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    Bundle Mania - Should I get ICE?

    I've been on the fence with the ICE series, and now there is the Bundle Mania. I didn't pre-order, because I don't end up using any of Cathe's other "intermediate" workouts. Are they intense enough? I know there are the Blizzard Blasts, and the weight work looks fun; but it drives me crazy to...
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    How "intermediate" is ICE?

    Thanks for your feedback!
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    Yes it does help. Thank you for your reply!
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    You got me with your description of Rockem Sockem! Thanks!!!
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    I posted over in the DVD Questions and Comments forum, but I thought more people would see my question over here. How "intermediate" is ICE? Am I missing out? I've always done pre-orders since discovering Cathe years and years ago, but I skipped ICE because it was intermediate. Now I'm...
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    How "intermediate" is ICE?

    ICE was the only series I haven't pre-ordered since discovering Cathe ages ago. I wasn't interested in "intermediate". But now I'm wondering if I'm missing out--the workouts pop up so much in rotations. How intermediate are the workouts? I'm specifically wondering about the cardio, since I...
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    Old Altius Tower and New Fit Tower Workouts

    Will the new advanced fit tower workouts work with the old Altius tower?
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    November 2016 rotation

    What is a good sub for ICE Bootcamp? I have all the workouts except ICE.
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    Holding Heavy Weights Help

    I got some VersaGripps when I did STS for the first time and asked the same question. They are fabulous! And they have a small enough size for my puny hands.
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    USB player with speakers?

    Does anyone know of a device with speakers which will play music from a USB drive but does NOT have radio? Thanks!
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    Production Year

    Wow! Thank you so much!
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    Production Year

    Yes--thank you!
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    Production Year

    Is there somewhere on the site that lists which year each of the workouts was produced?
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    August 2014 Rotation

    Yay! I'm happy dancing down to my workout area.