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    New program: UFC Fit

    Yes it looks good I want it to but right now I'm doing the 90 days Jillian Michaels Revolution and on week 2.
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    Adjustable Resistance Toning Tubes

    Also how is the resistance on the heavy one? Is it like the red heavy band?
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    Adjustable Resistance Toning Tubes

    I want to order this and its asking what size i need i wouldnt know. I am 5'6.
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    snm - step sale question

    I see that they don't carry it too but if you google risers for club step you'll see they sell them on Amazon for $32
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    Intensity & Body Max 2

    They are both easy to learn. Not dancy at all.
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    7 New Cathe's!!

    Did she say how much it will cost? No matter what I'm ordering :)
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    Intensity Series or Hardcore Series

    Intensity series is my favorite!
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    Check in right here at 12:30 today

    Just wanted to stop by and say a big hello!
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    STS Body Rockers - Week of Nov 7th

    Good afternoon everyone! I am just so happy that I have power tv internet and phone! I haven't worked out in a week but will go for a walk later. My vertigo has been really good lately. Happy to say that I am down .8lb this morning from a few days ago. Monday will be my new weigh in day...
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    STS Body Rockers - Week of October 30th :)

    Bridget I am in NJ. We now have power but no internet tv or phone until Monday:(
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    STS Body Rockers - Week of October 30th :)

    Hi im still here from my phone so I can't do personal. I still have no power. This is so stressing me out. I loss 1 lb. which I am happy about. Be back soon!
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    STS Body Rockers - Week of October 30th :)

    Wow I can't believe that I finally got on here with my phone. We have no power. We might get it by Friday. I have been freezing my butt off. This is so stressful. My eats hasn't been so great because I can't cook. I am trying my best. I having done any exercise because of no power and I am...
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    STS Body Rockers - Week of October 23rd!

    Ricky my disc didn't work on my puzzle mat, go figure. But at least my furniture mover work and I didn't have to pay for the Cathe disc thank goodness. Well I didn't do cyclemax because when I went to do it the gear wasn't working on my bike, it was staying in 1 gear. My husband will fix it...
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    STS Body Rockers - Week of October 23rd!

    I went to go and preview Afterburn and and of doing most of it. I didn't even have my workout clothes on. It is a fun workout. My disc that came with Cathe did not work so I use my furniture mover which work great. I give this a 2 thumbs up!
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    STS Body Rockers - Week of October 23rd!

    Wendy I didn't do the spin yet as it looks to hard for me to do right now with the bike that I have. I might do it Friday and just mainly sit in the saddle. Wiggie maybe you can get a spin bike for Christmas, hint hint. Kikster, thanks for the review on TB. it sounds fun. Bridget good luck on...