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    Christmas Music On Cathe Live?

    Thank You Jesse! I figured it would cost too much, but I wanted to try. A few years ago, I did a workout with someone else that used Christmas music. But, that was doing it in a Live class and not produced for YouTube or any other platform. Thank you for saying there was something Christmasy...
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    Calling the Virtual Road Trippers ....

    Thank you for that advice. I thought you were talking about the others. Thank you again!
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    Calling the Virtual Road Trippers ....

    It wasn’t me. I never had that problem because I never was seen on Zoom. It was other people. That was the problem. Other then that the Virtual Roadtrip was fine.
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    Barre program?

    You got all of them! Thanks
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    Denise Austin must be stopped!

    Totally agree with. Glad I am not the only one who started with Sansone!
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    Sneakers for Plantar Fasciitis

    Never use any Doctor Schells ankle supports. That is how I got it in my left foot. My doctor gave me some Voltran foot cream for it. Sometimes you just have to rest it. That is what I did. You can do strength training without using much of your feet. I hated that I had to rest it, but you will...
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    How did everyone start exercising??

    I started my video with in the mid 1980s, I was like 10, my grandmother bought me a video she thought I would like to do. It was these two women with grey set. I really liked that. Then was introduced to Step Aerobics during high school. My mother bought me the step and it came with Nadia...
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    Denise Austin must be stopped!

    Also, can’t stand Jillian Michaels. I don’t respect a trainer who doesn’t do the whole workout and yells at you.
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    Denise Austin must be stopped!

    I don’t mean to be rude. But, when you do Cathe Live Step and she isn’t perfect, which I love! There was a Cathe Live Step and it was really hard. It was like 5 minutes to the stretch and she was having problems. She said, “just follow them.” Then a moment later she was back. It is really hard...
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    Denise Austin must be stopped!

    As for Denise Austin I tried some of her workouts. I hated them because of her weird voice. I don’t mean to be rude, but I kept thinking was she really a man. She was big into potatoes, but thank God those commercials are gone. Cathe and Leslie Sansone do it for me. Tried Richard Simmons and it...
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    Hair Color

    I never in my life colored my hair. Well maybe as a punk rocker Halloween in the 80s, but I don’t think that counts. I find interesting is when I let my hair grow out, I only cut it twice a year. I don’t have bangs because I grew them out.
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    Calling the Virtual Road Trippers ....

    #1 Is Chatting with Cathe at the fireside chat. It was really cool talking to her about her step routines. #2 Chatting with other Cathletes and finding out I am not the only one that loves step! #3 you can buy t shirts, etc. that is only available to the roadtrippers. #4 Finding out about new...
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    Barre program?

    Cathe does. There is Turbo Barre. And she did a series Fit Tower Advance where she does barre. Hope this helps! Jennifer Denny
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    So glad Cathe doesn’t use kettlebells!

    I was at the gym again, doing Cathe’s ICE Metabolic workout and I saw a woman using a kettlebell. Her legs were a part, but the way she was like throwing it up and down. Well not really throwing it, but it looked like you could hurt yourself. That is why I love that Cathe doesn’t use them. They...
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    Is this wrong to use an resistance band

    I was at the gym, doing my Cathe step and I saw a trainer showing a woman to put the resistance band around her neck. I thought he was wrong to let her squat like this. It look similar to this, but it was really around her neck. What do you all think?