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    Any Canadians ordering?

    Hi - sorry it took me a while to respond. Too much going on, and I just got around to trying it again today. I think that its back to normal. The taxes & duties are $19 for 3 regular priced DVDs and the pre-order (DVDs only). It seems about right. Only thing I'm disappointed in is that I...
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    Any Canadians ordering?

    Thank you so much!
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    Any Canadians ordering?

    I posted a screen shot of the 4 dvds I tried to order just to show that I'm not making it up, and this is where I got my idea from - duties and taxes are close to $50. This doesn't include the pre-order, which I also wanted to order but that really made the extra charges prohibitive.
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    Any Canadians ordering?

    Not sure I really appreciate the tone of this response. I'm not making it up.
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    Any Canadians ordering?

    Anyone else living in Canada who is surprised by the new duties added to orders? Shipping may be free on orders over $50, but now we have to pay $50 in duties. I’m a little disappointed as I’ve never had to pay duties on my Cathe orders.
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    Our International Ordering Page Is Now Working Again

    Hi guys! Trying to place an order from Canada on May 7th, and it appears that there are problems with international orders again. Once everything is in my cart, I click "proceed to checkout" and nothing happens.
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    Cathe Live Fix #1 Just Released

    I'm super happy that Live is now working on my Apple TV. I'm using the Cathe Live app, and I had to update the software on my Apple TV. The format I'm using is 1080p HDR @ 60Hz
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    Important News About Cathe Live

    Sorry but I’m still not understanding the benefits of moving to this system. From what I understand you’re saying that people in my area need to watch a Cathe live video so that I can get a good quality video? Honestly there are mornings when I start my workouts at 6:00 am and just want to...
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    Important News About Cathe Live

    I’m really frustrated with this new system. So does this mean I have to prewatch any videos on Cathe Live before I do them so that I don’t have issues with freezing and quality? I tried this morning to do a #280 and the quality is awful. It’s blurry and keeps freezing. I have a google mesh in...
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    I have a question about the Perfect Flow workout. The description says that its "yoga-based" Is this an actual yoga routine?
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    I‘m honestly disappointed with IMAX 4 because of the music. There is no strong downbeat as per Cathes usual step routines. The combos are fun - too bad about the music. Without a strong downbeat the whole thing is off and I can’t quite get into the groove.
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    Music off beat IMAX 4?

    I am having a really hard time with IMAX 4 and I’m an avid stepper. I’m used to following a strong downbeat in the music and an 8 count. With IMAX 4 it feels like the music does not sync with the steps throughout the program. There is no strong downbeat. Either Cathe is too fast, or the music is...
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    Here is How To Download Your Pre-Sale Cathe Downloads

    Thank-you! I got the code, and have started the download.
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    Here is How To Download Your Pre-Sale Cathe Downloads

    I’m trying to follow these instructions. I put the item in my cart, but there is no field called “discount code”. Also, is the six digit code the same as the order number? I was never sent a separate email with a code.