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    Video Clip of Cathe's STEP BOSS PHA 3 Workout

    Does anyone know the brand name of these leggings?
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    STEP BOSS PHA 3 Premixes

    Just curious what is the extreme mix?
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    Lite results

    Can anyone share their results from doing the new lite series? I just acquired the lite pyramid pump dvd and I love it. I plan on doing total body 2 times per week
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    Gym Style or Slow and Heavy after STS?

    For those that may be doing this rotation, which I love by the way, I was thinking of doing gym style first, what would you suggest afterwards: show and heavy and then the pyramids or vice versa? Also if doing the pyramid am I working each workout once or twice per week, since the upper body is...
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    Rotation for new fit split

    Oh nevermid. I just read the preorder description
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    Rotation for new fit split

    Not sure if this has been asked before, but will there be a fit split rotation like the most previous workouts? If so, will they be posted before they dvds ship?
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    PHA+Bonus Abs

    I finally did this workout and I enjoyed it. I have never heard of PHA training, but it seems as if this more a watered down or a beginners version of cross fit. I was surprised that I enjoyed it, the time went by sooner than I expected. How many times a week should can this workout be done?
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    Cardio Slam DONE!!!

    I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed this DVD. I cant judge a video by the clip, but, I wasn't impressed with the music in the clip. But once I got into the workout, I barely noticed the music. It didn't bother me at all and I was very sweaty afterwards.
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    Lack of muscle soreness

    Hello, Cathe, I have completed the Ice rotation for 3 months, completed 2 weeks of a intensity pyramid rotation, the xtrain strength only rotation and I am currently into week 2 of the Ripped series (2 month rotation). I have lost a significant amount of weight and I can see some muscle...
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    Results from ICE....

    Hey, rcaros, I ate extremely clean for the first couple of weeks. For breakfast, I ate either oatmeal with some fruit, yogurt with granola or hard boiled eggs with toast. Lunch was always a salad with lots of veggies and some protein, dinner was usually chicken breast, turkey breast, fish with...
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    Results from ICE....

    Beth, I hear you, I was the same way. I have started many rotations, but can only recall completely 2 or 3 of them. I just love the ICE series! I think the muscle melt downs has prepared me for the X-train series. I cant believe how much weight I am lifting ( nowhere near as Cathe). I say just...
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    Results from ICE....

    I am now done with the complete ICE rotation and I am down 27 pounds! I hate leaving this rotation, but I know I need to change it up a little bit. My next rotation will be the 30 day X-train and I plan on adding walking/running as my cardio. I might had a few of the ICE Dvd's throughout the...
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    Results from ICE....

    Hey, Kathydaffy I am not doing the STS program. I did it a while ago. I guess I need to update my profile. I am planning on doing it again, after I complete the x train strenght rotation and the ripped hit 2 month rotation. I really enjoyed the STS program, my favorite is Meso 2, followed by...
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    Results from ICE....

    Kathydaffy, congrats on your weight lost of 20 pounds! I am in love with the ICE workouts. I just started week one level 3 rotation and I lost 15 pounds so far. It seems like the weight lost went into overdrive the past few weeks. Cardio is my weakest and strength training is my greatest, but...
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    Rotation after Ice

    I am currently doing all three Ice rotations, completed level 1 and 3 weeks of level 2. I was thinking of doing all of the other Ice rotations; low impact, x train and ripped, followed by 3 months of STS. I was wondering if I should do STS first and then do the last three rotations of the Ice...