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    Hocus Pocus 2

    Hi Everyone If you are a fan of the movie Hocus Pocus is coming out this fall. Cathe did a Hocus Pocus theme Cathe Live Halloween.
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    Cathe ... time for an update please!?

    When Cathe did her Step Boss Series (which I completely love ) she started her rehearsals around Labor Day, September. Cathe’s new set is being built too. So, that is going to take time. I am excited like you all about Cathe’s new set. I just can’t imagine what that would be since she had so...
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    Need Fit Tower / STS Tower Alternatives Please

    About Fit Tower, I would use a tall chair. That helps. And I use the walls of the room. That really helps.
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    How to work out lower body when have mild knee pain

    I would suggest if you have knee pain is to ice the knee at night. If you are thinking of doing exercises that helps with knee pain is to do step aerobics. Step actually helps with building the muscles in the knee and the whole leg. But, I wouldn’t advise doing jumping jacks or anything...
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    IMAX 2 Did All The Correct Steps on #9

    So proud of myself today. I got my feet in the right place when doing Segment 9. Sometimes if you don’t think and just do, you get it! For those doing Cathe Step and find that it is super hard, keep practicing. That is what I did!
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    Provide modifications for sliding exercises

    Totally agree about hating sliding. If there was a good slider then wash cloths or paper plates I would do it. I try some of the sliding. But, I rather not!
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    Men working out with Cathe

    Just watched a little bit of Jack Spartacus and I am not impressed. Jack doesn’t even do it with you. Yes, it looks like he knows what he is doing, but he doesn’t do it with you. Sorry Jack, but Cathe is better. She does the whole workout and talks while doing it too.
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    Cathe’s Songs To Her DVD Workouts

    Just to find any of Cathe Workout Songs on Apple Music was a miracle. One that is my all time favorite, is Cathe IMAX 2 Time is Ticking Away. I love the song and I can visualize Cathe doing it. My second favorite is from IMAX 2, is the Peña Colada song! And I finally got the inside joke when...
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    Cathe Lifting Gloves Can’t Decide Small or Medium

    My palm size fits my small long fingers. I didn’t have a problem with the small size palm when I bought the small size. It fit like a glove. sorry I can’t help you with the palm sizing.
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    STS: 2.0 update

    I heard Cathe is going to have a new set for STS 2.0. I was wondering if Cathe posted a pic of the new set? thanks!
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    Sugar and nutrition

    The rule of thumb is better to eat the fruit then drink it. Here is why? “It is highly recommended to eat fruit directly, and not drink it as packed one. Package juices not only destroy its beneficial compounds but it nearly removes the natural fiber present in the same, increasing the sugar...
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    Cathe’s Songs To Her DVD Workouts

    Hi Everyone! I love the music that Cathe has on her DVD Workouts. If you have Apple Music, you can hear these songs on my playlist. Some of the songs are the same or a little bit different, but the same style that Cathe uses on her DVDs. The music I found was from many of her DVD workouts...
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    Physical Season 2 Streaming June 3

    Hi Everyone! If you have Apple TV, you can watch Physical Season 2 on June 3rd. But, it probably will only have one or two episodes to start then put out one episode per week until the season is over. If you have seen Physical Season 1, there are some scenes that some viewers will have...
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    Men working out with Cathe

    Love that your husband is doing Cathe’s workouts! This is my opinion like men like your husband doesn’t want to announce to the world he does group exercise (like Cathe’s Workouts) is he has been conditioned like other men that group exercise is for women only. And being in a group exercise...
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    Cathe Lifting Gloves Can’t Decide Small or Medium

    I have small fingers, but I didn’t know if a small or medium would work. I went with the medium one and it was a little too loose. I got the small one and it fits. Also, the finger part are stretchy. Also, about the color. I thought pink would be fine, but after I workout out with them I found...