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    Love the core work in the Fit Tower Series

    The core exercises in the new series are a lot of fun as well as being effective to challenge the core. I have vertigo and I am on the tail end of the most recent episode. The use of the band to pull up and use as resistance really helps me get my abs worked well without the room starting to...
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    Fit Tower Advanced Video Update - 4-15-17

    Any update as far as the status of how the process is going? I know everyone is excited about getting the new workouts show up in our mailboxes. The anticipation has been high since finding out you were ahead of schedule 2 weeks ago. :)
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    Love Ramped Up Upper Body!

    I did this workout this morning. Challenging but fast paced. I went a little lighter on the weights on some of the moves since it was my first time and I wanted to be sure I could do all of it with correct form. It was still very challenging with lighter weights. It was over before I knew...
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    Cardio Slam DONE!!!

    I did Cardio Slam this morning. I LOVE IT!! Its a challenging work out but so much fun. I especially loved the step segment. I can't wait to do this one again. I think I will try Ramped Up Upper Body next.
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    We're Done!

    Thank you Cathe and your crew for working so hard to get them to us especially at one of the busiest times of the year!! Merry Christmas and a Healthiest and Fit New Year to everyone!
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    Strong & Sweaty Pre-Sale DVDs Are Here!

    I got my notice yesterday too! That is the first time I got a notice when ordering DVDs. So, for anyone who may not get a notice, it doesn't mean you won't have them in your mailbox soon!
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    Strong & Sweaty Ramped Up Upper Body Video Cover

    I was wondering that same thing too. Thanks for asking that question maddiesmum!
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    Strong & Sweaty Project Update - 11-4-16

    I am hoping it will be completed soon. Looking forward to seeing some preview video clips of all of the workouts.
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    Project Update 10-21-16

    Have there been any current updates regarding progress for the new series? I am no longer on Facebook so I may be missing status updates if she is posting them on Facebook. It has been over a week since the last update and I am curious to know where they are in the process.
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    Group Shot Strong and Sweaty Boot Camp

    I've always noticed Nicole in the Cathe Live Segments and how fit and coordinated she is. Any time I see her, I think she could be one of Cathe's crew/team in her DVDs. I bet she is excited to be a part of Cathe's team! I am happy for her!
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    Back In Stock ...Boot Camp Body Blast

    Hi janiejoey! I am sure the cost is because it is from IDEA. I liked the workout but would I spend $44 dollars on it? No, thank you. I was able to get it for $24.00 because I got an additional fitpro discount. That makes a big difference, but even that price is more expensive than one of...
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    Back In Stock ...Boot Camp Body Blast

    I had fun with this work out. Using the weighted bar was new to me. It was challenging at times but not so much in other moves. I would call this one an intermediate level workout as it is instructed without any modifications. The music was good but not loud enough. I do like the music as...
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    Back In Stock ...Boot Camp Body Blast

    I am going to try this workout tonight! I ordered a 15 lb. weight bar and it came on Monday (and it fits great on my Fit Tower barbell clips). I hope 15 lbs is challenging enough. Can't wait to do this one.
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    another new Cathe workout

    Thanks Peanut!! I was pretty sure her DVD would sell out but had no idea it would so soon. But then again, it's Cathe!
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    another new Cathe workout

    If anyone was wanting to order Cathe's Bootcamp DVD from IDEA, it is back in stock! IDEA called me back yesterday and said they received a new shipment in on Wednesday and mine was sent out that day. Can't wait to get it!