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    My Cathe Space???

    How do I get to MyCathe Space to view the progress pics I just posted? Can't find it...can you help me locate the link? Thanks! Konnie
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    What if I skipped a couple of days in Week 3

    Do I repeat week 3 or should I go forward with week 4? What do you all think? Last week, I completed Disc 8 then Did 1/2 of Disc 9 and then didn't do Disc 10 at all. Honestly, I hate legs workout! Any suggestion or advice is welcome! Konnie
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    I'm aggravated

    Hi, Is this what you have? Do you use that to put your barbell on as well for chest press and as a squat rack? I am wondering if that will work for me to increase my weight for squats. Does it take up lots of space?
  4. W has the Cathe vest in stock

    Thanks!! Thanks for posting the link to the vest. Do you know at which Disc of STS do we need the vest?
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    Plan on starting Mesocycle #1 the week of Feb 8th, 2009

    STS start February 9 I am starting STS on February 9 and will do the 1RM today. I think I will do this for the DVD's of the week that I am using so that way I will get them all in. Glad to know others are starting the same time. Also, where did you all get your pull up bar? Any...
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    Pavi tiles

    I have a question: Will this type of tile work on carpet?