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    Boss Band / Loops Download

    Thank you! Got them both.
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    Boss Band / Loops Download

    Hi All, I purchased the downloadable Boss Band / Loop workouts. Is it just TWO downloads total? I want to make sure I downloaded them all and can only find TWO. Thanks!
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    Question regarding STS Total Body?

    In workout manager, add a workout and then it is located in STEP 1 under "STS Workout" then under SELECT DISC NUMBER it is under "STS TOTAL BODY ISOLATION AND COMPOUND" at the very bottom. Then you can choose the premix. The key is that it is located under STS WORKOUT, not under DVD.
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    DVD Shipping Alert!

    Why oh why do I live on the West coast?!? But I am excited I will get mine next week!
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    Storing bands

    I actually made a custom "bucket system" that goes on my Dumbbell tower (the tower Cathe uses in STS). I have 6 buckets that go up and down the tower. (I am guessing they are 6" x 6" x 6") I use them for loops, bands, gloves. Then I made a custom hook that goes on the back of the tower for...
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    More Step Videos!

    I would LOVE more Cathe Step, my absolute favorite!
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    New Workout Series

    Yes! Always wanting heavy weights!
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    What kind of equipment is necessary for STS?

    I agree with Debinmi's feedback. Here is mine: Dumbbells are an absolute must, everything else could be modified. But what you have is absolutely fine in my opinion. *Dumbbells (mine are 3-52 lbs) *Barbell (Cathe always shows someone using DBs instead of a BB, so not required) (I believe I...
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    Alternative for Thursdays?

    Oh, interesting idea. I don't know any other instructors, but would love to see Jai, Amanda, Brenda, Lorraine (I believe she is an actual instructor?) teach a class. Cathe could even be resting in the corner but on a megaphone cuing! Even doing a group Cathe DVD would be fun - make us feel...
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    Where to find Cathe Live by DATE?

    I recall (over Black Friday 2020) finding a page where I could search/view all Cathe Lives by DATE (not number or title). Can anyone direct me to where that page was? Perhaps it was a link from the Black Friday deals? It was different than the page.
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    STS 3 months versus 6 months

    If doing the 6 month rotation, when you repeat each week once, do you up your weight for the repeat week? Or do you keep the same weight for the 1st week and for the repeat week?
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    Benefits of 3.5 month vs 6.5 month rotation?

    I know this is an old thread, but it is interesting to me. I have done STS many times as the 3 month rotation or I do a back to back set and make it a 6 month rotation (do the 3 month and then repeat the 3 month). I never knew to do the 6 month rotation as mentioned in this thread (basically...
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    Stretches for Knees

    Lady Vol - I can't seem to understand "KNEE FLOPS". Are you able to explain a bit more? And "FIGURE 4" stretches I think I may understand, but then again I think I am wrongly guessing. So far, these all are great!
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    Stretches for Knees

    This. Is. Great. !!! Thank you so much. I have a few questions on some of the moves, but I will try to actually do them (rather than just read onscreen) before I ask you to clarify. I had never heard of the lacrosse ball, but do have a foam roller. I actually was looking for more mobility...