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    On A High About Ripped With Hiit

    So excited for these! I have only heard good things about these from the Daytona RTers. Looking forward to the rotations and getting my butt back into some intense cardio, been doing slim to none! still working hard, lifting, just resting my ankle and I will be ready to go when I get my paws...
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    Happy Birthday Nancy @!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NANCY!! Hope you are having a great day....I saw you on LIVE this morning, so that's a great start! See you this weekend!
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    From 4DS - Bootcamp Circuit Lower body!!!!
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    Workout Blender and OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)

    This makes me very MAC harddrive crashed a few months ago, so so I have to start from scratch anyway. I can't wait to use the Workout Blender again. Thanks for all of your work!!
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    Sad day - need to stop lifting weights

    All good stuff...thanks ladies!!!!!
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    Patrick's new Bodyweight Blast

    No back if you decide to get it and your thoughts on it!
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    Patrick's new Bodyweight Blast

    So I am reviewing it again, because i sort of forget the workout and here is where there is high impact: warm up: jumps to the side, and jacks, jog in place segment 1: frog jumps with weights, these are sort of like burpees, but you could step them out instead of jumping, he also goes into...
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    Patrick's new Bodyweight Blast

    The only high impact is the one minute cardio after each segment. You could modify, if I can remember correctly, he starts each minute low impact and moves to high.
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    Patrick's new Bodyweight Blast

    I have done it....I liked it a lot. Not as hard as Lean Hot Body, but overall it gets the job done. I used 15#s and I could probably have gone heavier on some of the moves...but still got a good sweat on.
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    Sad day - need to stop lifting weights

    Thanks for the additional information on MSM...I am already noticing a difference and it's been 2 weeks, hoping for more improvement, but I am happy so far. I definitely made sure that I bought OptiMSM. You clearly know your stuff. I see you always post a lot of useful information, so I want...
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    Sad day - need to stop lifting weights

    Funny, I was going to recommend Sulfur as well (MSM). I just started taking Organic sulfur. This is my 5th day, just hoping it works to relieve some of the joint pain I have been experiencing.
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    1200 or 1500 cal.

    I also make sure on rest days that I eat super super clean, lower calories and more protein than carbs. I would say that Cathe's Januray rotation is high intensity and you really need to fuel your body right to get results. I do agree everyone is different (body composition and fitness...
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    1200 or 1500 cal.

    Not Cathe, but that seems low to me. I am over 40 and eat between 1800-2200 calories a day. I usually stick to about 1800, but occassionally throw in a higher carb day and reach 2200+ calories. When you go too low you are really hurting your metabolism. Not sure what your goals are....but if...
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    Any NASM certifified personal trainers here?

    I am an ACE Certified PT, however, I wanted to focus on Athletic training and went ahead and became certified through NASM with their PES cert. I just really thought their textbook was easy to read and extremely thorough. I am actually thinking about getting another cert through...
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    Hardest legs DVD?

    Has anyone ever try the butts and guts leg blast premix? All I have to say is this one is one crazy premix...tons of lunges! My legs were on fire the entire time. Today was the first time I tried it and it felt like a whole different and new workout...we'll see how sore I get!