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    List of Cathe Workouts

    Hi, just moved house and am wanting to put all my Cathe dvds in order. Does anyone have a list right from the beginning in order. Would be very grateful!
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    Toby Massenburg

    Billy Blank workouts are OK if you can stand counting to 8 over and over!!!
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    Toby Massenburg

    Toby's workouts are a lot like Patrick Goudeau's newer ones. Funny, as he has been in the background of a few of those. I have all of them and find them fantastic! Love cardio and strength and compounds all in a circuit style.
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    Les Mills Combat and Les Mills Pump?

    Les Mills Combat is great as workout. It is a shame they had to team up with Beachbody and go and glam it up with overacting and sickly sweetness. It was sad to see Dan and Rach having to conform to the "Beachbody" way of filming a DVD. Give me a Combat class any day with loud music and real...
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    Well down here in Melbourne, Australia we are at last heading towards Summer. I cannot wait!!!! Our daylight saving starts in a few weeks so our daylight hours will be longer. It won't get dark till almost 9pm. Makes it great for walks after eating. I love Summer!!!!
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    Does anyone else have a pitiful tuck jump!?

    At least we can all have a laugh at ourselves while realising, with a lot of sense, that exercise can be fraught with danger. As long as we keep on pushing and most importantly enjoying ourselves!!!!!:D
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    Does anyone else have a pitiful tuck jump!?

    I think the older you get, a tiny bit of fear creeps in. What if I fall? At almost 58 I get a bit nervous jumping on to the step with 2 risers and my tuck jumps are not so high but in my own mind I am flying!!!!!
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    Comparison of all the P90X's

    Doesn't Chalean's fake over-the-top- exhuberance annoy you? Her voice alone is enough to leave me cold.
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    Warning for Shakeology Users is a very interesting website. I too am a fan. The work they do is fantastic and the workouts rock! It can also be very informative as stated above.
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    Anyone switch from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy?

    I used to have an iphone, now I have a samsung S3. The best thing I ever did. I am so over the limitations of itunes and the constant requests to change my password because someone has hacked into my account. ( I am still getting those messages from apple even now that I don't have an account)...
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    Did anyone else get KCM's Shape Up yet?

    I really want Shape Up. I completed the whole of Trim Down on Saturday and loved it! Gotta say I am very achy in the legs, lots of squats and lunges!!!!:D (but in a good way) Love the boxing parts.
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    Toby Massenburg

    2 new Toby Massenburg workouts. Hmmmmm....... looks like I'll be spending more money! Jane
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    Not so much a question on X10

    Cathe, Just wanted to let you know I did the complete X10 this morning and it smashed me completely. I am 57 years young and I had to let a few reps here and there go by without me but I loved it!!! I think it is the hardest of your workouts I have ever done and I have all your dvds. Thank you...
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    Favourite Workout

    Cathe, Out of your extensive range of great workouts, is there one that holds a soft spot in your heart. Maybe one you love doing the best or just your favourite overall?
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    Denise Austin must be stopped!

    Denise Austin -- too sickly sweet and bubbly! Fake and Fake! Tracy Anderson -- just a plain oddball! Cathe ---- one of a kind. Tough and down to earth!