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    Workout Manager Not Working

    I never knew how much I loved tracking my weight until it broke
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    Recovery week

    Iirc it means to rest from strength/muscle building workouts.
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    What does it mean when someone is "following" you?

    I would assume it means they can easily watch your posts. Probably they find your posts informative or your success/struggles/questions match theirs somehow (I might follow someone that has a pear shape, loves lifting heavy, builds muscle easily because that "matches" my interests/struggles etc.)
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    STS Pyramid Results and/or sts 6 days/week

    Thanks!!! I'm now seriously considering those!!!
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    STS Pyramid Results and/or sts 6 days/week

    My son built me a simple rack out of 2x3s. I also use the vest because the whole weight is hard on my shoulders. I also added ankle weights to my wrists for some exercises. In the case of UB workouts and one arm rows, I draped 2.5 ankle weights over each end of my db to add heaviest db...
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    STS Pyramid Results and/or sts 6 days/week

    Thank you, that's exactly the kind of feedback I'm looking for!!
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    STS Pyramid Results and/or sts 6 days/week

    For those that did the pyramid, what was the benefit over the linear for you?
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    workout cards from workout manager for other DVDs

    Xtrain does, I believe. I second the thought, it would be AWESOME if there were, I've thought it for a while myself.
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    Which Cathe Videos have Barre Work?

    It's the first Legs of Meso 1 (disk 3?) I know ot was there as that's what I did last week!
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    Fit Tower & heavy bag questions

    I found it somewhere but, can't remember where. It was around 85-95? I think. I do remember it didn't go high enough for what I wanted and, iirc, I was looking for something that could hold 110+ at the time? I can't help on the bag, I just use my gloves alone.
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    STS Pyramid Results and/or sts 6 days/week

    I read a bunch of old sts threads following a rotation of M1, M2, M3, M2, M1. Anyone who followed this, what were your results? Especially compared to the original rotation, if you've done both. Also, those who have done each disc 2x/wk? If you've done the 3.5 month and the 5.5 mon, what...
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    Percent increase by end of program?

    If i recall correctly, it's 5%
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    3 weeks postpartum

    Ease back into it. Your body has been through a huge process! Since you were fit before, I would just listen closely to your body. You probably aren't sleeping as much ;) and, could wear yourself out if you push too much. If you are nursing, don't focus too much on weight loss, make sure you...
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    Cathe Live rotation
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    Cathe Live rotation

    Have you checked out blog? She has a few she's done, her cathe reviews are incredible too!!