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    Video Clip of Cathe's PHA Plus Cardio Blasts Live Workout

    This was my favorite PHA yet! Loved it!!
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    March 1, 2018

    Loved this one!!
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    Jan 4, 2018

    This sounds amazing! Can't wait to do this later :-)
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    Dec 20, 2017

    Great workout! Loved it!
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    Strong & Sweaty Boot Camp Cover

    I wish there was a LOVE button!
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    Jai in ICE

    I noticed that too. They all look great!
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    Which ICE Rotation?

    I've been following the RWH and ICE rotation. So far, so good!
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    ICE Project Update 12-4-15

    Just in time for Christmas! Can't wait!!
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    ICE Boot Camp Circuit Video Clip

    Love this!! So excited to get this series!
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    ICE Chiseled Lower Body Blast Video Clip

    Looks like so much fun! I can't wait to try it!
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    ICE Project Update - Tuesday, 10-27-15

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop! I'm getting so excited for these workouts!