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    Any Canadians ordering?

    I agree completely. I too would love to order but just can't this time as the cost was prohibitive. I automatically pre-order everything Cathe puts out sadly won't be this time. I have never had any duties charges in the past. I guess I had lucked out. Elsie, what local (Canadian) company did...
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    "Burn Baby Burn! Afterburn Inferno!"

    "Burn Baby Burn! Afterburn Inferno!"
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    Why do we do it?

    Thanks for reviving this awesome thread, Debinmi. I agree completely with your quote above - pleasure, health and anti-aging benefits (...and I agree with and can relate to ALL the great points made by the posters back in 2018). I feel I don't really have a choice - I feel so lousy if I DON'T...
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    Boss Loops Group Shot & Outfits

    Love how the outfits are colour coordinated with the bands!
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    Low Weight, Low Impact

    Yes, improved body composition during the post-menopausal years CAN happen! It is NOT easy but I have seen results when I follow what I have read in the research - a COMBO of lots of sleep (need that recovery time, even with lighter weights and lower impact!), stress management strategies (keep...
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    STS question

    I am doing Meso 3 at the moment and I agree with Hazlady and Vtunell - you may be better off with the 'option B' squat rack leg program for legs. Cathe and several crew do not actually use a squat rack (neither do I). They use a weighted vest plus a barbell. There are no elevated lunges in Meso...
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    Anyone hoping Cathe announces new workouts soon?

    Yes! A super exciting surprise! :D I have watched the video clip of the workouts (weirdly posted on the header to the RWH Users Guide) about 4 times! ;) :):p Looks FUN, FUN, FUN!
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    Cathe's Metabolic Core Live Workout

    Brilliant! Amazing how the moves boost the metabolism, burn mega calories, get the heart rate up all while working the core! Thank you Cathe. I will be purchasing this download.
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    Contrast training for Legs

    Loved reading your posts Linda/Lady Vol Fan and Debinmi! Thank you! Great to read those blog posts of Cathe's and get myself motivated to fit in power moves into my rotations! And I LOVED the weekly rotation you designed Debinmi. :) :)On a week when I really want to focus on lower body it is...
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    Contrast training for Legs

    YES! Thanks for the reminders of these other great contrast workouts for the lower body, Debinmi! Counting the STS Meso 3 workouts and XTrain's Cardio Legs, that gives us 9 choices for a contrast training program! Cathe provides so many options - we will never get bored and we will always be...
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    Contrast training for Legs

    I absolutely love contrast training - it is my favourite way to train the lower body. I personally do it no more than once per week and then after 4-6 weeks I switch to another style of lower body training (heavy weights, barre, mat, pyramid, etc.). The Cardio Legs routine in XTrain is also a...
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    April 2021 Rotation

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Cathe! :):):) Like Peaceful Rainbow, I am in the home stretch of the STS (3.5 month) rotation. But I will definitely be doing this rotation for the month of May. So excited! :p:D I am also curious as to Cathe's answers to the excellent questions noted above.
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    Calling all 60 year old and older Cathletes

    Sending (((hugs))), warm wishes and positive vibes your way, Amy. :) Also sending congratulations for taking all those positive steps you have already taken: looking for a workout of Cathe's that suits you at this moment, actually DOING a workout and reaching out to others in the forum! Good...
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    Stick Mobility Workouts

    fitdeb, thanks for your post! :) This looks really interesting. Did you purchase the bundle (3 sticks) or purchase an individual stick? With shipping, duty and exchange the bundle is quite expensive for me here in Canada so wondered if I could get by with just one stick. Also, wondering if the...