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    Video Clip From Step Boss IMAX 4

    Hi Aquagirl! I saw what you wrote about the clicking of the heels on the step! You could do to modify is to not to do them at all! When Cathe is doing the clicking of the heels before that she was lifting her knee and the straddling the step and then going to the opposite foot and lifting her...
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    Video Clip of STEP BOSS Bonus Abs #2 and a Project Update

    Yes! I love this new ab workout! Looks totally cool! Love that Cathe made abs new and different on Step Boss!!! Way to Go Cathe! Jen Den!
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    Video Clip From STEP BOSS Step Sync

    On Step Sync, I notice Cathe brought some moves from, Step Moves, Cardio and Weights, Rhythmic Step! And new moves! From the short clip! Looks like Cathe brought step behind step touch from Cathe Live! I am so glad she did that! I could never get it on Cathe Live! She did it so fast! But, I am...
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    Low max

    I remember the reverse mambo! I did the reverse mambo was I got up in the step instead of turning and going to the other side like Cathe does, like a little u turn, what I did was I was on top of the step and step and went to the other side of the step. So I was on the same side of the step, but...
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    Video Clip From Step Boss IMAX 4

    Interesting that IMAX 4 is on two risers! But, that is good because it challenges people out there to get out of their comfort zones! JenDen
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    Cathe Friedrich's Bonus Ab Stacker Workout

    Love this new ab workout!!!! Totally new and fresh!!!! This is a genius idea!!!! Never would have thought of using risers! Can’t wait to try it!!! And I don’t like ab workouts!! Way to go Cathe!! Jen Den!
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    Exercise, Losing Weight, BrightLine Eating

    Hi Bookwrmmm! All I know the author of BrightLineEating states she was OA(Overeater Anonymous) for more than 20 years and left. She felt it never helped her. I know a little bit about OA, and they are a free organization, but they do pass the plate for donations if you want to give any. I have...
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    Kneecap arthritis

    Have you heard of aromatherapy??? I know the name is misleading. I go to the VA because I am a Navy Veteran and they have Whole Health there! They talked about alternative to medication. What we did is you can by oils from plants to help you with your pain. Not CBD oils, but other plant oils...
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    Cardio & Weights dvd

    Also, Cardio and Weights, you do cardio, the Step, part, then you have the weight part, then it goes into the step again. At the end there is an ab part and then a cool down. Hopes this helps! JenDen
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    Cardio & Weights dvd

    I love ❤️ IMAX 2 and Cardio and Weight❤️! I remember the Elvis Song on Cardio and Weights and you go over the Step and you jump over the step you change and you are at a different direction. It is like the first thing you do. It took me like a year to figure out had turn my body into the step...
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    Like/review/verify/don't buy check in for 2016- 2020

    Like I have always said get Cathe OnDemand if you are curious about any Cathe Workout! I know it includes Cathe Live, but you don’t have to do Cathe Live! And you can get the Cathe Ondemand and cancel it whenever you want! Jen Den
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    Exercise, Losing Weight, BrightLine Eating

    Hi! I am doing WW. I know I said in the past I would never do it, but they allow the old SmartPoints Program Back, but with a twist! Still have the terrible and complicated Freestyle, which the call the blue plan. But, the the old SmartPoints program is called the Green Plan! The Green Plan...
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    Exercise, Losing Weight, BrightLine Eating

    I remember now about why exercise is not recommended in BrightLineEating. According to the author research she found that doing exercise doesn’t burn that many calories. It only burns like an additional 40 calories according to the author calculations. And you feel more tired causing you to eat...
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    IMAX 4 Features Fourteen Premixes

    Yes! Cathe looks awesome! You should see Cathe when she is teaching a class! I was at the Daytona 2019 Trip and I got to talk to her after the kickboxing class! Cathe was glowing! I don’t think think she was wearing any make up! She look fantastic! It only proves again! When you take care of...