Bundle Mania - Should I get ICE?


I've been on the fence with the ICE series, and now there is the Bundle Mania. I didn't pre-order, because I don't end up using any of Cathe's other "intermediate" workouts. Are they intense enough? I know there are the Blizzard Blasts, and the weight work looks fun; but it drives me crazy to spend time on a workout and not feel "worked out." I'm not saying that I have to do HiiT every day, and I enjoy mixing intensity; but every time I do something like LowMax, MMA Kickbox, or MMA Fusion, I feel like I've wasted my time.
I find some of the workouts to be intense enough without the blizzard blasts! But obviously everyone’s fitness level is different. It’s a great series and very versatile, I don’t think you’d regret buying it.
I really enjoy the LITE series & feel like I get a good workout if I add light hand weights to the cardio and increase the weights on the others. BUT I don't consider myself a hardcore advanced excerciser and since you feel like you're wasting your time with some other intermediate-advanced workouts, I'd forego them if I were you and wait to spend my $$ on her forthcoming advanced workouts. But then again, they are fun. :p
I consider myself at intermediate level and LITE and ICE are the right level of intensity for me at the moment. ICE is more intense than LITE but certainly not advanced like the IMax's or the Plyometric workouts. Yes you can make it harder by increasing weights and doing the Blizzard Blasts but I'm not sure whether this would give you the same level of intensity as completing a full advanced level workout.
Tough one. It's a step up from Low Max and MMA Kickbox, and the Blizzard Blasts do add intensity. It's not XTrain or Low Impact Series, though. Falls in-between. The upper body workouts are some of my favourites. I like the format as well. There is no option to do all the upper body workouts as one workout, so if you want that Cross-Train style workout, it's a very good option. I think you'd be using weights to increase the intensity of the cardio. I wear weighted gloves. That's very doable.
You should try Cathe’s Ondemand if you are sitting on the fence about ICE. It is like $20 a month and you can view all of them and the premixes. Also, you can cancel at anytime.

I have Cathe Ondemand and I have done ICE. You really should try it OnDemand and make your decision. And there are other workout series too. So if you don’t like it, you didn’t waste any money.

I like Cathe’s Hardcore (I love the Step in it), Shock, STS. I am doing Cathe STS, Shock Cardio series. I am on Month 2. Started Week 1 today, 30/30 Hitt and Abs Medicine Ab (I use a 5 pound barbell plate because I didn’t have a medicine ball). I love Step. If you love Step check those series out.

Also, BodyBlast Series is cool too. It has Kick Boxing, and it has some of Cathe Floor Exercises.

Maybe the Strong and Sweaty Series might be more of your style then ICE. In the Strong and Sweaty you can modify I know I do. You can modify on ICE, too, but I prefer Strong and Sweaty.

I hope this has helped! Jen Den
Tough question (as everyone else has noted)! LITE to me is very intermediate and while some of the ICE workouts felt moderate too there were a few that were tougher - Rock'm Sock'm Kickbox, Total Body Metabolic Training and Low Impact Sweat. Those to me were harder than some of the more advanced Cathe DVDs and by upping your weight it's very easy to make Total Body Metabolic as hard or simple as you want. The blizzard blasts obviously also add to the intensity, which is why I think many of the ICE videos are not even close to intermediate if you tack those on (just my opinion!). I personally love the series but I agree with others in suggesting that you try on Demand and preview them (I think you can have a free trial?). Good luck! :)
I like LITE for the Strength Workouts. I noticed that Cathe’s weights are similar to mine, so I really don’t have to think. Cathe’s Weights on her other strength workouts are way beyond mine except for ICE Chiseled Upper Body. But, that shouldn’t be the reason to get one workout series over the other. That is an observation. I have been doin Cathe workouts for two years, so it isn’t like it was I did LITE over night and I matched her weight.

I thought maybe my comment might help.

Jen Den
I think I'm a pretty strong intermediate moving into advanced. I only own 2 of the ICE series - Boot Camp and Metabolic. Metabolic I find very do-able now and because I'm UK my weights are in kg not pounds so in most cases I'm going a tad heavier than Cathe these days - but only a tad. The Blizzard Blast I can do, but it is a challenge. I find the Bootcamp much tougher, and I haven't even tried the Blizzard -the impact of jumping up on the 10 inch step threatened to wreck my weak right knee so it was a no :) Maybe one day.

I own all of Lite and it's much less challenging but not without its tough moments. Some Lite workouts I don't do that much - the Cardio Party and the Boxing one - they're fun but don't pose that much challenge for me anymore.

I like both a lot but I wish I'd bought ICE as a whole bundle because I think it'd be a good one to progress me.
I own everything ... because I’m an OnDemand subscriber. ☺️ I’d recommend that. With StepBoss coming out this Fall, it’s the smart move. I don’t have to buy anything extra when new things release and I have access to all the classics. None of my DVDs can break and I can workout literally anywhere with my iPad. For $15.99 a month, that’s a STEAL.
I If I want an easy day I'll pull out Low Impact Sweat, otherwise I rarely use this series. If you want a different series that is a bit more challenging I would try the Strong and Sweaty series.

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