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    Any Canadians ordering?

    Thanks very much for the prompt reply!
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    Any Canadians ordering?

    I'm also wanting to order the 2 DVDs and just the boss bands not the loops. I'm seeing a shipping charge to Canada of $24.11. Is that right??!
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    Greetings to all of you from Cleo and I

    Hugs to you and hope for a smooth recovery. Cleo looks just like my cat Sammy. Especially that deer in the headlights look lol!
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    Any Canadians ordering?

    Whaaaat?! Omg I've never paid that before for my Cathe orders. Well money is tight so that definitely makes my decision. Unfortunately i cannot afford to order these new DVDs and bands even though I'd love to have them and support Cathe
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    Tipping point

    Awe I'm sorry Sherry. No sleep and a sick fur baby would make me lose it too - even if i broke a nai! I bet Cathe would replace the DVD for you though. Hope things get better. Jamie
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    Seeking advice on workouts when grieving

    Awe I'm so sorry you lost your furbaby. When I was grief stricken I found videos with lots of reps and little or no weights were good for me then I kind of zoned out if i had to but felt the burn. The tonique videos were great for that or cathe's turbo Barre, the legs dvd from the fit tower...
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    Workout Manager not working

    Not working for me either
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    Lower Body Workout to Pair with Ramped Up Upper Body

    I use either the lower body premix from total body giant sets and increase the weight or one of ripped with hiit lower body DVDs.
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    Studio sweat on demand is also very good and usually gives a free week trial.
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    More (tough) Barre work!

    Yes! And add the inflatable ball and gliders to the weights and we're cooking!!
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    Workout Manager on the blink?

    My cardio entries wouldn't save properly either nor can i delete them...
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    I truly have a problem

    Yes "healthy addiction" i like that term!! I'm the same plus i go to a gym but won't give up my DVDs.
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    Legs and Glutes Workout - BORED

    I second edge booty 2 extreme. If you use your own weight load as opposed to what they use in the DVDs it's killer. You can email Mary at totalfitness and ask when it will be on sale again. I've done that and often it shows up before I know it as a daily deal.
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    Create a treadmill series please

    Sorry firemedic i didn't see your post until now. I actually go to orangetheory 2 -3 times a week and there are timed intervals on the treadmill anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes then recovery. Usually 30 minutes of the class focuses on this then some rowing and floorwork. I'm sure there's...
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    Create a treadmill series please

    Oooh hiit sprints on the treadmill are da bomb ! Slims my legs like no other