50 and over March check in


Hope everyone finds us!

Cathy round the year sports -- fun times! :D

Hope to get back to my workouts in the morning. I ate way to much of the wrong foods all weekend! :eek::eek:
Happy MARCH! Spring is around the corner !,

I have not been working out at home lately. I ran the Marathon half and couldn't do anything but stretch for a while. You guys look like you're going strong!

Jann, I saw your photos on FB. Was that the flower show? Looks too tropical for your area.

I'm still frustrated with the weight non loss! I recorded for a full month and kept it under 1200 calories and have not lost one single pound! Today I am going to a diet center and will see what they say!

Hope you all aren't snowed in!
i know i know......

i have been gone a loonnngg time. probably don't even know anyone anymore. LOL! sorry, just overwhelmed with life and been nursing a groin injury for the past 5 wks. have not had energy, time, motivation to even think about doing any cathe w/outs. but, i want to try to check-in occasionally. we got moved if ya'll remember. well, sort of moved, still have stuff at the old house to get. but, we still have time. it has been a HUGH adjustment after being at the old place for 28 yrs. but, i am grateful to have a place to live and i am closer to g/kids which is nice. so, how in the world is everyone????? so sorry to have been awol for so long.
Jann where you able to get your workout done

Cathy lol I know what you mean. Feb was a short month. I still catch my self writing 2012.

Iron mom sorry about your lack of weight loss. I'm sure they can help. Lets us know their advice please.

Cathy (driver) I'm glad your groin is healed.
Soon it will be spring and you can take nice long walks

My workout today was pump burn plus 1 Cathe tabata
Hi all!! Welcome back Cathy good to see you. I was thinking about you when I saw something on FB about Texas. So you are all moved? You know you don't have to do Cathe workouts to check in here. We except all major workouts!!! ;);)

Yes, I did High Step circuits this morning. That workout always makes me sweat like crazy. Didn't have time for abs - :(

Beth-- I have weighed the same for a month also. Feb wasn't a good weight loss month. I also would like to hear any advice you can share.

The pictures I posted on FB are from the philly flower show. Soo much to see, toooooooo many people! :p
I got my workout in pump &shred plus some taebo. I think I might of hurt my knee doing burpies. I'm icing it now.

Who got snow. So far no snow here but cold and windy.
After two days of life and more to the point ME interfering I did KPC combos and abs this afternoon. I have so got to adjust my attitude about working out. I really don't know what the deal is - I used to work out all the time and now I can talk myself out of it so easily. :(

Hi to the other Cathy!

Thankfully, I can report that we got missed by this latest round of snow, though we still have a few inches on the ground from last week.
Cathy -- ME TOO! I shoveled snow this morning, walked Reggie and I just can not talk myself into working out. ugh! :(
Something, something, I need to so something.
Did Gym Styles Chest and Triceps the Supersets premix today. I've never really enjoyed that series. Actually the whole Hard Core series is not a fave of mine, though I do pull them out and do them sometimes.

Wrapping up Derek's basketball season today and high school pretty much wrapped up last night. The boys varsity team won the District championship, but it would rather take a miracle for them to win there next game.

Everyone should play baseball in the snow wearing shorts or at least Nick thinks so. ;)


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Sorry about all the snow.

I did a fast kbell 30/40 hiit. I work all weekend. Easter is around the corner.
Cathy - :D - Looks like they are having a great time in that snow. Congrats to the district champs!! Good luck on the next game !!

Hi Robin!

Today was an errand day. No workout lots of walking though. Have a good evening! Don't forget to jump forward! :p
Good idea for low impact workout crossfire

I did pump revolution first half and 2 mile walk.
I didn't sleep well. I guess it's too much stress at work.
AHHHHH sleep!! What's with our brains!?! :( I make lists, I try to clear my head daily, I still wake up like someone shocked me and then it's over. :mad:
I would love to learn how to meditate. I had a guy that was going to teach me and he got sick and stopped his classes. Need to look into that again.
thx jann, will try to ch-in more regular. just so bummed after 6 wks off w/a groin injury. very hard to get motivated again. today i have no pain, so am doing a hard w/o as long as it doesn't hurt. do not want to go thru another 6 wks of that! i have not done a step w/o yet, since stepping in just a walk was very painful, so gonna heal a bit more b4 doing step.
well jann, we are moved, but still have some large outdoor stuff to get. my sister-in-law is leasing the house now, so we have plenty of time to get it. the school has no plans for at least a yr to build, which is another bummer. we could have stayed there longer.

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