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    Pre-Order Cathe's New Fit Split Workouts

    Hi, Cathe, I am training Marathon. I am really looking forward to weight, conditioning workout within 30 min. Hope you will include those 30 min pre mix. I am not a fan of steps work out. It really bothers my knees. Will this series contain steps workout? I love, love love your Kickboxing...
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    Fit Tower Advanced Video Update - 4-15-17

    Coupon Code "Cathe10" does not work when I put it in for pre order for DVDs. Also, it is not Free Shipping?
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    Fit Tower Advanced Video Update - 4-15-17

    Thank you. Is this still pre-order price? If I order today, I will get the same shipment period as Pre-Order, right?
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    Fit Tower Advanced Video Update - 4-15-17

    Sorry, just saw this message. Is Pre-Order price still going on? Thanks
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    Any rotation aimed at flexibility?

    Thank you. Which kickboxing workout would be moderate?
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    Any rotation aimed at flexibility?

    Thank you. I will look into Dec and Sep11 rotation..
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    Any rotation aimed at flexibility?

    Hi, I am training for marathon in last two years. I became very stiff. I would like to take next 4 weeks to focus on strength and flexibility train. Any suggestions? I have almost every Cathe's DVD except ICY series and Low Impact (I couldn't find it from download and it did not allow me to...
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    Who has already preordered fit tower?

    I ordered mine today. I am super excited about this tower and workout DVD. I have been training marathon and my legs are so tight. The program clips it showed on youtube is exactly what I am looking for and the time. I could not afford more than 30 mins for strength and flex workout each day.
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    Cathe Fitness Tower

    I got email and very excited about it. Hope she can post how much it costs for the whole package. what if I just want to order new tower but thinking about subscribe ondemand? Is it possible?
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    new videos

    Hi, Cathe, I am very excited with new series. I can no longer doing steps anymore because of my knees. I am actually glad you don't have steps in the new series. Could you let me know how long is program in each DVD? Thanks Daisy
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    Ripped Hiit User's Guide

    Thank you. I was looking for it as well.
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    Insanity Max 30

    I ordered mine two days ago. I am very excited to see it. Keep us posted. I just received Cathe's HIIT set this week. I did Low Imapct today. I am very happy with it as well.
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    Any one used Precision Ntrution as Diet Plan

    Hi, I have been working out, though not 5 days a week, about 3 days a week. My weight keeps piling up. My family doctor told me at my age - 47 is all about mouth. I should only eat half of what I used to eat when I was young. But it is hard to keep it that way. I would like to know if...
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    Pedal Power Review

    Thanks for reply. I will give it a try.
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    Pedal Power Review

    Hi, Lisa, I am thinking about doing the same thing. How did you sell your treadmill? Thanks