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    Video Clip of Cathe's PHA Barbell Live Workout

    This is AWESOME! I did it this morning and it is perfection! Thanks Cathe! :)
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    List of Cathe's workouts on YouTube

    Yes, the one with the rain storm is great! I hope they put it on You Tube.
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    January 23, 2020

    Yay! This one sounds awesome!
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    What treadmill do you have?

    I bought a NordicTrack C2150 treadmill in 2012 that I'm still using. It has a 10" display that can play the iFit Trainer video programs. I recently rejoined iFit and love these video trainer led programs, I'm doing a running one now that was filmed in Portugal and Morocco. Amazing views and...
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    Knee straps?

    I've used an ITband strap off and on when I've had issues for a few years. It usually helps and I can stop wearing it after a couple of months. I only have to use it when I run or do workouts with a lot of squatting.
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    Apple Tv

    NP Angie! I've noticed that the Cathe Live App on my iPad is fine, which is odd since they're both Apple products. Thanks for the update SNM! I LOVE Cathe Live! I don't mind a little inconvenience for now, Cathe Live is definitely worth it! :)
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    Apple Tv

    Yes! The "Search" list is hard to navigate (the cursor sticks or jumps around). The "Recorded" list doesn't come up at all. The only one that seems fine is the "Favorites" list. Once you're able to select a workout, add it as a favorite for now until it's fixed. That's what I've been doing.
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    Trouble getting LIVE to launch this morning...

    I've seen something odd on AppleTV. It started happening about a week ago. The "Recorded" list doesn't populate at all and the "Search" list will populate but it's really hard to select a workout (the cursor is slow or jumpy). The "Favorites" list is the only one that seems to be fine...
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    Oct 31, 2019

    Love it!!! :)
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Cardio Challenge Express Live Workout

    I really enjoyed this workout! All the exercises were fun and the time just flew by! :)
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    Any plan to enable downloads in the Cathe Live App?

    Hi SNM! Are there any future plans of allowing downloads in the Cathe Live or Cathe On Demand apps? This would enable us to download our favorite workouts to take on vacation when wifi isn't available (or very good, like on cruises or in some hotels). Thanks! Kathy
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    Unable to play Legs for Days

    Awesome! Thank you!
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    Unable to play Legs for Days

    Hi, I've tried to play the latest Cathe Live "Legs for Days" and it stops a few minutes in and gives me an error message. I'm using both Apple TV and the IOS Cathe Live App to access. Is it just me? Thanks! :)
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    Video Clip of the 2019 Glassboro Road Trip Leg Day Live Workout

    Did it this morning, what a great workout! Definitely going to be a favorite. It's really nice to feel like we're working out with everyone that attended the RT this year. :)