50 and over March check in

Yesterday I did XT All Out Low Impact Hiit the floor only premix. Today was yoga. I've said it before, but I really need to do more stretch/yoga workouts.

We've been having baby snow flurries all day and woke up to a dusting, but even the dusting has melted.

I've been dragging the last couple days. Yesterday after I took the boys to school, I napped for an hour and only woke up because the phone rang, and today I actually slept two hours! And it was really deep sleep which I normally don't get when I nap.

Tonight I have a meeting for 8th grade parents about next years high school stuff. Can't believe I'll have a freshman next year!
hi CATHY, :) i really like your name:). that is how i feel everyday!! always tired, have to make myself get stuff done, and w/the last 6 wks off due to groin injury, i'll tell ya, i have gotten really lazy. BUT, i did an hr w/o this morning finally w/out pain and mostly full ROM. still babying the injury though. do not want to start over on recovery.
I have days like that too! I always blame it on my thyroid! ;)
Cathy - freshman -- let the fun begin!! :p
Cathy take is slow. Our bodies have wonderful muscle memory! (even if our brains don't :rolleyes:)

I am babysitting today, her regular babysitter is sick. So they brought her here before I got my workout done. So no workout today - :(
Class tonight.

Have a good one!
Cathy I would love to nap like that. Do you take vitamins? I take B complex sometimes twice per day for energy.

I just finished pump revolution second half plus 2 mile walk. I downloaded Christina new cd and Kimbra. That's how I trick myself into doing longer cardio sessions.

I only want to preorder 4 of Cathe new stuff which will cost me $72 but I was wondering if I should just order all 6 for $80. I know I will not do the step workouts. Hmmm
Robin that's a tough one. You don't like step ever?

I did 2 miles on the treadmill today. I wanted to watch a DVD and made myself walk while watching. :p
Jann I like step but my knees don't like it. I get sharp pains even when I do it low impact step. :eek:

Today I did mike donavanik extreme burn ripped. It was a fast past no breaks 30 min circuit workout which was mostly upper body. It's similar to bob's workouts. I also did Cathe xtr tabata #3 which was a little hard to modify and keep my heart rate up.

I'm now eating my fav breakfast egg frittata with veggies.
Robin, then just don't get the step workouts. :D There are too many other workouts to purchase that you can enjoy! :p

Cathe's Bootcamp today. I always forget that I like this one. :rolleyes:
Sorry I've been MIA. Mid-week I woke up and must have slept wrong because the muscles along the top of my shoulder to my neck were really sore. It's better today, but still a bit sore. I don't have any cardio equipment and it's been colder than I like for getting out and walking, so I haven't worked out. Hoping for continued improvement and I'll do something tomorrow.

Today the boys and I are going to my parents. I have to help my Dad figure out his new kindle.

Glad to see that you guys are getting workouts in! I'll live vicariously through you for today. :)

And Cathy, Jann's right on about the muscle memory. The times I've had to not exercise for awhile, my body gets back on track pretty fast.
Good morning & Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Cathy hope you are feeling better! I hate those night time kinks! :(

Going to a local flower show today. Walking!!
Well this morning I dipped my toe back into working out by doing Tabatacise Tabata 4. My shoulder isn't 100%, but it didn't complain so hopefully I can work back into doing something every day though I'll probably put off weight workouts for a few more days.
HI all -- took a couple of days off.

Back today with my blender mix of low max and Low impact step. Need to practice these!! :p
This morning I did Low Impact Challenge premix 2 which is just all the combos.

The neighbor called the other day and offered us his 55 gallon aquarium with fish. He's remodeling and won't have room for it. I sure wasn't going to turn it down when I've always wanted one and never had the money to put into one that size. They're going to bring it over tomorrow. Right now it has three large fish, and three other small ones and two algae eaters, so plenty of room for more and they are all peaceful fish, so I want to get a few schools of small fish like tetras to add to it.

My basketball bracket has basically died already because of all the upsets that happened in the first couple days.

Derek found out the other day that he took second place overall book in a local college's children's literature project for 5th grade. Last year he took third place for illustrations, so a definite improvement. Last year they had a banquet for the winner, parents and teachers, so I'm assuming there will be one again this year. There are 9 winners per grade and he was the only 5th grader from his school, but there were 5 4th graders that won, so they took more than half the spots!

And where is spring?
Hi ladies sorry I've been Mia but I had bronchitis last week. Smh this cold wont leave me alone. I had plan to do a short workout today but time ran out. I'm off of work tomorrow so I should be able to do something short.

Cathy I saw those pretty fish on FB but I don't know what kind they are. Congrats on getting that big tank. It must be so relaxing
Robin sorry to hear you haven't been well. :(

The fish tank would be very relaxing and one of the reasons I enjoy having one, not just watching the fish, but the sound of the water falling, too. However, I came home from picking up kids and found that one of the larger ones had attacked the smaller one and now there's only one small one left. I've sent a message to a local pet store, that I trust, asking them whether or not I should find it a new home. I'd planned to go there on Friday anyway to talk to them about potential species I could add to the tank, but now the situation seems a bit more dire. They've been fine together for a long time, but I think the move must have just agitated the larger fish too much.
Hello everyone! I have been reading the posts but I cant seem to find time to catch up! I have nothing to report-- no routines- just hit or miss. I think I have fizzeled out. I do go to the gym though- so thats something. I really need to get a good rotation working again.

Cathy- what kind of tank did you get We have salt water aquariums. They are so neat but alot of work!

Did anyone finish the 90 day undiluting rotation?

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