STS Pyramid Results and/or sts 6 days/week

I read a bunch of old sts threads following a rotation of M1, M2, M3, M2, M1. Anyone who followed this, what were your results? Especially compared to the original rotation, if you've done both. Also, those who have done each disc 2x/wk? If you've done the 3.5 month and the 5.5 mon, what difference did you notice between them?

I am on my last week of 2lazy4gym's STS/Glute rotation and I'm very happy with it. I would like to continue and incorporate either using each disc 2x/wk for upper body and/or pyramid down. Alternatively, I was considering doing each week for 2 weeks.

For lower body, I plan to stick with 2L4G outline as that really changed my lower body results more than anything in decades of just Cathe (no disrespect, the woman is a goddess and my fitness hero!!! Her LB stuff just doesn't fit my body type as well as a blend of newer stuff out Bret Contreras!) I also have some Fitness By Julia routines I plan to include on LB days, I will continue with 1 day/wk of sts lower body as well.

I'm having way to much fun planning round #2!!!

Anyone have any n=1 results they'd like to share while I plan this rotation? Or suggestions?

Thanks in advance!!!

ETA: for reference, I build UB muscle easily and store an extra layer of fat on LB (pear).


I've done the regular 3 months of STS and done pyramid style of 1,2,3,2,1 twice. I just finished the second round last week and I love it. When I go back and do 2 and 1 I increase the weight by 5% for every exercise. I'm sore pretty much every week. And my arms are ripped!

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