50 and over March check in

Just finished doing Cardio Supersets. I really like that one as it packs a lot in a short time. And was actually rather impressed with myself that I could do it given how hit and miss my workouts have been recently.

Iron-Mom it's a regular tank. I love looking at salt tanks, but they are way more work than I want to deal with. This one came with everything, so I don't have to get anything, but eventually I want to get different decorations and live plants. Though getting live plants without also getting snails isn't easy. I don't have anything against snails except that they breed like crazy and even if you just get one they can still have more. We had a tank completely overrun years ago and I've been leery of live plants ever since even though I much prefer them. The fish have seemed to settle down today and the remaining little one is out and about around the tank, so hopefully he'll be ok.

We got a dusting of snow before bed last night and then more flurries this morning, but it's all gone now. Truly I'd settle for sunny at 50 at this point.


No I wasn't able to finish the 90 day rotation but one of my friends on FB did. She is good for following long rotations

Still no workout but will try to get something done. Easter is a crazy time in retail.
Was nice enough today that I went for a walk around town before I picked Nick up from school. It's a good place to walk because from one end of town to the other is a gradual uphill and I pretty much walk from one end of town to the other and across. It's not a very big town. ;)

I meant to add last time, that I never finished the 90 day rotation and actually I think I barely made the first 30. :eek: I used to be so good with rotations and now I rarely ever seem to finish them. A pattern that's going to change!

The lone fish whose friend got killed, went to live in the aquarium in Derek's classroom today. He'll be much safer with similar sized tank mates.
Today was shopping day, so no workout. Apparently, after not walking (for exercise) for a couple months, I forgot to pay attention to form with the result that my shins are really quite unhappy with me. :( I have a tendency to lean forward when I walk and they don't like that angle. So, next time I need to remember to NOT do that.
This morning I did XTrain Chest, Back and Shoulders. Goal for spring break is to get up and workout every day! Then I need to find a way to carry that momentum over to when the boys go back to school.

Supposed to be over 50 here today! And it's sunny, too!!


Hi all!

I am back on the workout wagon today. Cathy I hope to get a momentum going also.

I didn't finish the 90 day rotation. I got tired of the same workouts over and over. I am starting a new rotation today.
Week 1
Xtrain Chest back and shoulders
LIS Low impact challenge
Xtrain Legs
Xtrain Hard strikes
Xtrain bi & tris
Jann we can find out momentum together! I started a rotation yesterday and I'm determined to finish this one!! It'll get me through April and then I'll figure out what I want to focus on next. Right now I'm just focusing on getting my strength and endurance back. It's not bad considering how little I've done the last few months, but nowhere near what I know it can be.

So, DH has this idea that I should play on his softball team. Note that I haven't played softball since gym class in school. :rolleyes: Also, note that when I did, while I can actually hit the ball, my fielding is pretty much non-existant. His league is pretty laid back and he thinks as long as there are enough other women players, I can just hit. Thankfully, the boys playing baseball pretty much means my Mondays are taken up into July and the odds that I'll actually play are pretty slim.

Yesterday, I had him pitch to me, because I really do like to hit, and I did pretty well considering how rarely I do it. However, I was supposed to do bi's and tri's today and woke up to find that after hitting at least 3 dozen times, those were the very areas that were sore!

But, I did it anyway, so now I can't wait to see how long the pain lasts. Especially in my tri's. My biceps don't actually get very sore, but my tri's! :eek: And for added fun I did shoulders yesterday morning before I hit, so they are talking, too.

Rolling, rolling, rolling keep those workouts rolling...
Got up this morning and did 30/30!! :D:D:D

Got on the scales for the first time in 6+ months. :eek::eek::eek:

At least I know where I stand at the moment and where I need to go.
Today I did the standing portion of Xtrain Legs. I decided since I hadn't done legs in awhile that if I did the whole thing I'd be crippled tomorrow which would interfere with my next couple of workouts.
Well I'm very glad I only did the standing portion of Legs yesterday because my hamstrings are killing me and I even did extra stretching throughout the day yesterday.

Even so, I did do MMA Kick Box this morning!


Hi ladies I hoped you all had a good Easter. I really need to get back to working out. I'm not that motivated lately. Maybe I need some new workouts. Ha. I was so busy at work last week I forgot to order Cathe new ones. Oh we'll I guess I will wait until they are released.

I really must workout every day even if its just some kbell swings. I'm not dealing with stress very well lately. Also my hot flashes are back HATE. Which means I wake up many times at night.
Jazcam I'll send you some of my motivation vibes! So when you get hot flashes at night do you get to then lay there for an hour. :rolleyes: I'm rather over them myself, unfortunately, they don't seem to be over me.

This morning I did Tabatacize Tabata 5. I do wish there were just premixes for the individual tabata's on that one.

Had a productive afternoon. I'm doing a session on fitness at the La Leche League of Michigan conference later this month and I got my handouts and outline done. Now I just have to do the one for my whole foods session.

Finally over 50 today, would love it to stay that way.
Yesterday was my rest day and I actually worked out all six days before that!!!

Today I did the shopping/errands and then had to clean house, by that time the Tiger's game was on and because we only get the channels our antenna gets, unless they are the FOX game of the week, we don't get to see it. Or should I say I don't, because while we live in Michigan I'm the only Tiger's fan in the house. :rolleyes: We have four different favorite teams.

Anyway, I was supposed to do upper body today, so I did that while I was watching the Tigers and just chose my own exercises to do.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend.


Hi Cathy!! Glad to see you keeping this thread alive! :D:D

Spring has arrived here!! I have worked in my yard 2 days this week. My whole body is feeling it! :p:p:p:p -- Love it!! Mulch will be delivered this week along with some handy dandy new toys for working my garden. My time of YEAR!

Workouts are hit and miss. Catching up with hard strikes today.


Jann you make me want to start a garden.

Cathy good job on getting your upper body work in.
Even though its going to be a long stressful week I will get my workouts in. This month I plan to do circuits 5 times per week. I will alternate between very lite and heavy weights. My weight is up so I better get going before my blood pressure goes up.
Slide and Glide today! Cardio only. Jann that's great that you have gotten started gardening. We still aren't really breaking through with nice days yet. Just get the odd one here and there.

Back to regular routines tomorrow, with the bonus that I don't have to see everyone's FB status updates from Florida.

Jazcam are you using a certain series for the circuit workouts or changing it up?


Boy it's so nice outside and I have to work. Booing. At least I got my workout in I did Amy's rumble with hand weights.

Cathy slide glide is a fun workout but ive never did the second part. I plan to mix up my rotation with any circuit I want so I can work on myy endurance.
Jazcam high five on the workout! :D

This morning I did Total Body Trisets Lower Body. My lower back and right knee didn't want to join the party, so I had to do some adapting.

Can't make up it's mind if it wants to rain or clear off. Hoping for the latter as Nick is supposed to have his first outdoor practice tonight. So far, no word that it's canceled. Crossing fingers.


75 degrees here today!!

I worked outside for 5 hours... time to go to my meeting. 1 of 4 this week - :rolleyes:
Jann I really don't want to hear about your 75 degrees! :p

I walked for 40 minutes today. Tomorrow I'm watching a friend's kids all day so not sure I'll get anything in. I may try to get them to do a Hiit or tabata type workout with me.

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