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    Is there an economical way to clean your kitchen tile?

    for grout, I use a chlorox pen and line between the tile and let it sit 30-60 mins. very good results
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    Best 30 min cardio premix?

    Iagree with Beth, the first 30 mins of intensity is pretty good
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    Cast for Xtrain

    thanks for update. hope to see cedie, lorraine, jai, and brenda all together again.
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    XTRAIN Party

    can't wait
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    Does your hair fall out from your at home hair color?

    my doctor recommended a good fish oil (i use nordic naturals), multi-vitamin, and hair, skin, and nails formula from gnc. my hair stopped falling out, some grew back, but not to where it used to be.
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    Giving Shakeology a try

    Thanks for the businessweek article. I tried shakeology and love it. However, to spend $120 on a 30 day supply i would expect only the finest ingredients and the most beneficial dosages. Beachbody is such a disappointment, in my opinion. I hope some honorable company comes out with a similar...
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    Best home method for facial hair removal

    4 of my colleagues use silk'n sensepil and they have all had great results. it's an at home laser removal system. it's about $400-500. might want to check it out
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    Tour de France!

    Do you believe they will charge Lance Armstrong? I heard Hincappe had to testify recently.
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    Casey Anthony-Your Thoughts

    that crossed my mind, they apparently had a fight right before she left the house with her daughter. another thing, jose baez acknowledged casey was a compulsive liar...i wonder how much of casey's story he believed and where he had doubts. guess we will never know the truth. sad.
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    should I invest in STS?

    yes. it's a great program
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    Tell Me About 4-Day Split

    4DS is one of my favorites...I love all of it...the music, cardio, weights and pre-mixes.
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    Rant and *spoiler* for Dancing With the Stars

    I totally agree....but I am tired of seeing Jennifer complaining and crying every week, wish the producers would stop showing it. :) I like Kyle and Bristol too and hope they do well next week. Brandy deserved to be in the final.
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    Just got a Kindle

    I heard The Help was excellent. I loved the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the Girl Who Played with Fire and the Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. I also heard A Reliable Wife was good, but I haven't read that one.
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    Hysterectomy--what did you do while recovering?

    i did alot of walking, no lifting for 6 weeks. tough to stay away that long but your body will be using lots of energy to heal itself. i think it's better to take it easy on yourself. i didn't have a hysterectomy but I would imagine the healing is the same for most major surgeries. everyone...
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    Our new "baby" :) cute. i want one. :)