30 pounds down!!!!

wow weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

CONGRATS! I am so proud of you. :eek: I know you feel like a totally different person. Best wishes and Happy Holidays!

Wow, excellent work! You should be very proud! Do you mind my asking are you continuing to workout twice a day with STS and what changes have you made in your nutrition?

Vicky----I do 30 minutes of cardio every morning prior to work....I just love getting some cardio in before a long day at the office. I have a desk job...so I feel it is critical to get moving. I also do a DVD in the evening. I plan continueing this workout schedule....I am in the maintaining mode now. As for diet, I really don't diet...I just eat healthy with the occasional cheat meal. I do not drink any calories though...I like to eat, so I eat them! LOL :D

Thanks for all the congrats!!! It has been a fun year with lots of sweaty workouts...but I love it!
fourmommy---Hello. Thanks. I am still working out 2 hrs a day. I work full time, so I get up early and do an hour of cardio. Then after work, I eat dinner first and then workout with Cathe!!! I am not really strick with my eating, I do not eat fried foods!!!! Everything is baked or grilled. I eat alot of veggies and fruits. I do have a cheat meal here and there. I don't eat out alot. I prepare all my snacks and lunches and take them to work with me. I also, plan my entire weeks worth of lunches and dinners to help with time. I post them on the fridge so I can look and see what I need to prepare.

My schedule:
6 am---cardio
7 am--- breakfast
10 am---snack
12 pm---lunch
3 pm--- snack
6 pm---dinner
7:30 pm---Cathe DVD

I sometimes eat a piece of fruit in the evening if I am hungry!!!

For snacks...fruits, cottage cheese, cheese its, pretzels, veggies and ranch dressing, etc.

I hope this helps. If you ever hit a wall, just keep pushing forward and always mix up your workouts. You can do it!!!! Good luck! :D
Thx for sharing your food plan!
How did you get your weight loss on your signature?!!!

Thanks Jen

Oh my goodness!!!! I clicked on this to read because I was so excited about someone losing 30 pounds and by the time I got to the end of your updates it was 50!!!!! AMAZING!!!! If you don't mind can you give some tips on what you did for eating? Did you continue to workout out 2 hours/day? And if this is not to terribly personal how old are you? I seem to be stuck and need some inspiration!!! I am 42 pounds and think getting my 40's has not helped matters!
Again congrats on your super duper success!!!!
I wanted to share my success with the fellow Cathe members....

I starting exercising Novemebr 11, 2011.... I was doing 2 hours of cardio a day. I get up in the morning do an hour of running and when I get home for work another hour. The pounds were coming of but I started to have the love for exercise. So I was surfing the web and came accross Cathe. I purchased the LIS Series. Needless to say I am now addicted. Can't get enough. I have done the November rotation 5 and 6 day. With amazing results. I have now lost 30.6 pounds and feeling amazing. I still do cardio in the morning before work and now I have started STS. Which is amzing!!!!

Still am continuing on the weight loss journey with a little more to lose. But, I am now also focusing on my health and also wanting to be toned. I am so excited for what is to come. I feel amazing!!!

To all of you out there.... It is possible it just takes motivation.

Thanks for reading and good luck to all!!!:)

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