low and don't deal well with a lot of rain.
Where is everyone? Busy like I've been apparently. I have gotten in a few workouts. Mostly walking and hitting all the upper body parts once a week. I've also been on a marathon watching the old "Scarecrow and Mrs. King" series which has always been a fave of mine, but only available on DVD recently. Season four just came out this year, and my library is the only one on the state library system that has them! I've been rewatching the whole series and picked up season 4 on Friday. I can only have them for a week, so that means fitting in a lot of watching!

We had baseball in actual decent weather today! Just scrimmages, but our fields are still waterlogged, so it was good to get something in!

My youngest is at camp all week. Going to be very weird around here without him.
Hey ladies. I've never watch that show but maybe I'll rent the series.

My workout have been poor this month. I really need to follow a rotation or else I won't workout. I was thinking of doing month long xtrain with crossfire. I think that was feb rotation.
HI all-- well, I am officially leaving the check-in. I go Friday to a breast surgeon to have an excisional biopsy done -- here I go again. 3rd times a charm -- so maybe it's not cancer. Any way you look at it I'll be down and out for weeks.

I'll pop in once I get back on my feet.

Take care and STAY healthy ladies! :)
Oh Jann! My thoughts and prayers will be with you! I hate that you have been going through this again - but I'm sure it will be alright! Please let us know.

I have not been checking in either. I'm just going to the gym -not much to say. I'm glad that everyone else is staying motivated.
Jann you are in my prayers. I pray that it not cancer and that you will be up and pumping iron soon.
Jann I'll be keeping you in my thoughts! Please let us know how you do and pop in when you can.

Yesterday I did Burn Sets Bi's and Tri's. Nothing for me until Monday now. Tomorrow I'm going with the 8th grade band to State Festival, Friday Shopping, Conference Saturday and tournament Sunday. Actually Monday, I may just lay on the couch all day. Derek is off to camp. His brother is still denying that he misses him, but he's spending a lot more time than usual sitting around bored.

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