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    Are you attributing the no wrinkles to the peptides?
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    Fitness Freaks Rotation

    Thanks for posting these!!!!!
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    Fitness Freaks Rotation

    I wish I could access her rotations, she has so many great ones! I haven't been able to access them since cathe changed her site around
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    Fitness Freaks Rotation

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    Fitness Freaks Rotation

    The link to her rotations no longer work me. Can somebody copy and paste her Basic/Intermediate/Advance 12 Week Rotation if they have it? I'm also interested in any other primarily strength based rotations. Thanks!
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    What brand(s) have you used?
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    Does any take these (in powder form)? If so, have they found skin/joint benefit (particularly with menopause)? Are the unflavored powders truly unflavored?
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    PHA-like Workouts

    I love Cathe's PHA workouts. Are there any other instructors that have similar workouts? (prefer dvds)
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    Where to Begin with Cathe

    What type of equipment do you have at home?
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    Updated Rock Bottom Rotation

    I'd be interested in one that includes more in the way of hip thrusters/bridges, the Firewalker loop, and floor work and less in the way of lunges. My knees can't take many of those type of exercises anymore!
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    ICE. What comes next?

    I think LIS is harder and has a decent amount of mountain climber/push up segments as part of the cardio segments. So with your back issue, if you have trouble going from the floor to standing again at a quicker pace that is something to consider with the Low Impact Series. I really enjoy the...
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    New Workout Idea

    I was hoping someday you would consider a workout geared more towards the older population or those with some limitations. Specifically a low impact remake of Tabatacize that does not involve any jumping, twisting, alot of lunges which are tough on the knees for some of us or any moves that...
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    Hair Color

    It may be beautiful for some but I'm not ready to go there yet. I prematurely grayed so I'm graying way before my time!
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    Rear Delts

    I think a back fly will work your mid back musculature. But these exercises are called a Rear Delt Fly and a Rear Delt Raise.