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    Camera - Nikon or Canon?

    Just adding: I came across some rugged compacts in a photography magazine I was reading yesterday. Here's a link that might be worth checking out: Shooting in the rough: Rugged compact digital cameras - CNET Reviews
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    GHD Straightener

    I've always gone with the 2" irons because I have thick hair.
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    Camera - Nikon or Canon?

    The question of Nikon or Canon is sort of like Mac or PC. Both make excellent cameras. I have a Canon Rebel (DSLR) and a Canon PowerShot Elph (point-and-shoot), and I'm very happy with each, but the Rebel I treat like a baby. If you have a tendency to drop them or let young children handle...
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    GHD Straightener

    I bought the gold 2" after reading the gold plates would move more smoothly through the hair than the black plates on the original. I never personally compared the two, so I don't know if the gold plates make that much of a difference, but since it was the updated model, I went with that. If...
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    photos from new workouts?

    Dear SNM, Facebook may be “king,” but here is another perspective from a customer who does not belong to the teenage demographic. For me, a company's main website is still my preferred source of information. Yes, I use Facebook, and yes, I have “liked” quite a few fan pages, so I have taken...
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    photos from new workouts?

    Hunh. I must've missed them too. I feel a little bit lost with this pre-sale. I understand the newsletter and Facebook are being used to provide updates, but sometimes it feels there's an information overload nowadays. It'd be nice to able to go to the forums and have that one secure place...
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    Treadmill advice

    Oh no, sorry it appears you received a lemon. The 10T replaced the 9.9. Except for the USB port, everything else is the same. I ordered directly from Livestrong and have had no issues whatsoever with mine. I also have an elliptical, and while I love it for great, no-impact workouts, it...
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    Treadmill advice

    Sandy, Whoops! I got my model # wrong, sorry. I have the 9.9T, not the 10. Everything's the same except my model doesn't have the USB port. Good luck with calling tech support! I hope you get it working.
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    AMC's The Killing

    Yeah, I've realized that whatever suspicions I have, they seem to get blown out of the water from one week to the next. IA about Rick and Gwen. Haven’t seen Rubicon. Looks interesting, but I understand it was canceled? Really? They’re quirky, but I like them. Even though Holder's...
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    Treadmill advice

    Well, I hate the dreadmill in general, but I love mine. It's a Livestrong 10.0T, which I purchased after careful research. Very well made, 2.75 CHP motor, with lifetime warranty on the motor and frame. Treadmill Doctor rated it a best buy in its price range. I agree with the previous poster...
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    I am having a good day

    To echo the others, I hope this is just the beginning of a return to your old, healthy self!
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    Is it just our school?

    Our district always builds in a certain number of extra days for teachers for professional development. In the end, the required number of days for students and teachers is met. I'm guessing PLC is probably "professional learning community." A side note to Clare: 6 hours of HW?! Insane!
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    Olay (ProX)

    I just purchased the Olay ProX cleansing system and like the exfoliating cleanser so much, I checked out their other products on Amazon and noted favorable reviews for just about everything. I am probably going to spring for the ProX Eye Restoration Complex and the Age Repair Lotion with SPF...
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    Hear, hear! Another language arts here. Congrats on those tremendous gains, and yes, keep 'im reading! :)
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    Happy Birthday to us!

    Happy belated, ladies! What a fun birthday to have.