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    Great customer service!

    Where is the free User’s Guide for the Lite series. Received my DVDs yesterday but no user guide and I don’t see one online....HELP
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    Mark forums

    Mark forums
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    How do you mark forum read?????

    How do you mark forum read?????
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    Motivational Websites

    I am interested in what websites you look to for motivation and inspiration.... Some I like are The Daily Motivator - This very day and on YouTube they have: the motivation grid...any others you'd suggest...:)
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    I really have had to work to lose the weight. I have been a fitness instructor for 30 years and had always heard you gain weight with menopause. I didn't believe it I thought they just weren't working hard enough or applying themselves.....WRONG!!! I am 5' 2" so every pound shows can't really...
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    Workout DVD regrets

    I love this post, need to look here before decide to get new workouts....had been considering Kettleworx, so glad I saw this..... I hated, hated Insanity...I love hard workouts but that had a MAJOR dread factor. I did do it all the way thru but I was never so happy to get finished with a...
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    Ftiness Freak...? Regarding Leg Training

    What was week one...Leigh
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    Fitnessfreak's Rotations

    Thank is in November -- the Rock N Roll in San Antonio ....leigh
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    Fitnessfreak's Rotations

    Yes, that is my running plan now.....leigh
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    Fitnessfreak's Rotations

    Fitnessfreak.....thanks for the quick response....I don't need a running plan, I already have that. I am trying to get a rotation around the running program I have using any other DVD workouts that you think might benefit my existing running program....thanks...Leigh:)
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    Fitnessfreak's Rotations

    I love all your rotations Fitnessfreak. I especially liked the last on in tribute to Sean. I am preparing for a full marathon am wondering if you can do a rotation based on running and preparing for one. I run five days a week with my long run on Saturday. At this point I've been doing...
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    Ok, guys, thought I'd let you know I am ordering my third ask why because they do not take sweat well. I am training for a marathon right now and they just can't take a lot of sweat. I looked up this problem on the help and it said they are not can...
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    Yes, when you start your activity hold down til timer starts to run and then when you're finished press til stop appears. It is definitely small and tool...leigh
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    I have both the Fitbit Ultra and Omron that has the computer upload software. I love, love the fitbit because it is so easy to slide over your panthouse, shorts or whatever and just like the Omron it can be put in your pocket. But I will tell you the Omron is much better at counting your...
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    Your "dread factor" workout

    Fit44 I totally agree I will no longer do workouts I dread. Working out should always be a challenge but like recess at school or you won't come back.... Having said that I have to say Insanity had to have the worse dread factor I have ever experienced, though I finished that rotation I'll...